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How Stockholm offices are designed to increase employee well-being

How Stockholm offices are designed to increase employee well-being
Although we spend 90 percent of our time indoors, it is only recently that the health and well-being effects of our social and physical environments have become a major concern for property developers.

In Stockholm, interest in mindful design has surged in the last decade, and many major developers have begun connecting quality of life with sustainable growth. The booming trend is not only making well-being a design priority and important measure of sustainability – it is making both companies and employees demand life-enhancing offices.

“Today, we see a megatrend in Sweden, and in Stockholm especially, where more and more companies come to the realization that the office environment they offer their employees is a matter of competitive advantage on par with factors such as paycheck and employee benefits,” says Filip Elland, Sustainability Manager at Castellum.

Human-centric offices and residential buildings are becoming more common in Stockholm, and have culminated in Stockholm's first rooftop 'meeting place' at Sveavägen 44 as well as some of the world's first outdoor offices.

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