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Bildt rejects Israeli call for official condemnation

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 21 Aug 2009, 11:41

Published: 21 Aug 2009 11:41 GMT+02:00

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Writing on his blog, Bildt argued that Sweden's free press and tradition of free speech are the best defence against "breaches of judgement, bad taste and transgressions of core societal values."

"There are calls from some quarters in Israel that we in some way or another should take an official position to distance ourselves from this article or even to intervene to prevent such an article being published," Bildt wrote on Thursday.

"But our country does not work that way - and neither should it."

Bildt argues that were he to go in and correct all the eccentric contributions to debates in various media then he would have little time left over for anything else. He also argued that criticism against some could be understood as approval of others.

Carl Bildt drew parallels to the debate around the Muhammad cartoons that raged in a similar fashion in 2006. He argued that on that occasion Sweden gained respect for the position that tolerance and understanding are best constructed through an open society.

Bildt however expressed understanding for the feelings of the Israeli people over the article penned by photojournalist Donald Bodström in which he alleged that the Israeli Defence Force systematically removed and traded the organs of dead Palestinian men.

"That the accusations of the article's author awoke strong feelings in Israel is not difficult to understand. Bitter historical experience has led to a natural and strong sensitivity to implications or accusations which could give anti-Semitism a chance to develop," Bildt wrote.

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The foreign minister concluded by defending the importance of maintaining a free press and protecting freedom of speech but said that there were lessons to be learned from both this and the Muhammad cartoon debate.

"We live in a world where the public debate spills over old boundaries and where we all in various contexts would be wise to be aware of the historical, national and religious sensitivities."

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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12:32 August 21, 2009 by bocale1
Fully support Bildt position. More and more proud to live in Sweden.
12:33 August 21, 2009 by c9dw2rm8
I hope this idiot understand that is trip to Israel next week is canceled !!
12:51 August 21, 2009 by La Figaro
I love this man, Carl Bildt, keep it up.

This is not the first time stories of organ harvesting is coming up against the israelis, the question is this, how true or false is it?

Look at it from another perspective, some weeks ago, some rabbis in the US were arrested for organ trading, if they weren't arrested and the news just publishes, I guess we will be seeing exactly the same reaction

On a final note, not all jews or israelis are bad however, I'm particularly not happy with their conduct towards the palestinans.
13:02 August 21, 2009 by Per Johansson52

More than 32 rabbis (Jews) in USA was arrested over kidney trafficking , I would ask the US government to check and investigate which Israeli sold their kidney? can they show us those Israelis who were selling their kidneys?

I believe a group of Mafia would be like 4 or 5 dealing human body trafficking but if they are more than 30 in US and how many would be in Israel?, then you need more kidneys. and of course you kill more Palestinian because US has big market for kidney .
13:05 August 21, 2009 by gold5555
Here is an example of Sweden's free press and tradition of free speech.

13:25 August 21, 2009 by MAQ
What Carl Bildt is saying that makes a lot of sense. Thats a straight forward and clear cut approach and I am sure it would make Swedes proud since I dont see any reason why should government in Sweden be manipulated by some stupid reaction in israel over just an article that is revealing the bitter truth.
13:31 August 21, 2009 by gold5555
to: Per Johansson52

Only one man was accused of selling kidneys, not 35.


"Another man in Brooklyn, Levy-Izhak Rosenbaum, was accused of enticing vulnerable people to give up a kidney for $10,000 and then selling the organ for $160,000."
13:34 August 21, 2009 by c9dw2rm8
From what exactly Swedes are proud ?

Your barbarian vikings history , your collaboration("naturalist") with the Nazis,

abandonment of Raul Valenberg in the soviet gulag ,

,Your alliance with antifascists ? , your violent tennis match in malamo , your racists blond roots ??

Where is the proud ?
13:39 August 21, 2009 by Steffeni
Bildt has acted very responsibly in protecting freedom of the press. While the newspaper may be acting irresponsibly, suppression of the press was a common denominator of communist, Nazi and fascist regimes.

