National Union of Teachers calls on Sweden to vaccinate children against Covid

The National Union of Teachers in Sweden has called on health authorities to let children over the age of 12 get vaccinated against Covid-19.

National Union of Teachers calls on Sweden to vaccinate children against Covid
Sweden's Covid-19 vaccination programme generally only includes over-16s. Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/TT

Sweden currently offers the vaccine to all over-16s, and over-12s if they have an underlying medical condition. But the National Union of Teachers said that it wanted to see the public vaccination programme extended to all children over the age of 12.

Ahead of the school start we’re seeing an increased spread of infection in society in general and we know it has been difficult, if not impossible, for schools to follow the Public Health Agency’s recommendations to keep a distance,” union chairperson Åsa Fahlén told Swedish news agency TT on Monday.

The Public Health Agency has said there are currently no plans to lower the age limit, but it has not ruled it out completely either. It has argued that children spread the virus less than adults, and generally aren’t at as much risk of developing serious illness.

It is not unthinkable that we are going to see outbreaks in schools in autumn here in Sweden, too. But as long as the outbreaks are very limited and don’t harm the children and don’t significantly affect community spread, that’s no reason to vaccinate some hundred thousands of children,” state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell told TT in July.

You never use medication unless you have to, especially not on otherwise healthy people. You always try to avoid that,” he added.

Out of Sweden’s Nordic neighbours, Finland and Denmark recommend the Covid-19 vaccine to everyone over the age of 12, and Norway generally only recommends it to over-18s (it has said a decision on whether to extend it to 16-17-year-olds will come in August).

The autumn semester starts in Sweden this week in most places, although the exact date varies depending on municipality.

Member comments

  1. The national union of teachers are not disease experts. Sweden has gone further than the UK with teenage vaccines. There they only recommend one dose for now while they wait for more data on side effects. In addition probably at least 1/3 of Swedish kids already had covid; why waste the vaccines on those with antibodies when many countries have barely begun vaccinating adults?

  2. Vaccinate parents and teachers, end of story. Stop spreading fear, nothing at all will happen to the kids. This disease is one of the elderly, obese and comorbidity bearing adults. Check with them and stop trying to make a quick dollar.

    1. 100% agreed!
      The panic and its effects are much worse for our children than the virus.
      Psychriatic hospitals are full in Germany and Austria. You don’t want that in Sweden.
      Save your children. Stop the irradical panic!

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