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police line at shooting incident in stockholm
Swedish rapper Einár, 19 years old, was shot dead late last night. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT
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19-year-old Swedish rapper Einár shot dead in Stockholm

The prize-winning rapper, known for single “Katten i trakten” and album “Första klass”, was shot dead in Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm last night, police confirmed to local newspaper Mitti.

According to reports from Expressen, Einár, whose real name is Nils Kurt Erik Einar Grönberg, had received a number of threats, and the shooting is suspected to be gang-related.

Police confirmed to newswire TT that either one or two individuals were seen running away from the crime scene, but as of 7am this morning there were no arrests.

Swedish vocabulary: ihjälskjuten – shot dead

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Swedish parliament rejects residency exemption proposal for doctoral students

A parliamentary majority has voted no to a proposal which would have allowed residency exemptions for international researchers who want to stay in Sweden permanently after their doctoral studies.

As The Local was first among Swedish news sites to report this summer, as of July 20th 2021, doctoral students who want to apply for permanent residency in Sweden have to show that they can support themselves for 18 months – a rule change that effectively reverses a 2014 decision which made them eligible for permanent residency more or less automatically after four years of living in Sweden with a permit for doctoral studies.

The Liberal Party attempted to raise the issue on the Swedish parliament’s committee on social insurances, but the party’s proposal to reintroduce exemptions was voted down on Thursday by the centre-left government and the conservative opposition, reports Swedish news agency TT. It writes that the Centre Party and the Left Party backed the proposal, which was not enough for a parliamentary majority.

Swedish vocabulary: doktorand – doctoral student

Police have located the so-called ‘dawn pyromaniac’, previously on the run after security anklet was removed

The man, referred to in Swedish media as Gryningspyromanen (“the dawn pyromaniac”) had been released on probation since last spring after his most recent arson attack on a social administration office in Köping in 2017, reports SVT

His nickname is due to his suspected involvement in a number of dawn arson attacks carried out since the early 2000s, mainly in the southern Swedish region of Skåne.

He was being monitored via a security anklet and had been living in Örebro, west of Stockholm, since his release. Police lost contact with the anklet at 2.30am on Tuesday and were still searching for him on Thursday. He was located on Friday morning in Köping, SVT reports. A police spokesperson described the arrest to SVT as “very calm”.

Swedish vocabulary: gryning – dawn

Swedish political parties doubt that Sweden will reach climate goals

A party questionnaire carried out by public broadcaster SVT suggests that a majority of Sweden’s eight political parties currently holding seats in parliament are sceptical as to whether Sweden will achieve climate goals set by parliament in 2017.

The goals state that Sweden should have net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, and that emissions from transport, housing and agriculture in 2030 should be 63 percent lower than levels seen in 1990.

SVT reports that three parties answered “yes” when asked if they believe that Sweden will achieve these goals: the Social Democrats, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party. Four parties – the Christian Democrats, the Moderates, the Swedish Democrats and the Green Party were “unsure” as to whether the goals will be achieved, and one – the Left Party – answered that they do not believe that goals will be achieved.

Swedish vocabulary: enkät – questionnaire

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