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Prison for head of Swedish teen sex ring

TT/Charlotte Webb · 28 Sep 2009, 16:22

Published: 28 Sep 2009 16:22 GMT+02:00

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He was convicted on charges of aggravated pimping, attempted pimping, soliciting sexual activity from children, and soliciting of sexual favours. The man was also ordered to pay damages in the amount of 390,000 kronor ($55,800) to the girls involved.

An additional man was convicted for rape and sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail for his role in one violent “gang bang”. He was also ordered to pay 90,000 kronor in damages to the female victim.

Three other individuals were originally accused of soliciting sexual activity from children.

The district court however could not find sufficient evidence to suggest that the men were aware that the girls were underage. The men were instead charged with the solicitation of sexual favours and ordered to pay heavy fines.

Johan Åkermark, the attorney who defended the 40-year-old ring leader plans to discuss the ruling with his client, but assumes that he will appeal the decision.

“My client admits that he arranged group sex and that he purchased sex on several occasions. He admits responsibility for assisting in the purchase of sexual favours but insists that this did not occur in circumstances that suggest that he was pimping or, as has been suggested, that he made money from this,” Åkerman told the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

According to his attorney, the man insists that the girls were aware of the arrangement, and that there was no exploitation involved.

A high ranking manager with a publicly listed company, the 40-year-old ringleader is suspected to have contacted ten young girls, seven of them under the age of 20, through an internet chat forum.

He then induced them to take part in different sexual activities in private properties and luxury hotel rooms.

Many of the girls suffered from social problems and were lured into the man's service with promises of designer goods and money.

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The meetings arranged involved everything from oral sex to violent group sex sessions involving handcuffs, whips and other objects.

The man's victims, as young as 14 years old, were often forced to engage in sex acts involving up to ten men at a time.

TT/Charlotte Webb (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

18:06 September 28, 2009 by Tennin
4 years seems to be the standard here. It's amazing how much crime they can do yet only receive 4 years. I guess he'll be out in 2 years for good behaviour.
18:24 September 28, 2009 by maxbrando
Another example of Swedish idiocy. You people can't get anything right. And why don't you publish the name of this convicted pedophile, so others can arm themselves from him in the future.
18:36 September 28, 2009 by Nemesis
First of all, his name and picture need to be published.

Secondly, why is he only getting four years?

What do you have to do to get a long jail term in Sweden, nuke stockholm?

This guy should have the key thrown away. Instead he is given a slap on the wrist.

Children as young as 14 are involved.

Does no one in the Swedish justice system realise that this pervert, should never see the light of day again?
19:25 September 28, 2009 by NND
What's really sad is that if he had been trying to scam the skatteverket he'd have got much longer in jail. Seems to be the same in most european countries noew. The law treats those cheating the government as more of a threat than criminals who ruin lives.
19:33 September 28, 2009 by DreEstwd
Un-freaking-believable. What if you were the Dad of one of these girls? I know what would happen if I was....wait till he gets out and then execute a little "street justice." It seems that is the only way anyone gets a real punishment for especially disgusting crimes here in Sweden. Also, agreed with the people who said this guy's name needs to be published. He's already been convicted so why not? This justice system is a JOKE.
19:35 September 28, 2009 by justanotherexpat
He's convicted and we STILL CANNOT KNOW WHO HE IS????? This justice system is a joke.

Name and shame the ********!
19:35 September 28, 2009 by Jack123
I hope the man burns in hell , these girls are children for crying out loud , 4 years ? I usually defand swedish law but 4 years , come on people this guy should be punished like the old times , burn him the ***** in the middle of Stockholm. Using young girls to get money !
20:12 September 28, 2009 by Tennin
They should publish the names of convicted pedophiles. It's the right of the people to know if they live next to or near a sicko, so they can at least protect their children from sick people like this guy.
20:23 September 28, 2009 by ironman294
What a joke, 4 years for prostituting and taking advantage of young girls as young as 14?

Sweden is weird in America even if a girl says she is 18 but is less than 18 ou go to jail.

Lovely the guys who were caught having sex with the young girls get away with it.

Well when the age of consent is 15! 15! in Sweden 14 doesnt seem so young.

Quite sad, actually most countries around the world are 14 or 15 yrs old.

The US is generally 18. Some states have 17 or 16 but in general it is 18
20:25 September 28, 2009 by double concerto
The mad hat libs have certainly taken Sweden down into the gutter for sure, incredibly light sentencing that says come to Sweden and carry on raping!!!
20:38 September 28, 2009 by bufflo
re #9

Actually, the age of consent is 16 or 17 in most US states, not 18.

20:51 September 28, 2009 by Greg in Canada
He deserves to get more jail time than just four years. The Swedish legal system has it's priorities wrong in my opinion.
22:03 September 28, 2009 by Tawhidduet
''The man's victims, as young as 14 years old, were often forced to engage in sex acts involving up to ten men at a time.''

oh my god....he got only 4 years jail!!!! this is a real joke. he should to be jail in life time.After 4 yaers he will start his dirty business again....
22:03 September 28, 2009 by hjoian
my last post was stopped...maybe a little too strong of an opinion on this. So much for free speech. Shame on you TL
01:28 September 29, 2009 by Canada_Girl
Young girls having violent sex with up to 10 men, and he gets 4 years.