One should not cast guilt on Israel by inferring that arrests in the US for trafficking in human organs (presumably some rabbis were arrested in the process) imply Israeli complicity. That is for a court of law to determine.
13:53 August 21, 2009 by c9dw2rm8

I forgot to mention your proud of the swedish army with all the pedophile scandals!!
13:56 August 21, 2009 by MAQ
Welcome to today's world my friend

The education system, achievements in technical fields telecommunication and automobiles , welfare society, protection of Human Rights as well as human lives and most importantly NOT harvesting the human organs, what not there to be proud of.
14:17 August 21, 2009 by magic1964
Making the parallel to the Mohamet crisis show again how stupids social democrats are......accusing the army of such barbaric behaviour would be like accusing Bilt of being a pedofile !!!!!!!
14:22 August 21, 2009 by c9dw2rm8

Nobody really buy this BS fake utopia?!

Only one thing I know : Sweden is doomed as a nation, its muslim minority will be a majority within couple of decades - The Islamic republic of Sweden

Start to learn the Sharia law!!
14:29 August 21, 2009 by bocale1
Well, it seems that very few of you are aware about one very basic principle in the democracy: the press is free, newspaper can publish what they think it is worth to publish, they are responsible against the law and against their readers, and, in no way, a government should either support or distance itself from what published by a newspaper.

Simply, journalism and politics are 2 different areas, and if the government starts interfering with the press freedom, we will soon introduce censorship and fascism.

This Sweden, not USSR and Aftonbladet is not the old Pravda!

Unfortunately Lieberman, who, not surprisingly, is a ultra-nationalist far right leader, pretended to ignore this rule.

I am very sorry for the Israeli people for having a foreign minister so little interested in democratic rules.
14:46 August 21, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
@vgerry1 and @c9dw2rm8:

Your comments show just one thing:

You are trying to create conflict between the minorities in Sweden and the Swedish people by your comments. This will never happen because the immigrants came to Sweden legally not as the Zionist immigrants in PALESTINE who stole the land of the others. And the main thing that the Swedish people respect the human rights that your country (ISRAEL) does not even hear about it.

PLEASE this is our country and we do not allow haters like you to interfere in our interior affairs we have government who knows its tasks.

If Sweden does not fit you then you are very welcome to be away from us.

P.S. Do not try to accuse me as anti-semitic or hater as PEOPLE LIKE YOU USUALLY DO cause it became so silly and old.
14:51 August 21, 2009 by macgowans
MAQ: Absolutely! As a US citizen I respect Swedens progressive and far more enlightened laws and rules when it comes to Human Rights. You, as a country, have much to be proud of, and cannot be expected to shoulder the misdeeds of your ancestors, as we in the US cannot be expected to carry the burden of the misdeeds of ours.

This argument is outrageous. Is no one truly concerned whether or not the accusations are true? What would be lost by conducting an official investigation? Moral high ground will most certainly be lost by refusing to conduct an investigation. Has Israel become a nation of the very same people who forced it's creation? I hate to say that, but the question remains...
14:51 August 21, 2009 by vgerry1
Dear # 15 ,

Every healthy democracy need to protect itself - and I'm sorry lies in the media is NOT the healthy way .

The press has secondary very important duty - its to educate the nation with true facts = knolage of your generation - THIS IS YOUR REAL FACE !!!

IF you think that by publishing or/and not rejecting thouse lies will help you to keep the streets (muslems) quiet ... I'm looking forward to speek to you in few years when by low you will have to stop drinking your favorit wine , and meet your blond good looking dougter when she is fully covered with black "higab" .

Israel has alot of problems and you know it becouse of the accessibility

to the sad truth , on the other hand Sweeden is perfect in every thing and we all know this becouse of your systematic aducation to HIDE the sad truth !
15:03 August 21, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
@ c9dw2rm8:

Again I tell you it is not your business, you came here and did not like it so it is your problem do not let your hate to some ethnics gives you the right to interfere in the others affairs.

