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Too early to recognize Palestinian state: Bildt

AFP/The Local · 17 Nov 2009, 09:42

Published: 17 Nov 2009 09:42 GMT+01:00

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"I don't think we are there yet," Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, whose country holds the EU's rotating presidency, told reporters in Brussels.

"I would hope that we would be in a position to recognise a Palestinian state but there has to be one first, so I think it is somewhat premature," he said, before chairing talks with his EU counterparts.

On Sunday, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat said they would "go to the UN Security Council to ask for recognition of an independent Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital and with June 1967 borders."

The United States voiced opposition to any unilateral Palestinian move to seek recognition, saying negotiations with Israel -- currently virtually at a standstill -- were the best way forward.

Bildt said the 27 nation EU, which is the biggest aid donor to the Palestinians and is helping train their police, wants to help the occupied territories, but that recognition of independence might not be the best way.

"There is a need to look at all the initiatives that might be possible," he said. "We are discussing other steps in order to demonstrate our support for the Palestinian aspirations more clearly than we have done before."

"It is clearly an act born by a very difficult situation where they don't see any road ahead," he said, expressing concern about the lack of movement in the strife-torn Gaza Strip, tensions in East Jerusalem and settlement activity.

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, the EU's chief negotiator in the Middle East, agreed that it was too early to head to the United Nations.

"That has to be done with time, with calm, in an appropriate moment. I don't think today's the moment to talk about that," he told reporters.

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EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said the priority now should be "to really help the Americans bring both sides again to the table."

"There are lots of ideas, things are being discussed but we are not yet there," she said.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:32 November 17, 2009 by Nemesis
If ever proof was needed that Bildt should shut up and never speak again, it is his latest actions as a politician in Europe.

The Middle East is a tinderbox, in which any mention of it needs to be carefully checked. We need things to calm down in the middle east not be inflamed by an idiot, who could not get a job selling mc burgers.

The Middle East is an are a in which left wing do gooders and right wing nut jobs should be shot upon speaking, so as to discourage there inflamatory speeches. The area needs to be calmed down and for behind the scenes negotiations to begin.

The middle east does not need opinionated right/centre/left wing lunatics ranting the latest politically correct or newest idiological stance, particularly those who know nothing about the situation. All that does is inflame the situation on all sides.

Also Bildt has thrown Ukraine to the wolves. Ukrainian hopes of getting into the EU and Nato have went very far backwards with Sweden at the helm of the EU. Ukraine maybe its own worst enemy at times, but they are still Europeans and part of the European family.

We do not need a repeat of history when Poland caused Ukraine to lose its independance in 21/22 to Lenin, due to empire building and arrogance. Thankfully Poland has learned from its past and is now trying to assist Ukraine as a real ally. Germany needs to get back to helping Ulraine as well, no matter how inconvenient.

Regarding Russia, Bildt needs to learn that walking on eggshells does not entail jumping up and down while wearing hognail boots.

We need as much Russian gas pipelines as we can get, so as to ensure a stable supply. We need pipelines through Turkey, Ukraine, Belorussia, Baltic states, the Baltic and any other way we can from Russia right through to the Western Atlantic seaboard, so as to stabilise supply.

We also need those pipelines connected to LPG offloading centres, on the western atlantic seaboard, so that supply can be resumed in emergencies or political standoffs.

We need Norwegian gas to be piped from Norway, right to southern Europe, so there gas can supply in case of terrorist disruption or political standoff.

In Europe we need our energy supplies to be diversified as much as possible so as to make them as secure as possible. Reliance on single sources is insanity and a recipe for disaster.

In Europe, we need need gas, oil and electricity grids covering the entire continent. Energy supply needs an engineering solution, not a political solution.

We Europeans need energy security. We do not need a halfwit in Stockholm who could not organise an orgy in a brothel, screwing everything up.

Sweden has some of the best engineers on the entire planet. That resource should be tapped for energy security in Europe during the holding of the European presidency.

