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How does the cost of filling your diesel car in Sweden compare to a year ago?

Drivers in Sweden will no doubt have noticed a significant increase in the price of a full tank of diesel over the past year. How much has the price of fuel increased, and how does Sweden compare to other countries?

How does the cost of filling your diesel car in Sweden compare to a year ago?
Diesel now costs almost 22 kronor per litre - making Sweden the second most expensive country in the world to fill up your tank. Photo: Fredrik Persson//TT

In the past year, the cost of filling a 60-litre tank with diesel has increased by around 400 kronor, to 1,315 kronor ($142).

It doesn’t appear that fuel prices are going to stop increasing any time soon, with petrol and diesel prices both increasing twice in two days on February 14th and 15th.

The price of diesel increased by 20 öre to 21.92 kronor per litre on February 15th, with the price of standard 95-octane unleaded petrol also increasing by 20 öre, to 19.64 kronor per litre.

These prices – which represent an average of all manned stations in Sweden – are the highest yet, giving Sweden the second-highest diesel prices in the world at 2.335 US dollars per litre, after Hong Kong (2.358 US dollars per litre), according to the site Global Petrol Prices.

The price of biofuel (HVO100) was also increased by 20 öre on February 15th, meaning that it now costs 25.97 kronor per litre. The price of E85 remained unchanged, at 16.29 kronor per litre.

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  1. The E85 is the most carbon neutral fuel and considering from production to scrap, the car fuelled with E85 is more ecological that Electric car.

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Everything you need to know about Sweden’s fuel bonus

Sweden's fuel bonus, referred to by the government as a "fuel compensation", will be paid out to all car owners in Sweden. But how will it work, and how much money can car owners get?

Everything you need to know about Sweden's fuel bonus

What is the fuel bonus?

The new fuel bonus is designed to compensate drivers for the rising prices of fuel in Sweden caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It will be complemented by a number of other measures such as temporarily lowered taxes on fuel between June and October 2022 and a pause in renewable energy requirements for fossil fuels for 2023.

Who is eligible, and how much money will be available?

As a rule, those registered as owning or leasing a car in Sweden will receive 1000 kronor. This will only be awarded once per person, so if you have more than one car, you will still only get 1000 kronor.

Residents of some areas which the government has identified as particularly reliant on car transport will be awarded an additional 500 kronor on top of the 1000 kronor bonus. The full list of these areas is available here.

How do I get the bonus?

The details of the bonus have not yet been confirmed, but the government have said that they expect it will be paid out automatically.

When will it be available?

Again, there are no clear details on when exactly the bonus will be in car owners’ bank accounts, but the government is aiming for payments to go out in August.

Will I still get the bonus if I lease a car or have an electric car?

Yes. The bonus will be paid out to anyone owning or leasing a car in Sweden, regardless of how the car is powered.

If you have a company car registered in your name, you will receive the bonus. If the car is registered under the company’s name, you won’t be able to receive the fuel bonus.

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