How much can you expect to earn in the Swedish food industry?

How much can you expect to earn in the Swedish food industry?
Looking for a job in Sweden's food industry? These salary and tax statistics will help you in your job search and salary negotiations. Photo: Tina Stafrén/
In the latest of our series of articles looking into average salaries before and after tax in different Swedish sectors, we take a look at typical pay in the food industry.

For chefs and sous-chefs, the average salary in Sweden before tax is 33,700 kronor ($3,492) per month. Monthly earnings tend to go up with age and experience, with the average salary for the 25-34 age group 31,900 kronor, compared to 33,400 kronor for the 35-44 age group and 36,000 kronor for the 45-54 age group. Figures for other age groups were not available.

For those working as waiters, a monthly paycheck of 25,800 kronor ($2,674) before tax was the average. It's also worth bearing in mind that Sweden does not have a tipping culture comparable to that of the USA or southern Europe, for example, which might affect your take-home pay.

Average pay was slightly higher for fast food preparers including pizza-makers, at 31,200 ($3,233) kronor per month before tax. And for jobs falling into the category of restaurant and kitchen helpers, average monthly pay was 23,200 kronor ($2,404).

For butchers, fishmongers and other food preparers of this kind, the average monthly pay in Sweden was 28,900 kronor ($2,995) before tax, while dieticians earned an average of 31,600 kronor ($3,275) per month before tax in Sweden.

As for what that translates to in terms of take-home pay, that depends on several factors, including where you live, which affect your tax rate.

To calculate the tax rates, we also assumed that most of our readers who grew up outside of Sweden will not be paying members of the Swedish Church, so would not pay towards Sweden's church tax. Other factors may play a role in your tax bill, so these calculations can be used as a guide but may not be exact.

Based on this, a 35-year-old chef earning 33,400 kronor per month in Stockholm would take home 25,918 kronor after tax in 2020. That compares to 20,381 kronor per month after tax for a waiter earning 25,800 kronor, and 24,354 kronor after tax for a pizza-maker earning 31,200 kronor.

For geographic comparison, in Gothenburg or Luleå those average monthly take-home pay figures would be 25,191 kronor for the chef, 19,858 kronor for the waiter, and 23,690 for the pizza-maker. Again, these figures are approximate and based on the national average monthly salary across all genders.


We used Statistics Sweden and Skatteverket as sources for this article. Did you find it useful? Please email [email protected] to let us know what you think or what industry you want us to look at next.

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