Sweden should put an engineer in charge during the rotating presidency, not an imbecile who has risen through the ranks by failing upwards.
12:08 November 17, 2009 by Anas86
I agree, it is early to regnonize a Palestinian state,we should wait till Palestine becomes as small as Stockholm. Regnonizing their state now would annoy TSAHAL in their wonderful expansion project
12:43 November 17, 2009 by glamshek
The biggest obstacles posed to the independence of Palestine are by US and EU.They keep on discouraging these moves so that they can cover their own misgivings about the stronger Israel. This is too mean of EU and US. But the situation does not remain same every time. The one who has been wronged will always claim. One day the claim will be answered, don't worry.

You will see it with your own eyes and you will make lame excuses even then. That's for sure !
14:35 November 17, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
The land upon which the Palestinian State should stand is systematically being annexed and stolen. The palestinians who inhabit East Jerusalem are being evicetd even as we woffle on and on in internet discussion groups. The 'facts on the ground' is the israeli modus operandi, encourage East Eurppean immigartion ofon a 'jews only' basis and then offering them financial packages to occupy and live in the illegal settlements.

To this we in the West acquiesce.

So now, I assume the Palestinians are attempting to combat that with this desperate ploy. What option have they. If they wait for the West to act they will be left with next to nothing.

Mr. Bildt says: "I would hope that we would be in a position to recognise a Palestinian state but there has to be one first, so I think it is somewhat premature."

Well for pity's sake let them make one, then.

We REFUSE to stop Israel from continually expanding into Palestinian territory force it to abide by any form of 'road map' to peace and at the same time expect Palestinians to wait until negotiations are finished? :-o

After sixty years of failed negotions accompanied with oppression, occupation and land theft?

C'mon, let's be realistic, fair and reasonable.
14:42 November 17, 2009 by zircon
Killing two birds (pigeons or hawks) with one giant stone (Albert Camus Sisyfus- style)?
15:21 November 17, 2009 by Uncle
What a bull! The "palestinian" territories are actually Jordanian and Egyptian territories that the respective countries do not want back (I wonder what the reason may be...).

As for me - Israel should ENCOURAGE unilateral declaration of independence. In that case it should

1. Declare unilateral belonging of the settlements to Israeli territory.

2.Disconnect the electricity, stop the fuel, stop pumping water there. Their "big brothers" Jordan and Egypt should assist them.

3.Any hostile action should be interpreted as an attack of a country. Therefore dealing with it like everyone else deals with attacks on their countries (no specification needed, examples are ranging from US to Russia, from Finland to France).

4.Finish the wall.

5.Block ALL work permits within Israel for the independent Palestians immediately.

6.Since in the poll recently peformed in East Jerusalem, most of the East Jerusalem inhabitants would prefer to stay within Israel, give everyone who wants independence 48 hours to pack their stuff and ... off to the new, wonderful independent country.

7. Stop all studying permits in all Israeli universities, or at least make them as expensive for the palestinians as they are for English or Zimbabwean students.

8. Stop all the social security and other social benefits and throw everyone who can be moved from the Israeli hospitals, if they have no palestinian insurance that can pay for them. Send them to the wonderful hospitals in their brand new country.

Those who cannot be moved - the debt will start growing from the second they declare independence.

9. Assisgn a very specific road between the West Bank and Gaza. Lay mines on the sides of it.

10.Entire financial stream from Israel should be halted immediately.
15:51 November 17, 2009 by Matan

16:20 November 17, 2009 by omansour
As a Palestinian, I understand Mr. Bildt's reluctance representing the declaration of a Palestinian state through unilateral movements by PLO.

However, I would tell Mr Bildt that a Palestinian state should've been declared many years ago. Rights of people to live in dignity and prosperity are not to be delayed. History is very clear, Israelis invaded this land long time ago and now we should accept the reality, their people and mine should live side by side and the world must support this; its a human need to do that.

The world was watching (but not living) the suffering of Palestinians on the TV, YoutTube and other media means. I would ask the question, how much time do you need to support our right to live in an independent state? How many Palestinians (children, young, old, women) until we announce and build this living state?