The gangs you are talking about can be europeans, russians, americans, arabs, asians, or from any origin. But you saw just arabs because you hate them and this is THE RACISM itself. Many Israeli people (who comment here) they show their racism against others and at the same time they complain that the others hates them.

By the way, I am blond and not racist as you claim here:

"By the way - the blonds are not really like you - they are racists hypocrites - they just don't show that!"

Really you are full of hate and racism.
15:04 August 21, 2009 by asseog
"The Swedish government has moved to shut down the website party's newspaper over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad" - Sweden's double standards are standing out like a sore.

As an Israeli Surgeon with no political affiliations, especially with Israel's current government, I would like to take this opportunity to express my utter contempt at these foolish and childlike accusations that puts me and my colleagues in a defensless position. The Swedish ambassador herself condemned the article, and Sweden's Foreign Office in the most ridiculous manner, portrayed her own Ambassador as expressing her ideas in response to Israel's public opinion - what nonsense!

I would advise Mr. Bildt to act with a little more dignity to the concious men of science in the medical field, and express himself with a bit more dignity. We are past the middle ages portrayed so well by Sweden's foremost film director Ingmar Bergman.

Dr. Asseo

15:22 August 21, 2009 by Nemesis
This is double standards, but then again anti-semitism has always been acceptable to the Swedish goverment. Please remember it was not so long ago that Sweden had eugenics departments in its universities and also used to sterilise people from Lapland.

The Swedish goverment will quickly pull any website attacking islam or the muslim religeon, yet will stand by obviously insane claims that are straight out of catholic europe, from before the reformation.

What next, are they going to give Ante Pavelic a posthumous human rights award or honour Hitler or Mengele.
15:28 August 21, 2009 by macgowans
Dr. Asseo: The article I read directed accusation toward a group of Israeli soldiers, not the Israeli government as a whole. Is it not possible that a small group of soldiers are in the "employ" of a blackmarket "medical" team that has, indeed, harvested organs from dead Palestinian men?

I mean, what's the harm in conducting an investigation? I do not understand what the outrage is about, to be honest, but if the 'evidence' offered by the reporter, and his own accounts as a witness, are real, then I would expect any decent person to wish his/her own government to investigate.

15:29 August 21, 2009 by KipHamilton
While I believe Bildt made the right decision, I am surprized at the thinly veiled anti-Jewish comments here. "Not all Jews and Israelis are bad?" as one of your bloggers comments? Is that some kind of new enlightened realization in Sweden? Many Swedes seem to believe any outlandish conspiracy theory involving "The Jews". Shame on you!
15:30 August 21, 2009 by vgerry1
@ Danger_Mouse

1st-I guess you are blond-GO AND GET SOME HISTORY LESSON about the middle east but even befor that liitle of your own-SAMI ppl, do you know who are they & which human rights thy got from you-the holly sweedish !?

2nd-Thouse emigrants that came legaly to your land-did that becouse of very sad reality in the Muslem-Arab contries-in which for different opinion in good case they will get a bullet in each knee in worse case it will be like in Iraq/Iran/ Afganistan& even the poor Palestine.SO...they got there shelter in EU.....
15:33 August 21, 2009 by MAQ
@ c9dw2rm8, what you have said in post # 13, that goes on to show that my reply was not fake utopia but you actually dont have enough to say on the matter by not accepting the positives in Sweden .. hehe:)

and muslim minority is not the topic of discussion here (diverging the discussion, thats what you have been doing in all your posts here), I would just say, that you dont need to worry by me learning the shria law rather you should show some concern over the human rights violations of Palestinian people and it would better if you restrain from stirring the conflicts between majorities and minorities
15:49 August 21, 2009 by bocale1
Dr. Asseo, first of all, I appreciate your contribution and the tone of your saying, very much far from the racists comments posted by some of the Israeli (or supposed to be) supporters in this site.

