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April Fools' is back: here are nine of this year's best jokes in Sweden

Richard Orange
Richard Orange - [email protected]
April Fools' is back: here are nine of this year's best jokes in Sweden
According to the Sydsvenskan newspaper's April Fools', the island of Ven will have to lose 500m of land to make way for aircraft carriers. Photo: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen/Wikimedia Commons

For five years or so, it's looked like 'fake news' had put an end to the Swedish media's previously healthy April Fools' tradition. But 2024 saw a welcome return. Here are the best of this year's crop.


Most of Sweden's biggest newspapers and broadcasters stuck to recent protocol and opted not to run an April Fools' story, with Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Aftonbladet, GP and NSD all turning their nose up at the idea on the grounds that the proliferation of "fake news" made the concept redundant, irresponsible and even dangerous. 

But regional newspapers, politicians, public figures and companies in search of an easy viral advertising story appear to have started to let their hair down a bit.

Nearly 500 metres to be shaved off island of Ven for Nato aircraft carriers

The Sydsvenskan newspaper in southern Sweden pretended to have unearthed a so-far unnoticed clause in the deal Sweden signed to enter the Nato defence alliance: that a 500 metre chunk of Ven, the island in the Öresund between Denmark and the city of Landksrona, will need to be removed to make way for hulking US aircraft carriers. 

According to the newspaper, it is currently impossible for the largest aircraft carriers to perform a full turn in the straits between Ven and mainland Sweden.  


"This is a hell of a lot of earth. We start shifting it in 2025," the suspiciously named US admiral Trusty McFool, who is responsible for "Operation Chop-Off", was reported to have told the newspaper.  

Swedish Supreme Court to be replaced by functionalist block

The judge Mikael Swahn ruffled some feathers by posting a picture of a gray industrial warehouse, which he claimed was a rendering of the design for a new Svea Court of Appeal, which will be built after the Wrangel Palace, the 1802 building where the court is currently based in central Stockholm, is demolished. 

"I accept that the building is old and perhaps needs more space, but I still wonder whether the proposal to demolish the current building and replace it according to the pictures below is the right way to go" he wrote in a commendable deadpan which managed to take quite a few people in. "It's functional perhaps, but the amount of daylight which will reach inside perhaps leaves a little to be desired."

Frustrated Skellefteå locals to build own bridge 

With work on the proposed Karlgårdsbron bridge in Skellefteå suspended, two locals have taken matters into their own hands and decided to build a bridge by themselves, reported the city's Norran newspaper in a satire on the slow progress of this important infrastructure project. 

"As soon as it gets a bit warmer, we'll start laying down tarmac," said Barbro Broman (who's name includes the Swedish word for "bridge", bro, twice).  


Social Democrat group secretary to release music single

Even the traditionally grey and dull Social Democrats got in on the act, with Tobias Baudin, the party's political secretary, claiming on Instagram to have formed a new group called Baudinz, which will perform Sweden's far-from-hip music genre dansband, releasing a single Ge mig din röst, or "Give me your vote/voice", ahead of the EU elections. 

The post showed Baudin dressed in the sort of glitzy patterned jacket and tie favoured by practitioners of the music style. 

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Moderate's lead candidate in EU election to change name from Tomas to Tobias

Tomas Tobé, the Moderate Party's lead candidate in the coming EU elections, used April Fools' for a bit of light-hearted campaigning, claiming to be changing his first name from Tomas to Tobias, on the grounds that "everyone always says it wrong anyway". 

In the last EU election, he said, he had been referred to as "Tobias Tobé" as many as 600 times in the media and still gone on to be Sweden's most ticked candidate. 

"I have long considered this but have never taken the decisive step," he said in the post. "In parliament, surnames are mainly used and I want to make things simpler back home and be 'Tobbe' to the people of Sweden." 

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New time zone for Öland controlled by AI

The main newspaper on the island of Öland, Ölandsbladet, reported that the island planned to bring in its own time zone, which would somehow be determined through AI, in order to help promote tourism. 

"We have found a loophole in EU laws which mean that larger islands are permitted to decide which normal time which the country should have in future when the clocks change," Timmy Uhr (whose surname means "hour" in German) from the tourist company Solex, told the newspaper. 

The wine delivery company Vinoteket claimed to be sending an ice cream van for adults all over Sweden. Photo: Vinoteket

Wine company launches 'ice cream van for adults' 

The Swedish online wine delivery company Vinoteket took the opportunity to get a bit of free advertising, claiming in a press release to be launching an "ice cream van for adults", sending out a wine van to streets around the country, alerting locals to its presence by playing a version of the UB40 soft reggae hit "Red, Red Wine", which you can hear here


"For 10 years Vinoteket has been driving wine directly to the doors of people in Sweden. The wine van is the natural next step to fine tune our customer experience all the way from the vineyard to the customer," Anders Signell, the company's chief executive, said in the press release. 

Swedish region launches 'ceremonial bus' for Princess Estelle

The public transport company in Östergötland had a bit of fun with the region's very own countess, Princess Estelle, writing on Instagram that it was about to launch a special "ceremonial bus" for her. 

The bus, which is done up in a heavily gilded baroque style, will be brought out whenever Estelle, who also holds the title Countess of Östergötland, visits the region. 

"We strive continually towards a situation where everyone who possible can do so, travels sustainably, and that applies to the Crown Princess and her family and to the Countess of Östergötland in particular," the company quoted its "deputy court traffic chief", Mattias Nässträöm as saying. 

Instead of a "stop" button, the bus features an old-fashioned bell. 


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Swedish region launches high-speed 'Pågabåten' boat between Malmö and Copenhagen

The regional public transport company in Skåne also got in on the fun, announcing plans on Instagram for a boat between Malmö and Copenhagen that looks very much like one of its regional trains has sped directly out into the water.

"In 26 minutes, you'll be able to go directly from Anna Lindh Square to the quay in Christianshavn," the announcement claims. "That's exactly the amount of time it takes to consume pølse [a Danish hotdog] in the little kiosk on board."

Cross-border commuters who have to put up with the many delayed trains on the route may not have appreciated the joke. 


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The "adult ice cream van" would be nice to have anyway, april fools or not

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