I am quite sure that if the world want to do this, they can force Israel, the can decide sanctions on them, they can do many things. BUT then have never done that!

I think, at least, support such move from the PLO would trigger Israelis that the world may support such initiatives. But what happens? The US wants a never-ending useless negotiations! and the EU still thinks that its immature.

Well, go and ask Pals IN PALESTINE AND STOP WATCHING THEM ON TVs, about their lives and if they can wait for many tens of years to get their right of living independently and in dignity!!!

Mr. Bildt, Sweden has proved its true civilized face by doing a lot for supporting humanity in the world and in Palestine. I wish this world would wake up someday and I wish it would be soon.
18:49 November 17, 2009 by Iraniboy
yeah it's so soon we need to wait another 60 years!!
19:36 November 17, 2009 by Kooritze
Come on Bildt! Too early!!!! Bowing down to 'reasonable' logic of the pro Israeli west?

60 years of oppression of the Palestinian people whose David and Goliath fight continues. Israeli state terrorism, illegal territorial moves, murder, segragation, disproportionate military reaction.

Read: Pity the Nation, book by Robert Fisk.

Israel.........you should be ashamed of yourselves for your arrogance, inhumaity and cynical mentality. Bildt........keep it real mate and stand up!
19:48 November 17, 2009 by peropaco
Strange this article has only managed to muster a small group of fedayeen
19:52 November 17, 2009 by omansour
Be sure you're completely wrong! I guess you're not satisfied with whats written here and that reflects how just you are Mr. Einstein (peropaco)
21:08 November 17, 2009 by mkvgtired
Uncle, I couldn't have said it better myself.

I just take issue with #8. They should take chances with the questionable patients. We all know they would be better off dieing on the way to a Gaza Strip hospital than staying at an Israeli one. It is pretty common knowledge they are just keeping them alive until they can find buyers for their organs. Haven't you been keeping up with the news?
22:02 November 17, 2009 by determined
Independence can not be granted. Palestinian should realize this fact and learn to snatch it rather than expect it and that too from EU. Only Struggle, determination and sacrifice are the MATURE factors leading to independence and rest everything is PRE-MATURE. Long live Palestine.
23:17 November 17, 2009 by Iraniboy

Yeah and Texas and Kansas are Mexican too! Funny how these countries always support any tribe looking for independent in Asia, Russia, China yet they claim Palestine is part of Jordan and Egypt.

1) After rebuffing zillions of UNSC resolutions and attacking HNHQ in Lebanon, using cluster and solphorous bombs,... why not this?

2)Those big brother are actually Israel's sisters otherwise they hadn't closed their borders with Gaza to make Gazan's strive to die. Autocracy works well in Gaza and Jordan!!!

4) Yes it was onced built by communists what happened then? history repeats?


with all of these services to Palestinians I'm also tempted to immigrate there. :D
04:02 November 18, 2009 by Typical Whitey
Uncle - all great points.

Arafat took millions of dollars from the West and stashed it in Swiss banks, while his people suffered. The leaders of palestinians have been corrupt for decades. Look at what they have done with Gaza - it's ruined now.

Israel is the only democracy in the entire region.
04:35 November 18, 2009 by wenddiver
I think they are working on getting their own country it's called SWEDEN, why don't you guys move out and speed up the process??? Wake up, before you are part of the caliphate or Hamas is your government.
07:22 November 18, 2009 by Uncle
Ha, Iraniboy. There was an agreement in regards to Texas and Kansas. There was a cease fire treaty. Funny how SOME countries deny 30 million kurds their own country - but support the "resistance" of others with some tons of weapons on ships eh?

Oh, yeah... sorry... agricultural equipment.... and this ship was to Lebanon.... unlike the ship that was captured few years a go... Karin A something...

1)Lets not forget who attacked Israel. Iran was sending running people to clear out mine fields in Iran-Iraq war when it was attacked. But it has the balls to tell someone else how to defend themselves.

