Here’s how many people were granted work permits in Sweden in October

Here's how many people were granted work permits in Sweden in October
Berry pickers have received the largest number of work permits this year. Photo: Fredrik Karlsson/TT
Sweden's Migration Agency reached a decision in 4,834 work permit cases during October. Here's an in-depth look at how many permits were granted, and to whom.

A total of 4,367 work permit applications were sent to Sweden's Migration Agency last month and 4,834 people received a decision. Of those, 3,602 permits were approved.

In 821 of the approved cases, the applicant was moving to Sweden to work for a certified employer, a group of companies that have already proved to the Migration Agency that they meet certain criteria (including a recurring need for non-EU hires and proof that they have fulfilled legal requirements in previous work permit cases) and for whom processing takes a maximum of 20 days.

So who did the work permits go to?

Most of them were given to family members of workers (1,667), followed by people coming to Sweden to work as employees of a Swedish company (1,539). Family members, including spouses or registered partners, are typically included on a partner's work permit if they will also move to Sweden. If the main applicant has a job offer of over six months, their partner is also eligible for a work permit.

Thirteen permits were handed to self-employed applicants, 98 to guest researchers and 285 to “others”.


Between January 1st and November 1st, Sweden approved 100,301 residence permits, out of which 36,665 were work permits, or 19,782 work permits for employees (excluding athletes, artists, au-pairs, self-employed, visiting researchers, trainees, holiday workers or relatives of employees).

Most of the work permits were awarded to berry pickers and planters (6,162 between January 1st and November 1st); IT architects, systems analysts and test managers (3,774); cooks and cold-buffet managers (911); fast-food workers and food preparation assistants (908); and engineering professionals (865).

The people who have received the most work permits this year originally come from Thailand (6,476), India (4,363), Ukraine (1,040), Turkey (775), China (764), Iraq (506), United States (436), Iran (340), Brazil (316) and the Republic of Serbia (297).

There are currently 15,483 people waiting for a decision on their work permit application.

This article, based on the Migration Agency's statistics, is part of a monthly series for Members of The Local, in which we look at the number of Swedish residence permits granted to international workers. Do you find this article useful? Is there anything else we should be looking at? Please let us know.

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