I agree with OPs that the name and picture should be published. Canada does... in fact, the US even posts pictures, crimes, etc. of pedophiles so people know who's livin' in their neighbourhood - heck... iTunes even has a US App that has these dirt bags listed.
02:12 September 29, 2009 by jimmyjames
Yes, after years of research it is proven that sex offenders are, by a huge percentage, criminals most likly to repeat their crimes. So in the USA, every jurisdiction requires that for the rest of a sex offenders natural life, once released from prison, he or she must register with local police whenever they relocate. Also, because all crimes are in essence crimes against society criminal records are open to public examination and in almost all jurisdictions sex offenders oictures are regularly published for public viewing. In many jurisdictions the sex offender is required to inform both his neighbors and employers ( most especially if the victims were considered children). Failure to do so results in immediate arrest and return to prison without trail because legally agreeing to these stipulations is a pre-requisite to release from prison.
08:02 September 29, 2009 by Artemis G.
I can't believe the racism in these comments. You're all a bunch of pedophile-pimp-o-phobists. You need to stop forcing your cultural values on him. We need to embrace the rich tapestry of cultural values that he lives by. Shame on you!
08:19 September 29, 2009 by ukgal28
@Artemis G

Are you kidding? "We need to embrace the rich tapestry of cultural values that he lives by." Seriously???? if condoning and accepting selling girls for sex is the world I live in today then something is wrong. I'm all for accepting people for what they do, when they live by law, its not ok to break the law and then say that we have to accept his cultural values. No culture anywhere would accept this.
09:24 September 29, 2009 by nevon
ITT: American white trash who think their knee-jerk feel-good lynch-mob inspired justice system is the best on the planet even though their country has the highest crime rate among developed countries, as well as the highest rate of recidivism after incarceration.

Obviously that is working out very good for you.
13:42 September 29, 2009 by totyis
@ Artemis G.

LOL! Best comment so far. And You have already caught a little fish in the hook of the irony.

The Poles are discussing a law which will allow the castration of pedophiles. Healthy thinking.
14:07 September 29, 2009 by DreEstwd

What would be an appropriate punishment for this person? In your opinion.
16:25 September 29, 2009 by waspy

The crime situation in Sweden, excluding homicide, isn't much better than in the USA

Victimisation in the year preceding the survey: percentage victimised once or more (prevalence rates):

Car theft: USA 0.5 - Sweden 1.3

Theft from Car: USA 6.4 - Sweden 5.3

Car vandalism: USA 7.2 - Sweden 4.6

Motor cycle theft: USA 0.3 - Sweden 0.4

Bicycle theft: USA 2.1 - Sweden 7.2

Burglary: USA 1.8 - Sweden 1.7

Attempted burglary: USA 2.7 - Sweden 0.7

Robbery: USA 0.6 - Sweden 0.9

Personal theft: USA 4.9 - Sweden 5.8

Sexual incidents: USA 1.5 - Sweden 2.6

Assaults and thefts: USA 3.4 - Sweden 3.8

16:47 September 29, 2009 by DreEstwd
@ Waspy-

Forget it. It's not like Nevon is going to let facts and statistics get in the way of his/her blind, PC rants. This idiot won't even condemn the acts that the child pimp committed. He/she just uses this forum to defend all types of criminals, put down the U.S. (when it has nothing at all to do with the topic) and present no sort of facts or statistics of his/her own to defend his/her position. You and Pauli already gave him/her much more than he/she could handle so he/she resorts to the standard PC tricks of calling any statistic or fact, "baseless." I would like to see this defender of Islam and 3rd world immigrants spend 2 days in any Middle Eastern country (provided he/she is not Middle Eastern) and live to tell about it. Chances are we'd see him/her coming home in a bodybag with the head unattached.
17:54 September 29, 2009 by waspy
nevon's mind may not be changed but other people on the site may be influenced by the information that we provide.
18:29 September 29, 2009 by DreEstwd
True. Good point.
21:20 September 29, 2009 by nevon

You'd think with the penal system the USA has in comparison with Sweden, it would be much MUCH lower, no? Also when you factor in homicide rates, one of the most vehement indicators of crime, the USA leads by a huge margin. And let's also consider that the rate of crimes reported in Sweden is higher than USA (Yes, go to wikipedia and check).

Your statistics are once again, misrepresented! (QUICK, PAULI! IT'S THE PC CONSPIRACY!). To tote the US justice system as an example is not justified.

@DreEstwd (or rather, Pauli with his newest ID after getting banned)

I'm not a lawyer or a judge, so I'm not really sure what kind of punishment this person deserves. If I were to not be aware that I'm not a legal expert, I would join everyone else and say let's throw the bastard in for at least 10 years.