2) They are closing the borders for a reason. And it is not to support Israel - that is for sure. (See Muslim Brothers, Black September)

3) What?

You should be. There is a huge iranian diaspora in Israel, who was thrown out of progressive and peace loving Iran...
08:46 November 18, 2009 by tigger007
@ Uncle

youtube blocked Black September!! i wonder why?!
10:50 November 18, 2009 by determined
Where was EU when Palestinian were forcibly been dragged from brick-home to tattered-tents. Negotiations and resolutions have never worked in past, and will never work in future also. Hamas top leadership must turn into gays to win the support of EU.
17:30 November 18, 2009 by Iraniboy

And your comment about Kurds and Palestinians shows you hypocrotic approach to this issue. One should have its own country the other shouldn't. Btw, I'm not really fond of giving Palestinians a country. I'm mroe concerned about those who were misplaced and forced to leave. That's not happening in Kurdistan! And those who are racially seperated by Israeli government at school, political level and so one.

Tons of weapons? I challenge you to compare the weapons send to these two sides of conflict. One side Israeli is receiving billions but the other side millions!!

1) Who attacked them? UN?!!

2) I tell you the reason. Because Egypt and Jordan is governed by two dictators. In order to keep these dictatorship going, you need to be supported by a big power. That's why they do anything for US/Israel to keep their monarch dictatorship.

Really? While thousands of Jews refused to leave Iran to Israel why should I ?
17:43 November 18, 2009 by entry
History disagrees with you and so would the grandparents of my Kurdish friends who lived through the break up of Kurdistan after WWI. Iraniboy, you continue to demonstrate a complete lack of knowledge of the history and dynamics of the entire region.
18:50 November 18, 2009 by Iraniboy

About what? I didn't say my position on Kurdistan. I higlighted other peope's approach to this and other issue which happen to be contradictory.
19:55 November 18, 2009 by entry

Iraniboy, if when you said "I'm more concerned about those who were misplaced and forced to leave." You were referring and expressing concern for the Kurdish people(who number more than 30 million today), an ancient ethnic people who resided in the Provence of Kurdistan, were uprooted & split up between several national boundaries, and who by all rights should have been granted nation status after WW I. As opposed to the Arabs who co-resided with Jews & Christians and now reside in Gaza & the West bank, were offered statehood( and rejected the offer) after WWII, initiated & lost several wars, have refused surrender or cease fire and have sworn to wipe a legitimate & recognized nation off of the map of the ME then I misunderstood you.

However, right after your "I'm more concerned about those who were misplaced and forced to leave", declaration, you then say "That's not happening in Kurdistan!" So, I really don't think I am misunderstanding you.
20:09 November 18, 2009 by Iraniboy

Actually I personally have no opposition to give them own land. But it would be another mideastern country governed by corrupt leaders with only one difference that they don't have oil or access to the sea, something similar to Afghanistan I predict. I think all of these having-own-land issues are just raised by those leaders who want to gain power. People are abused in this process. They are promised to have idepedent land then they end up with an another not-working-autocracy.

Your problem is that you're confusing governers with people. Palestinian people were expelled from what they were living ( I don't care what you call it) and they are not allowed to come back and claim their properties.
22:50 November 18, 2009 by Uncle
One million Jews were misplaced from the arab countries in 1948. You are not so worried, iraniboy... One million!

And iraniboy, it is not faor, is it - to support independence of Palestinians and not Kurds. And the misplacement is done by the extra-extra smart bombing.

When Iran is taking care of things, the politicians are taking hostages for a year and a half and bombing centers in Latin america. And it was not an error.. lets differentiate. Lets not even get into Irani methods of taking care of enemies and the irani human rights, eh? No reason to do that.. One can see the still raging demonstrations in Teheran and with that the cute Basidge, who are REALLY taking care of things. Just for some reason from too much democracy and people loving, the journalists are beaten and the info is coming from the cellphone filming of people... Iran should show the world what real freedom and democracy is!

