Swedish police fire warning shot at ‘menacing’ man

Swedish police fire warning shot at 'menacing' man
File photo: Johan Nilsson / TT
Police fired a warning shot on Saturday as they arrested a man in Harnösand in Västernorrland County.

The man, who was arrested for threatening behaviour, was reported by several people in the area, police said.

“We received several alerts about a man with some form of affliction who was going around in central Harnösund and being menacing,” senior officer at the town’s police station David Levy told TT.

On arriving at the scene and confronting the man, a situation developed which resulted in a warning shot being fired by law enforcement.

The man was subsequently arrested and is accused of grossly threatening behaviour.

The area was then sealed off by police for forensic examination.

“Special investigations are related to the use of a police firearm,” Levy said.

No information was released relating to any injuries resulting from the man’s behaviour.

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