Said that, I invite to reflect about:

1. One matter is to offend religion and traditions of people; I would not have shut down the website about anti Muhammad cartoons but I can understand the reasons why. And I would have expected the same reactions against accuses or insults to the entire Israeli people. In this case, it is just an article about a suspected crime of some soldiers and we read quite often about crimes committed by armies during wars.

2. I would expect a reaction against the newspaper but why asking the intervention of the government? this shows a very little respect about the freedom and responsibility of press. If you feel offended by that article, sue the newspaper, not make pressure on a democratic government.
16:04 August 21, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
@ vgerry1

I know the middle east more than you. I have masters degree in history and know the middle east well. I went to Lebanon, Jordan, and the west bank as volunteer with the red cross to help your victims in the Palestinian camps.

I saw how your army treats the palestinians in the west bank and how they treated us in the red cross. It reminded us of the Nazist and communist regimes during 40's and 50's.

And those immigrants here they are victims of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, and others. Or victims of dictatorships worldwide.

By the way (According to the history) both the Arabs and Jews are Semitic. So be careful when you accuse the others, BECAUSE BEING ANTI-ARABS ALSO MEANS ANTI-SEMITICS...otherwise, look for another accusations.
16:16 August 21, 2009 by browneyes10
Good and bad people are everywhere in this world but as I mentioned before on various occasions that generally speaking swedish people are good and humble and they are respected people and not the blood sucking people like Israel and US ( sorry but this is the fact).

About this news I will say, Well done Mr Bildt. Who the hell is Israel that they will impose orders on Swedish?

Also I am asking that Where are the Human Rights Champions Now after coming this disgraceful news about Israeli ? Where are they? What about their Human Rights now?

I am afraid that as the jewish first suck the blood of muslims and now they are looking for Europeans people by putting pressure on them in one or the other way.

To c9dw2rm8. Please do not divert readers from real issue and let me tell you there is nothing as you mentioned before. We all minorities respect swedish and their good attitude towards us. It is their own country and it will remain to them in a future also.
16:25 August 21, 2009 by Miss Kitten
Israel and the US aren't people. They're countries.
16:34 August 21, 2009 by browneyes10
@Miss Kitten. Yes I mean the people of US and Israel.

By the way give your comments on this news and not on grammer and sentences. But still I am thankful for your correction.
16:37 August 21, 2009 by Kaethar
@vgerry1: What does that even mean? A turkish documentary quite recently accused Sweden of committing ethnic cleansing against the sami. But most people here just went o.O and let it go. We certainly didn't demand a public apology from the Turkish government. We didn't look into it either because no sami had actually claimed this. Whereas now some Palestinians HAVE claimed it and it's worth investigating. Unless you simply don't care? And the muslims will burn up Sweden? The Islamophobia from several Israeli and American posters on here is sickening. Shame on you!
16:46 August 21, 2009 by Miss Kitten
Don't mention it.

By the way, you stated in a previous post that it was a "fact" that Israeli and American people are blood suckers. Would you care to elaborate on this statement? Have you ever been to the US or Israel or met any real American or Israeli vampires? I'm just curious because I was born and raised in the US and never once met any vampires during my time there.
16:49 August 21, 2009 by browneyes10
As I said before but I think my previous post was lengthy and so out of sight.

To all readers and to particulary c9dw2rm8. If you live here then also respect these people unless and untill they did not hit on your sensitive issues like ones religion...I hope you understand my point.

Also no body can take sweden from swedish, it is their country and it will also remain to them in the future. So please do not divert readers from real issue.

The thing is very simple that those who respect you, give them respect and Vice Versa . But generally speaking good and bad people are every where but most swedish people are very honest,humble and respected. So plz dont be so racist.
17:17 August 21, 2009 by hisham
I do not see the matter is so complicated that Sweden MUST apologize OR be accused for racism and so called anti semitesim if would not .simply Its a kind of free speech and expression as we do and publish my and your comments here in this newspaper .

