Swedish for Immigrants teacher ‘on sick leave’ after raging at Muslim students

A video taken at a Malmö adult education college showing a teacher screaming at a class of mainly Muslim female immigrants has led to the teacher in question being put on sick leave.

Students at SFI, Swedish for Immigrants language lesson.
Illustration photo: A language lesson at an SFI school - Swedish for Immigrants. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT /

The teacher at a the Svenska för Invandrare (Swedish for Immigrants, SFI) course in Malmö verbally attacked her students on Friday last week, mocking their unwillingness to use a Swedish word for a penis. 

During the video, which was filmed by one of the students, the teacher can be heard saying, “Vad heter det? Kom igen, hur länge har du bott i Sverige?” (“What is it called? Come on, how long have you lived in Sweden?”)

A student says she is scared and that she wants to leave the classroom, after which the teacher screams at her, orders her to stay, and locks the door.

This video shows what happened in the classroom.

“Like everyone else, I was shocked and appalled by what I saw,” Andreas Eriksson, the headteacher for SFI in Malmö, told Swedish state broadcaster SVT. “This is not something we are used to.”

According to SVT, Eriksson has talked to the teacher and to several of the students who were in the classroom.

“I do not know what triggered this. The students say it just happened suddenly,” he said.

The Swedish football journalist, Nima Tavallaey Roodsari, whose tweet brought the video to the attention of English speakers, said that it had first gained attention on Arab language Twitter.  

“It went viral on Arabic Twitter and a friend of mine, knowing I’m a native Swedish speaker, sent it to me and I translated verbatim what is being said in the video,” he said. 

He said that the teacher’s statements were “clearly intended to humiliate this woman because of her religious beliefs”. 

“And thus it has disgusted people everywhere, not just Muslims, but generally people like myself who are atheists.” 

He said that Muslims in Sweden had emailed the school in large numbers calling for the teacher to be dismissed, and for the school to make an official apology. Several people, he claimed, had filed a police report against the teacher for harassment. 

“This happens way more often than people think, it’s difficult to say how often as no real research into the matter has been done,” Roodsari said. “Personally speaking, I had my first similar experience with a teacher in a Swedish school at the age of six. That was in 1987, and the attitude towards non-European refugees has hardly improved in Sweden since.” 

According to SVT, the school is talking to the students and will offer interpreter assistance when the class gathers next Friday to talk about the event in the classroom. The teacher has been put on sick leave, and the students have been given a substitute teacher.

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  1. Unbelieveable !! Cant think of such attitude by a Swedish Teacher in a Swedish class ! The body language, the approach, the scream….just lunatic !