Oh yeah - Israel is a huge power! Supporting Egypt... he? The FULL 6 MILLION people on a land the size of New Jersey is really an enormous power!

I don't even want to argue..

Feeling like thieving, murdering, oppressing, torturing countries are sitting high and preaching to the world about human rights. It is a joke. A sad joke. Let's wait until some Sudanese will join together with Tajik and Lybian and they will teach Israel human rights...

If I were from Iran I would be simply ashamed. Especially due to the last few months...
23:42 November 18, 2009 by Iraniboy

Sorry uncle you're just diverting the topic. While I agree with you about Iranian government's human right's issue I don't think helping Palestinians is as bad as helping Israel considering what they are doing now!! And regarding the bombing in Argentine, after I heared that the judges were sacked because they were paid by Israel to condemn Iran I don't follow it anymore, do you?

Millions of Jews were displaced as a result of creation of a country called Israel. Btw, I don't repeat that I don't care what the name you have it for that place of land. The important thing is that people should be allowed to live there while apparently they aren't on the ground of their ethnical backgrounds. That's the only remaining racist state remaining from 20th century.

The reason why you can hear about the mess in Iran is because we don't hesitate to show our cencern when freedom is in alert and we pay for it.

I didn't say Israel is a huge power. But can be biggest power in US politics. That doesn't need so much people, does it?

No I'm not. I'm proud of it. We fight for freedom no matter who is trespassing it and we don't blidfully support anything that come to our camp.

As for Egypt, Jordan , KSA, although they are brutal autocracies, they support Israeli to their teeth, so you should apparently support them ;)
06:59 November 19, 2009 by Uncle
You see, this is a lie. Again. What judges were sacked? Was there a retrial? Were iranian ministers acquitted? Here is a real diversion of a topic.

The palestinians that were removed according to you - left when 7 armies gave them a week to leave "before they take care of Israel". They did not manage taking care and therefore it is a bit late to moan now. The ethnic cleansing was the one that muslims planned to do and failed (although tried hard). Even now, the muslims are trying to make the territories "Juden rein" by crying about how Israel dares to build for the JEWS in it's own officially recognized capital. At the same time, the arabs are free to build in Israel. And btw, I am really tired of this argument, since I remember well how you have been showed the arab parliamentaries in Israel. Arab judges and professors are all over the place. How many Jewish parties are in Iranian parliament?

It is not bad to assist them, you are saying? What Israel should do, is flood the Kurds with weapons: missiles, UAV's, rockets etc. It does not do it, because it is not as blood thirsty as your country - but it should. I imagine the moaning then.

Btw - from Iran it looks like Jordan and Egypt support Israel,but they just oppose palestinians (for some reason). They are still "cold enemies".

And do not distance yourself from your govt. "We fight for freedom blah blah, but I sjall tell Israel what to do". No- first fix the mess in your own wonderful country that in the past 30 years created nothing, but Shihab.
10:06 November 19, 2009 by boby
@ Iraniboy

I find your posts really amuzing. You come from, and defend a country that has 'Islamic' in the name, have relegious police in the streets that bit up and rape/kill anyone who is not dressing/behaving according to Muslim code, and you call Israel racist?

That is the problem with you, there will never be peace as you refuse to see your own shortcomings and think you are supeior to all others.
18:14 November 19, 2009 by Iraniboy

This is it!

"During that court hearing Telleldin confessed that his earlier statements had been made following intrigues and promises by the then head of the Argentinean intelligence service, SIDE, and that he had given false evidence under oath (committed perjury) after receiving a bribe of US $400,000.

SIDE officials also confessed that they were involved in the move 'as part of an intelligence operation', thus justifying the payment of the bribe as a part of a legal procedure. On the day when Telleldin's wife received the advance payment of the bribe in a US $200,000 check, her signature appeared on the bottom of a court document that confirmed that Buenos Aires Police had been involved in the sale of the van to terrorists, whose charred remains was later found among the rubbles of the AMIA Center.