We have freedom. I do not know if its allowed in Israel to say anything. Proud of you Sweden
17:32 August 21, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
To the guys who does not accept criticizing what Israel is doing:

A known Professor in Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba, Israel, has described the situation there and he feels ashamed of that as any free Jew in the world (who are many actually).

Please check the following link from Los Angeles Times:


P.S. This shows that Aftonbladet has not MOST PROBABLY claimed the report and thus the report deserves investigation from the international organizations.
17:33 August 21, 2009 by vladd777

'Freedom' of press'..not!
18:01 August 21, 2009 by kelvison

there are afew people here who call others idiot.kind of people who support israel and can not accept any thing others say against israel.dear friends you accept or not please dont insult people.prove if people are wrong ? i mean if you can. be human in full meaning.
18:25 August 21, 2009 by Svartskalle
I trust the newspaper. If the newspaper was lying, it would have been charged long ago already. Again and again we witness a fact of downplaying a tragedy by diplomats. A Swedish diplomat complained immediately from Israel. Swedish foreign ministry criticized the diplomat in a way that we may understand that they both condemn and didn't condemn the newspaper at the same time. An Israeli diplomat made a storm in Stockholm, Foreign Ministry invited him for a conversation, the Israeli minister claimed an apology and condemnation, a Swedish minister told that he doesn't give a damn about the opinion of the newspaper and can't... So the whole story was manipulated towards the diplomats and politics, when we have a crime here, man slaughtering which shall be reported, investigated and punished.

If the concerned citizens do not follow this to happen, then diplomats are going to succeed again as almost always, in manipulating away an issue:

A man slaughter industry
19:17 August 21, 2009 by Leprehcaun

Sweden's press is the world's second most fr.. eh f*ck it.. most of you ppl are just so.. draining.

Can all non-Swedes please stop pretending to know what we are like, cause I swear on my mother's grave, you have no idea what the hell you're talking about. Oh and especially stop calling us nazis, say that to my face when I hold a loaded gun and see what happens.

Anyway Bildt is now one of my favorite politicians ever. The government isn't responsible for what the press says and it should stay away (especially if we are going to have the world's most free press in the world next year). They have no responsibility and shouldn't apologize or say anything about this, the paper however should and has.
19:29 August 21, 2009 by browneyes10
@ Miss Kitten. Wow , amazing!

Are you really so innocent that you really dont know what is happening in this world all around? Or just because you born in america and thats why you fill up the space with such comments?

If you want to see the US and Israeli vampires, just open your eyes or visit Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Palestine and lot of others....

The war is not only fought by soldiers but also by policy makers, in all such cases, these 2 countries are responsible for invading most of the countries all over the world.

And last but not the least, Did you know with what your people come to an end...? Yes for your information let me reminded you, '' I destroy your country and kill millions of innocent people but SORRY I did not find any weapons of mass destruction''. Lolllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz
20:02 August 21, 2009 by shai
Im very worried of the tendency of israeli propaganda to name anyone who critisises Israels actions as an antisemite. As an Israeli Jew living in Umeå I feel ashamed that the regime that supposes to represent my people are oppressing the Palestinian people but I am sickened by the criticizers who do employ antisemitic cliches in their critic. I hate racism against Arabs, Muslims and other minorities in europe as much as I hate racism against Jews and it hurts ten times more when some people on the left are beggining to use anti Jewish rhetoric and lies about the Jews in order to attack Israel.

I refuse to accept the zionist pretence to represent the Jewish people.

This artical indeed is tainted with antisemitism if it can not prove its claims.
20:36 August 21, 2009 by reason
That anybody could take something written in Aftonbladet seriously is funny enough in itself. Seriously, that paper is just one notch above The Onion when it comes to truth content. While nothing written in Aftonbladet could ever reflect badly on Israel, the Israeli government's reaction is laughable and counterproductive. They're simply spreading the sparks they were trying to put out and making themselves look bad in the process.
21:02 August 21, 2009 by shai
Very true mr. reason.