For the rest of your usual nonsense mumbling about PC and such; you made me chuckle... again! Thank you, my diminutive little racist.
22:37 September 29, 2009 by norling
To compare the USA's problems to Swedens is like comparing the problems of a little farming community in middle America to the problems in New York city. If you take the murders involved with the drug trade out of the equation the US has a very low homicide rate. Even though we now have a black president ( I doubt I will ever see that happen in any European country in my life time ) we still have terrible race problems. Our prison system is in terrible condition because it has been privatized. The Reagan administration stupidly declared WAR on drugs and it has turned into a war between drug providers. I think the lack of interest in punishing sex offenders in your country comes from a stupid attitude toward women in general as in she was asking for it or boys will be boys.
01:11 September 30, 2009 by someoneonthenet
I don't think that many Swedes have the attitude that you described "a stupid attitude toward women in general as in she was asking for it or boys will be boys". Can you clarify how Swedish attitude towards women is stupid, don't women have much better position in Swedish society compared to their position in most of USA ?

If USA's punishment system is much better than why do they have similar crime rate ? Shouldn't Sweden have much higher crime rate after all everyone knows if you commit a crime in Sweden punishment will be nothing compared to what you will get in USA. Apparently many people here still believe that harsh punishments are the only major deterrent for criminals.

If most Americans here really believe that most things in USA are better than why even stay in Sweden. In America, you might never even have to learn what or where Sweden is.
01:28 September 30, 2009 by norling
Why don't you reread my post! Did I say the US prison system is any thing put terrible? Did I not say that the US has a race problem? You live in a little country where everyone looks the same except for your immigrants who are dark complected and you don't like them. For a nation that prides it's self for it's attitude toward the rights of children I would expect a little more ferocity towards child sex offenders, 2.5 years for a gang rape???
04:47 September 30, 2009 by waspy

It may be a fact that crimes in Sweden are more likely to be reported to the police (I haven't checked if it's true) but that does not negate the figures that I provided because the statistics are from a UN crime survey of individuals and not from reported crime stats obtained from justice departments.

The same criteria is used in all countries that participated in the survey so we don't have the distortion that would normally arise as a result of different classifications of crimes or different rates of crime reporting.

You suggest that crime in the US should be much lower than in Sweden if the penal system were actually working but if you account for all of the different factors that can cause crime the crime rate should actually be much higher in the US.

The fact that it's slightly lower than Sweden in the most common crimes like assault, theft and sex crimes shows that the Swedish penal system isn't working.
13:03 September 30, 2009 by trinaican
@ Nevon

thanks for pointing out to me that DreEstwd was previously banned....they should do it again...this guy is a disease
16:59 September 30, 2009 by someoneonthenet

Did you read the whole article, he was not convicted for gang rape, he was convicted for pimping and soliciting. If there was sufficient evidence that he forced girls into prostitution then punishment should have been tougher but if he just arranged meetings then it should not even be a crime (or a very minor crime).


The difference isn't so big that you could claim that one system is better than other. As far as statistics go, USA has four times higher homicide rate (everyone would agree that it is one of the most serious crimes) than Sweden (Tenth United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems, covering the period 2005 - 2006). USA has the highest percentage of its population (10 times higher than Sweden) locked up in jail.

Swedish system has many flaws and it needs improvement (tougher punishments for repeat offenders, tougher punishments for premeditated serious crimes) but turning it into something similar to US justice system isn't improvement (or at least not significant improvement).
17:31 September 30, 2009 by waspy

I guess the best way to judge which system is working and which system isn't is to look at the trends in crime rates.

Crime in the US has been declining over the last couple of decades but crime in Sweden has been rising during that same time period.


Crime rate in Sweden from 1950 - 2006 from Bra.se (excel file)

18:07 September 30, 2009 by Golden-1960
The way I see it is the U.S. society (generally) is too far to the right, and the Swedish society (generally) is too far to the left.

Both countries are far from perfect and those of you who continue to bash the other country just like to argue. Because there is no right answer to be found in this comment section.
19:53 September 30, 2009 by DreEstwd
@Trinaican (though I know she won't listen anyways...)

First of all, I am not, Pauli. I definitely agree with the way that he has taken Nevon to school but we are not the same person. Second, I have never been banned from this site. Third, he was saying that Pauli had been banned. Not me. Clear?

Trinaican, since you've already defended rapists in another article here on The Local , I assume that you are back to do it again. You've got to be one sick individual to come on here and defend rape and rapists like your new buddy, Nevon. Not once have I seen either of you condemn this act. The guy was arranging the rape of teenage girs (some as young as 14) and all you idiots want to do is talk about the U.S. or talk about me. Ridiculous. Hopefully, neither of you have positions of power or never get them either. Go lose yourselves.
11:55 October 1, 2009 by trinaican
haha....I defended rapists? you must have been educated by the american system..seems your reasoning and analytical as well as reading skills need to be upgraded
14:04 October 1, 2009 by DreEstwd
You are calling my education into question when you can't even follow, understand and write about a simple article and comment thread in The Local? LOL!!
14:24 October 3, 2009 by trinaican
what????? are u serious??? well I need to add that to your looong list of problems beside being a racist, you are also seriously lacking analytical skills and you have short term memory...wow...are you one of those shell shocked soldiers returning from the war on terror?...you seem to be really deluded
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