Passengers warned forms still needed for travelling to the UK from Sweden

Passengers warned forms still needed for travelling to the UK from Sweden
Passengers arriving in the UK from Sweden will no longer have to self-isolate. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
Anyone travelling to the UK from Sweden is being warned that they still need to complete the contact locator form before travelling.

At 4am on September 12th, Sweden will be added to the UK's list of travel corridors, meaning travellers coming from Sweden (or who have been to Sweden in the past two weeks) will no longer need to self-isolate on arrival.

However, passengers do still need to fill out the contact locator form.

“All travellers returning to the UK MUST complete a Passenger Locator Form by law. This is vital in protecting public health & ensuring those who need to are complying with self-isolation rules. It is a criminal offence not to complete the form and spot checks will be taking place,” tweeted UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps as he announced Sweden had been added to its list of countries exempt from the 14-day self-quarantine.

The form asks for detailed information about your journey, where you will be staying in the UK, contact information and details of someone who can be contacted if you fall ill – so it's best not to leave the form to the last moment as your train/ferry/flight is about to depart.

It can be accessed online here and you can show either a printout or a completed version on your phone – but you do generally need to fill it out online. You cannot submit the form more than 48 hours before you travel.

Anyone arriving in the UK before 4am, September 12th, will still need to quarantine for 14 days. Photo: AP Photo/Matt Dunham

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The information you need to provide on your locator form includes:

  • your passport details
  • the name of the airline, train or ferry company you're travelling with
  • the name of the company organising your tour group – if you're travelling as part of a tour group
  • your booking reference
  • the name of the airport, port or station you'll be arriving into
  • the date you'll be arriving
  • your flight, train, bus or ferry number
  • the address you'll be staying at for your first 14 days in the UK
  • details of someone who can be contacted if you get ill while you're in the UK

If you're taking the long way round, travelling by Eurostar or Eurotunnel via France:

  • put 'Eurostar' or 'Eurotunnel' when the form asks 'What is the flight number, train service or ship name that you will arrive on?'
  • provide your scheduled time of departure

The decision also means that the UK Foreign Office will from 4am on Saturday no longer be advising against non-essential travel to Sweden. Sweden has no travel restrictions in place for travellers from the UK, but everyone is strongly urged to follow general health and safety rules to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

Note that the Swedish foreign ministry currently advises against all non-essential travel to the UK. This is not legally binding, but may affect the validity of your travel insurance. The advice is based on travel restrictions in those countries and not on the risk of coronavirus infection – so it is likely (but not confirmed) that Sweden will now reciprocate. At the time of writing, however, the advisory remains in place until September 23rd.

The Local asked the Swedish foreign ministry for more information in this article.

If you're driving to the UK, make sure you keep an eye on travel rules in other countries. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Is it even possible to travel to the UK right now?

There are currently a small number of flights operating between the UK and Sweden, but many airlines have at the time of writing not returned to their normal schedule. Travellers in southern Sweden can fly from Copenhagen Airport, and Swedes are currently able to travel freely to and through Denmark.

If you are driving to the UK, you will need to travel through a number of countries – for example Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France depending on your exact route.

It is currently possible to travel through Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands without any major restrictions (but make sure you read up on local health and safety requirements, such as face masks, before you travel).

At the time of writing, Belgium advises travellers from certain regions of Sweden to quarantine and take a coronavirus test, but it is not mandatory. You don't have to fill out Belgium's passenger location form if you are only driving through the country as long as you do not plan to stay longer than 48 hours.

France does not have any special restrictions in place for travellers from Sweden.

This information is to the best of our knowledge accurate at the time of publication, but please note that the situation may change on short notice, and that there may be local restrictions in these countries.

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