I would like to see some sort of cooperation or movement in Sweden which entails Jews, Arabs,Swedes and people of all nations that work together to promote and lay foundations for a possible future Palestinian Israeli society, confederation,state and so on. Built on principles of Social justice, Democracy and peace and advocate all nations trying to liberate themselves from the USA imperialistic yolk.

May sound utopic in todays situation but very feasable in decades to come if people want it and are willing to struggle for it.
21:53 August 21, 2009 by Playmaker
is it not innocent until proven guilty? lets say 30 jews did sell some organs. so now it not the IDF but 30 indivudal with jewish blood.

@shai- get real that will never happen unless there is some world desator or alien invansion,or better yet no religion. demoocracy in palestin. lol. yes they voted for hammas who vowed to kill jews, but were not the majorty fatah is. thats not good enough so hammas killed there own and took over gaza even though fatah won the elections. thats why all the killing and bombings are in gaza.and what about american values do you hate? you have to have a world power so choose one. China? russia? iran?
23:24 August 21, 2009 by lingonberrie
We are proud to be Swedes because we do not take orders from Israel.

This is not the United States who takes orders from AIPAC, and to whom their elected congresspeople bow, scrape and curtsy.

ThanK Odin for men like Mr. Bildt, otherwise Sweden would be a colony of Israel and owned by the Rothschilds.
00:36 August 22, 2009 by Miss Kitten
Cool! I love vampires. And I'm growing more and more fond of you. But come now, surely in one of your many trips to the US you must have encountered and got the address of at least one vampire? You seem to know a lot about my home country so I assume you've been a regular visitor. I haven't lived there for five years so I'm afraid I'm bit behind on what's happening over there.
00:51 August 22, 2009 by KipHamilton
I am no fan of much of Israeli policy. But it is clear to me from many of your blogs, the state of Israel aside, you do not like Jews very much. Criticize Israel all you like- that is perfectly acceptable. But it obviously goes deeper than that with many of you.
08:06 August 22, 2009 by vgerry1
Dear sweeds Thous Comments are the real face of your perfect society !
09:41 August 22, 2009 by hisham
Yes SWeden has perfect society that the freedom is built in inside and growth up with its structure.Yes some people can not understand it because they are not already in Sweden or they might experienced the Information unilateral.

Fear decision
11:48 August 22, 2009 by SwedTemp
I am not worried about Bildt-the man gives what he is able to give-I feel sad and sorry for Sweden with such a Minister.

But I confort you-the Sweden ambassador in Israel was more intelligent and human and denied the things your newspaper published. Sure, you will say that the democracy obliges to publish everything-but still the article has a strange smell.And so the attitude of the Swedish Minister.

Happy Ramadan, Sweden
12:12 August 22, 2009 by Playmaker
@valdd777- nice link from post #35. i completly agree with you. there are many double standards in sweden. the best one is they are "neutral" but selling wepons and guideane system is the 2nd largest export next to wood. war is good for sweden and they know it. plus there are many special forces in war right now. now i cant say all swedes because i dont know all, but i work in constrction as a electrician and get to meet hundreds of them and the high majorty do not want to take in immigrants that can not contribute to sweden. we will see SD get some seats in the next election.
14:10 August 22, 2009 by yaqub zaki
Israeli soldiers not only harvest the recent dead for profit but the long dead. During an invasion of Lebanon they broke into sarcophagi in the Romano-Byzantine cemetery in Sidon to plunder valuables buried with the dead, not only jewellery but ancient artefacts like glass vessels that could be sold on the antiques market. It was perfectly evident; they had prised off the lids with crowbars, breaking many in the process. One could see that the fractures were recent. Now they are demolishing Muslim cemeteries in Jerusalem, parcelled out as building sites to developers. I always thought that respect for the dead was a Jewish characteristic, but these people aren't Jews, they are zionists.

