How will Sweden’s new ‘green certificate’ vaccine pass work?

How will Sweden's new 'green certificate' vaccine pass work?
How the certificate will look on the Kivra digital mailbox app. Photo: Kivra
Sweden's national eHealth agency has unveiled the 'Gröna Beviset' or 'Green Digital Certificate' vaccine pass. Here's what we know so far about how it will work. 

What will ‘Gröna beviset’ look like?  

While some other countries are developing an app to hold the certificate, the Swedish eHealth agency is limiting its offering to a document holding a QR-code, information on your vaccination status, when you received your vaccine, and other personal information. 

How similar is the service to that launched in other EU countries? 

The Swedish service closely follows the proposal for a Digital Green Certificate made by the European Commission on March 17th, in that it can be digital and/or paper format, has a QR code, will be free of charge, and presumably will be valid in all EU countries. 

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How will I get the document? 

According to the press release, the agency will launch a Gröna beviset portal where you will be able to log in with the main Swedish electronic ID service BankID, or with the fringe alternatives Freja eID Plus, or AB Svenska Pass. You can then download a copy of the document. 

If you have a secure digital mailbox connected to your Swedish personal number such as Digimail, eBoks, Kivra, or Min myndighetspost, the document will also automatically be sent to your mailbox. 

If you don’t have a secure digital mailbox, you can get one here

The eHealth agency says it is looking into ways for people without electronic ID or a digital mailbox to be able to receive the document. Everyone who lives in Sweden can get vaccinated in the country, but not all foreigners living here have a Swedish personal number.

How long will it take to get the certificate after vaccination? 

It will take about ten days as that is how long it will take the vaccine to give you sufficient protection. 

How will the service get hold of my vaccination status? 

When you order the pass on the portal, it will be able to fetch your vaccination status from the National Vaccination Registry, which is held at the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Will the service also be able to show the results of antibody or PCR coronavirus tests?

When it launches, the document will only show vaccination status, but the eHealth agency hopes later on that it will also be able to document that a holder has had a recent negative Covid-19 test or has already had the virus. 

When will the service launch? 

According to the agency, the service is expected to launch “at the end of June”, with the EU parliament expected to vote on new regulations for vaccine passes for travel in the EU on June 26th.

Does that mean that I can travel freely to any EU country if I’m vaccinated from the start of July? 

Not necessarily. According to the eHealth agency, even if the EU agrees on a common format for an acceptable vaccine pass, it will still be up to member states to decide on what will be required to enter their countries. It is quite likely, however, that showing a vaccine pass will be sufficient for most countries. 

The eHealth agency’s head Annemieke Ålenius recommended that people wait before booking holidays this summer, saying it will be hard to predict both how long it will take to get vaccinated and how long it will take to get the certificate after that. 

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  1. What if I get vaccinated in a different country; can that information be digitally retrieved and then reflected on a Gröna Beviset?

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