Record number of sexist ads

Scantily dressed women in soft drink ads and satisfied wife guarantees from a drill manufacturer are just some of a record number of adverts to fall foul of Sweden's Trade Ethical Council against Sexism in Advertising (ERK) in 2008.

Record number of sexist ads

During the course of 2008 65-70 adverts were found to be sexist by ERK, a record high. In 2007 the number was closer to 50 and in previous years has typically been even lower. At the same time the number of adverts reported to ERK has remained constant.

“I think this is due to a greater knowledge over the council’s praxis, what would receive censure and what would not. Reports are now predominantly made up those that are over the line,” said Tobias Eltell of ERK to news agency TT.

One example of an advert that in 2008 incurred the wrath of ERK was for Coca Cola Zero where a guy breaks up with his girlfriend who says that she understands that he does not want to keep to one girl when there are so many to choose from.

Another contravening the ethics council’s rules was an advert by Black & Decker for a drill press when they offered a spa treatment for “the wife” if the man spent a large sum of money on their tools.

Main offender: Coke Zero