  2. I just wrote about this on Facebook . Sweden is to blame for it’s generosity for allowing immigrants from all over the World to seek refuge in a homogeneous society . I warned the Government about the dangers of doing Schenghen that Sweden with a land space four times the size of the UK and only ten million people would face serious problems by relaxing the Visa Laws . The bridge from Denmark was the death knoll . Ten years ago when thousands of undocumented Refugees were allowed into Sweden , the problems began . In the first week a ten year old Swedish boy was raped by an Afghan Refugee at a Public Swimming pool and saw nothing wrong in what he had done as it is common in his country to sleep with boys as women are meant to produce children . The next week was the killing of a 24 year old Migration Worker in her office by a Refugee . Crime soared so much so that the once peaceful Sweden is now a murder haven with drugs and guns and no go zones in Malmo and Stockholm for the armed Police who prefer to let the foreigners kill themselves rather than kill them over their drug deals and these are Muslims selling drugs so the religious aspect is baloney . They can not get jobs because they do not have Swedish surnames so they turn to crime . The teacher is wrong , she had a melt down but I know why , because in the last few years people who are completely different than her , that do not assimilate or speak English and come from cultures that have not one iota of Swedish culture , have taken the jobs , have taken the money from the Welfare system that once guareented the Cradle to the Graveyard Mentality of native Swedes have made her life and her children lives more difficult . A teacher like this would once vote Socialist , nut now openly vote for the Neo Nazis or anyone that will protect her rights , and her culture in her country . Twenty years ago this would not have happened unless she was drunk , but the open. border Immigration policy that Sweden still adopts , whereas Denmark and Finland have put an end to the flood of immigrants . Norway has now clamped down as well . Mosques are now everywhere in Sweden a country with more Churches than any other European country . The smiles I once saw have gone , the look is what is he or she doing in my country unless you have a British accent or American accent and are Black . When they see that you do not live on the State , that they can practice their English with you and that you speak fluent Swedish with a British accent then no problem . You are no longer a threat , you are no longer a parasite , a strain on their Welfare State who refuses to assimilate . I am not defending her but I am certain that when she saw the Video she must have cried at her behaviour . If you call a Swede a Racist they go berserk , they still have a mindset of the old Sweden when a Black person was a novelty , or rare to see . The Law is strict in Sweden , and if she is not jailed I will be surprised , but the Judge will sysmapthise with her the same way I understand her anger but the Judge will look at the Law and jail her or prevent her from ever working again . People have changed , the crime rate is outrageous now . In 1998 there were to murders in Sweden and that was because of Alcholol . I remember reading my Local Newspaper and saying is this figure right , is there no crime in this country to my Swedish girlfriend and then I heard some Mosque speaker calling people to prayer in central Stockholm and having lived in London , I said here it comes here comes trouble . If everyone is called Peterson and Johansson and look the same how in the hell are these women and men with their views and their strange ways going to fit into Sweden . This class is a sham , they wil only speak their languages when they get permission to live in Sweden , but in Finland a Refugee must pass a written and verbal test before any residency stamp or Finnish passport is give to them . In Denmark it takes four years to even get their wives into the country and if they do not pass the strict Immigration Laws they are put in Immigration Camps on an Island . When Refugees hear that Denmark treat them like animals they pack their bags , get on a train or bus and drive over that bridge into Skane , and set up States within States . It has affected me , who invested in Sweden , learnt the ways and customs , went to the best schools in the World and never crossed the line in Sweden and one has to let the Swede know that I am not one of them by having to really turn on my Old Etonian Upper Class Accent and then watch the defence wall fall but no longer all the way down . Who needs it , who wants to be treated like a piece of scum because the Swedish Government keep bringing them in in the thousands . They just allowed ten thousand former Child Soldiers from South Sudan to live in Sweden . I am a Black man proud to be , and I love my Sweden , the Sweden that loved me from the day I stepped in the country to go to a party not to live off the State and shoot people . If a Swede was to do anything that did not adhere to the Laws of the countries these people come from their hands would be chopped off or worse . Am I being to blunt , I hope so , because until the Swedish Government stop this open door no background check crazy policy , a Woman like this one in the video who has a family , enjoys her Midsummer and her Swedish ways will explode and explode until the attack on Black and Brown people that happened at Central Station in 2016 in Stockholm will become common place . I have lied and worked all over the World , I have homes all over the world , I like to live in Sweden , because I like the low profile , orderly lifestyle and beauty that is My Sweden and when I invite my English and American friends to come for a holiday to Sweden they love it . I am too old to be insulted by a suspecting Bank Clerk who thinks I am a Drug Dealer because I have money . I am too old to be denied a table at a restaurant went through that in New York and London in the sixties and seventies . The only saving grace for me is that Sweden is a Police State . Once you are in the system they will know what side of the bed you sleep on . Your neighbours will call the Tax Office to tell them you bought a new car and then invite you for dinner . I no longer get angry at the changes , I just swallow hard and remain calm but this Video is a sample of what is going on with Middle Class educated Swedes . My Doctor calls me a Racist , and that if I was White I couldn’t get away with what I say or write . Can you imagine !!! I am saying it has to stop now , even though it is too late , or if they want to come let them live in the North of Sweden with the reindeer and where it is dark 24 hours a day plus freezing cold and they will run to Germany . West Africans are everywhere now , eating out of dustbins not ashamed to live like animals and I ask them why do you need to put yourself through this when there is nothing wrong in Nigeria or Ghana why freeze to death and be spat on ?? Their Visas run out in The Netherlands so they cross the bridge into easy to get into Sverige and the easy handouts from Sverige . I now sound like a Racist because I am writing and will continue to write the truth about the madness concerning Immigration in Sweden . Close the doors or learn Arabic , Hindi , Yoruba , and Somali . This teacher is a human being who has to deal with this every day of her life to feed her family and she made a mistake which has now ruined her life . I better stop I am getting angry .

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Swedish Green leader: ‘Easter riots nothing to do with religion or ethnicity’

The riots that rocked Swedish cities over the Easter holidays were nothing to do with religion or ethnicity, but instead come down to class, the joint leader of Sweden's Green Party has told The Local in an interview.

Swedish Green leader: 'Easter riots nothing to do with religion or ethnicity'

Ahead of a visit to the school in Rosengård that was damaged in the rioting, Märta Stenevi said that neither the Danish extremist Rasmus Paludan, who provoked the riots by burning copies of the Koran, nor those who rioted, injuring 104 policemen, were ultimately motivated by religion. 

“His demonstration had nothing to do with religion or with Islam. It has everything to do with being a right extremist and trying to to raise a lot of conflict between groups in Sweden,” she said of Paludan’s protests. 

“On the other side, the police have now stated that there were a lot of connections to organised crime and gangs, who see this as an opportunity to raise hell within their communities.”

Riots broke out in the Swedish cities of Malmö, Stockholm, Norrköping, Linköping and Landskrona over the Easter holidays as a result of Paludan’s tour of the cities, which saw him burn multiple copies of the Koran, the holy book of Islam. 


More than 100 police officers were injured in the riots, sparking debates about hate-crime legislation and about law and order. 

According to Stenevi, the real cause of the disorder is the way inequality has increased in Sweden in recent decades. 

“If you have big chasms between the rich people and poor people in a country, you will also have a social upheaval and social disturbance. This is well-documented all across the world,” she says. 
“What we have done for the past three decades in Sweden is to create a wider and wider gap between those who have a lot and those who have nothing.” 

The worst way of reacting to the riots, she argues, is that of Sweden’s right-wing parties. 
“You cannot do it by punishment, by adding to the sense of outsider status, you have to start working on actually including people, and that happens through old-fashioned things such as education, and a proper minimum income, to lift people out of their poverty, not to keep them there.”

This, she says, is “ridiculous”, when the long-term solution lies in doing what Sweden did to end extreme inequality at the start of the 20th century, when it created the socialist folkhem, or “people’s home”. 

“It’s easy to forget that 100 to 150 years ago, Sweden was a developing country, with a huge class of poor people with no education whatsoever. And we did this huge lift of a whole nation. And we can do this again,” she says. “But it needs resources, it needs political will.”