Yaqub Zaki
15:34 August 22, 2009 by KipHamilton
This reminds me of the stories which used to circulate about Jews drinking the blood of Christians in their rituals during the middle ages.Those carefully spread rumors led to the deaths of thousands of Jews. Look, I am appalled at what I am reading here. "Rothchilds would have taken over Sweden", but "all Jews are not bad" (implying thst most are) the US is "a Jewish colony", "More than 32 Rabbis (Jews) were arrested for Kidney trafficking in U.S. " (not true- but what the heck, they're Jews- you know, the ones who drink Christian blood).I am not a fan of the Israeli State or its policies, but you guys are obviously anti-Jewish in a very scary way. I always assumed that Sweden remained neutral during world war II out of fear and a desire for self preservation. If your opinions are at all representative, I wonder if it had more to do with a sympathy for the beliefs of your "Aryan brethren" in Nazi Germany.
15:44 August 22, 2009 by Yakkub Israelson
Well, all I can say is, if enough people in Sweden read this thing about Israeli soldiers "kidnapping" Palestenian bodies, and opening them up and selling their livers and hearts on the black market, all i can say, my friend was maybe right about what he said about Sweden.

He lived there for a while and when he came back he said that the country is beautiful, the economy is great, but that the people all look the same, think the same, they are passive, slow, and sometimes quite stupid. He also said something about inbreading

Am I still in the realm of Freedom of Speach, or is this comment too much and will be censured like the Muhamad cartoons?
17:06 August 22, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Yes, still in the rael of freedom of speech


17:07 August 22, 2009 by Joshua M
Freedom speech and freedom of the press are ideals I have always supported. Sadly, it seems that Bildt is clueless as to what they mean. While freedom of speech and freedom of the press may give papers the right to make horrible accusations with no real evidence to back it up, government officials also have freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means that they can speak out against this if they believe it to wrong. Instead, they have denied their ambassador's freedom to speak by censoring her personal initiative to condemn this libel.

By doing this, the Swedish government is being hypocritical, freedom of speech means freedom for all, not just for Aftonbladet's unfounded accusations.

Condemning Aftonbladet would not impede its freedoms. So why does Sweden defend it?
21:30 August 22, 2009 by KipHamilton
Alright, I was ventimg a bit with the Nazi comparison.And misremembered the quote about "a Jewish Colony" from another site. I will be more careful in the future. But you must admit, the tone and wording of many of these comments goes beyond a critical assesment of the policies of Israel, and spills over into an obvious anti-Jewish sentiment. The idea of Jews controlling much of the world sounds very much like the discredited "Protocals of the Elders of Zion" which has been, and still is used to imply a vast Jewish world conspiracy. And by the way, what does the quip "but then again, maybe you know something we don't?" imply? Maybe that it might all be true? Also, I wouldn't make so light of the accusations that Jews drank the blood of Christions in the middle ages. The witch hunt that occured as a result led to a series of terrible tragedies, and increased persecutions of the Jews.
21:38 August 22, 2009 by lingonberrie
I am well aware of the Bildenberg group from my own analysis of them from my own sources, including data from:The Rise of the Fourth Reich. Should you have read that book, you should not have any questions about the obvious.

Bildt does what he is told to do; remember that there is still a monarchy in Sweden, and all other monarchies are involved as well, that is/are intertwined with the Bilderbergs, who are intertwined in turn with the Skull and Bones of Yale, and in Princeton and Harvard, and in

The Council on Foreign Relations, et al.

The original Puritan amina from the 15th century is still alive and well. that is, the chosen few who rule.

The United States is a colony of Israel, and AIPAC is the enforcer with their agents spread throughout the US Gov/t. The chief of them is now the US president's right-hand man, Rahm, the Massad agent with dual Israeli and US citizenship where he fills the cover-role of the so-called Chief of Staff.

The Bildenberg Group also needs the Rothschilds who control the world's money supplies. Money and politics make many strange bedfellows.

