Swedish bread war rises again

The Pågen bakery company is again suing competitor Wasabröd over the latter’s claim that it produces Sweden’s most nutritious bread.

Pågen, a maker of soft breads, claims that Wasa, a maker of hard breads, is breaking Swedish product marketing laws by marketing Wasa Sport as Sweden’s most nutritious bread.

Pågen has requested that the Swedish Market Court (Marknadsdomstolen) issue a fine of 500,000 kronor ($78,350) if Wasa continues with the ad campaign.

The suit marks the second time in the last year that Pågen has disputed claims used in Wasa advertising campaigns.

Pågen previously sued Wasa in March of last year, complaining that a Wasa ad campaign unfairly described hard bread as more nutritious than soft bread. In court documents Pågen stated that Wasa went as far as to compare soft bread with candy or dependency-inducing drugs.

“It’s true that Pågen has filed a new suit in the Marknadsdomstol but it is up to the court to decide whether the case proceeds or not. We’ll know for sure in a few days and then I’ll be prepared to comment” said Karin Brynell, marketing director for Wasa to news agency TT.

Brynell said it was possible that the courts would request the two cases be combined, which could result in proceedings being delayed until the fall.