Skåne opens vaccinations to over-18s – here’s how to book your Covid shot

Sweden's southern region Skåne is now offering Covid-19 vaccines to all adults. Here's our English-language guide to booking a time.

Skåne opens vaccinations to over-18s – here's how to book your Covid shot
Skåne's regional director holds up a sample of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

On July 6th, the region opened bookings to those aged over 18. Please note that you have to have turned 18 to be able to book; 17-year-olds who will turn 18 later this year are not yet eligible.

If you have a digital ID such as BankID, you can log in via and book a time at your doctor’s office directly. You can also check the region’s website which lists available times at all vaccination centres.

If you do not have a digital ID or have difficulties booking online, you can call your doctor’s office directly to book over the phone.

The region asks that people prioritise their availability for the second dose, which means you should plan to be in Skåne six weeks from your first dose in order to attend your second appointment.

If you are taking certain blood-thinning medicines or have previously had a strong allergic reaction to a vaccine, you may need to speak to your doctor before booking your vaccination or book your appointment at a specialist clinic. You can find contact details for doctors’ offices in Skåne from 1177, and further information about allergies here.

The region recommends preparing for your vaccine by wearing clothes which will make it easy to get the jab (for example, a short-sleeved jumper), and making sure you don’t plan any activities in the days after the vaccine in case you get side effects and need to stay home. It also recommends arriving on time but not too far in advance, in order to avoid crowding at the centre.

You should bring a form of ID with you, as well as the health declaration (hälsodeklaration) which you should be given by your doctor’s office before you book (this might be on paper if you received a letter, or online if you booked online).

The health declaration should be available in English but this may not be the case at all centres. You should ask for help if you need it (the Swedish Public Health Agency has also produced health declarations in both Swedish and English, which may help you translate the Swedish version). You are always entitled to help from an interpreter free of charge when accessing essential medical care in Sweden, and this includes the Covid-19 vaccinations, but you need to notify staff in advance so that this can be provided.

If you develop any symptoms of Covid-19, including a cough, sore throat, or fever, you need to cancel your appointment and rebook another slot.

Vaccination against Covid-19 is free in Sweden, and it is the individual’s choice whether or not you get vaccinated.

In Skåne, you should receive an appointment for your second dose of the vaccine at the same time as you receive your first dose.

You can keep up to date on when the vaccination is available to your age group in Skåne by checking the regional website and, which also has some information about the vaccine available in other languages.

The process may vary in other regions, so if you live outside Skåne, check with your regional authorities.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here, or have you had your vaccination and want to share how the booking experience went for you? You can contact our editorial team at [email protected]. We are not able to answer all the emails we receive, but we read them all and will do our best to help if you have questions.

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  1. Hopefully less of a disaster than the Västra Gotland release – website down for hours, and almost impossible to get a booking. 35 year olds who waited patiently for their slot have been completely screwed over!

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