Russia, on the other hand, belongs to no one, and Putin intends to keep things that way.
23:15 August 22, 2009 by bongo8
Gee.. The swedish freedom of speech has just wiped out all my comments.
10:28 August 23, 2009 by fa1afel
I'm a Israeli citizen and I believe it's astonishing a western democratic civilization doesn't react to this kind of blood label, haven't we learned nothing from war world 2 and the holocaust!? and I'm not talking about the systematic biased information that the European and especially the Swedish media is giving to it's audience, but about a whole lie which incites people against Israel and the Jewish people.

I believe the respectful thing to do is to officially condemn this kind irresponsible and biased information. I'm sorry for all of you who disguise their anti-Semitism in a synthetic cover of liberalism.
17:41 August 23, 2009 by History_Guide
The JEWS around the world think that the others are less important than they are. I give an example, in the WW2 more than 50 millions europeans died in the war, and lets say hundreds of thousands of jews (I do not think they were more), Why the hell they always mention what happened to them and never mention the other 50 millions, are the Europeans animals or what?

By the way, the posters here who are living in the so-called "Israel " tries to show that the israelis are angels but what they did in the land which they stole before 60 years? what they did in Lebanon? in Gaza? these places had no armies to fight your USA-armed army (sorry I mean gangs).
Today's headlines
Fake police car driver seized after confronting real police
File photo of a police car. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Three men in a fake police car were left red-faced after they tried to stop a man in southern Sweden who turned out to be an off-duty officer.

This tiny bird can fly for ten months straight: scientists
The common swift while not in flight. Photo: Madis Veskimeister/Wikimedia

Swedish scientists have found that this bird stays in the air for almost a year without landing.

Why the Pope is visiting Sweden next week
Pope Francis in the Vatican. Photo: AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino

Pope to nail reconciliation agenda to Lutherans' door in southern Sweden.

The Local Recipes
How to make no-knead sourdough bread like a Swede
No-knead sourdough bread. Photo: John Duxbury/Swedish Food

Swedes love their sourdough bread. Food writer John Duxbury shares his favourite Swedish recipe for a no-knead loaf.

Meet Sweden's lonely Donald Trump voter
A Donald Trump campaign button. Photo: Rogelio V Solis/AP

The Local talks to an American Donald Trump supporter on what it is like living in progressive stronghold Sweden.

Forgotten Ingmar Bergman script to be made into a film
It's thought the script was part of an ill-fated collaboration between Bergman (left) and Federico Fellini (right). Photo: AP

Written in 1969, the script is 'up to the standard of his best', according to the Ingmar Bergman Foundation.

Sweden's consumption footprint 'among the worst'
Trucks transporting goods on a Swedish highway. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Sweden has been criticized for its unsustainable consumption of the planet's resources in the latest edition of a major WWF study.

Video: How to be Joel Kinnaman for a day
Kinnaman with one of the camera rigs that will allow people inside his head. Photo: Tele2

The Swedish Hollywood actor will strap a camera to his head, stream it live and allow viewers to interact with him this weekend.

Presented by Invest Stockholm
How Stockholm's cold climate boosts creativity
Photo: Ola Ericson/imagebank.sweden.se

Do long, dark winters actually make Swedes more creative and more productive? We spoke to Stockholm startups to find out.

Sweden to keep record-low interest rate in 2017
Sweden's landmark negative interest rate will continue towards 2018. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

The Swedish central bank said that it will take longer than expected to reach its inflation target.

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One expat's strategy for making friends in Stockholm
People-watching: October 26th
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Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
Sweden cuts 2016 refugee forecast
Is Game of Thrones coming to Sweden?
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Fury at plans that 'threaten the IB's survival' in Sweden
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Are we just going to let half the country die?
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Angry elk chases Swede up a lamp post
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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
Swede punches clown that scared his grandmother
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Fans throw flares and enter pitch in Swedish football riot
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
Could Swedish blood test solve 'Making a Murderer'?
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
Swedish school to build gender neutral changing room
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One expat's strategy for making friends in Stockholm
People-watching: October 14th-16th
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Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
People-watching: October 12th
The Local Voices
'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
The Local Voices
Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
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