Perjury by Telleldin and his wife as witnesses in the court was in fact completely pre-planed with Judge Galeano and the prosecutors of the dossier.

Judge Galeano impeached and removed from his post

Judge Galeano was impeached on August 3, 2005 and formally removed from his post by Argentine Federal Court for gross irregularities and mishandling of AMIA investigation that was based on false evidence."

I don't why you're repeating the sam old thign about states. Like I said before before the important thing is people not those rule on them. If you're a human and believe in humanity values you should defends human's right to live where they are! This is the right that Israel denied and deny now based on the fact that they have wrong ethnic. You should be ashamed of yourself to supprot this.

I do distant myself because I'm free. Unlike you I have no affiliation to any goverment so whenever they do something good I applaud it and whenever it goes against humanity I confront it. That's the main difference between me and you. You blinsly support whatever your goverment does no matter if it goes against basic human values or not.


So according to your logic everyone who come from Austria is raping his daughter at home or anyone from US rape Iraqi girls,...?! Are they ashamed? Have you ever heard of this sentence"We shouldn't be prosecuted for the crimes commited by others?" It seems you haven't. And I don't support my goverment. That's the problem with you and uncle. You support a goverment and try justify whatever comes with it no matter if it's kind or inhuman. I have a brain and I respect human values and liberal values and I denouce anything that goes against it no matter if they come from Iran or elsewhere.
07:23 November 20, 2009 by Uncle
Haha I saw a wonderful proof that the missiles on the recent ship were agricultural equipment. Asad himself was stating it with a cold face.

Simple question - were the ministers involved directly in the AMIA bombing acquitted or not? Eh? Hard to answer?

You see, free person... The situation of the Palestinians is much MUCH worse in Lebanon. Your beloved Hezbollah is cutting their heads off at sight. The lebanese gov't is bombing thir houses with artillery shells and not smart bombs. YOU do not care. Jordan was eliminating them in thousands. YOU do not care. Egypt starved and really ETHNICALLY cleansed them. YOU do not care. These people do not attack the civilians in the mentioned above countries, like they attack the civilians in Israel. YOUR government supplies them with rockets. Not smart rockets - just rockets. Thousands. Just to shoot over the border. Where they fall - who knows?

Your gov't shoots its own people on the streets. Thousands are raped in jails. Executions on the right and on the left. YOU do not sit and moan about it on every forum, like you moan about Israel in EVERY forum.

There were more kurds dead in the conflict with Iran, than there were palestinians with Israel.. YOU do not think it is fair to talk about it, without bashing Israel a bit.

When your country was attacked, your govt was all of a sudden not reluctant at all to get weapons from Israel. Read about "Irangate". But when it is peace - this treacherous backstabber is feeling all comfy to send the remainder for a PURPOSE of killing civilians. Which, as we said a big difference from errors. (Like the methods of Shia in Iraq vs the methods of allies. It does not matter how much the commies here and the muslims are banging on about the evil americans, it is clear who is the violent nuts there and why the steel hand of Saddam was on the throat of these people).

You and alike you are simply jealous. Tiny country that fits into the borders of greater Teheran is a meatgrinder of every muslim army that attacked it. It invented way more scientific breakthroughs in electronics, medicine, software and agriculture than 1 billion muslims all together since the 7th century. Its economy is excellent and does not depend on oil. It's people are happy. Like I said. E. Jerusalem people want to stay with Israel. 1 million israeli arabs are loyal to Israel. AND the entire intelligent world supports Israel.

If you were a "free person" you were criticize Iran an its govt at least 10% of the time you spend bashing the only democracy in the bucket of poo that middle east and east Africa are. But no. You do not cit here and bang on about the sniper fire on the demonstrations, Nothing about bombing of the kurds. Nothing about public hanging in Iran. You are a hypocrite and there is no sense in arguing for the obvious. It just makes me feel like I an talking to a child. Embarrassing indeed.
16:43 November 20, 2009 by Iraniboy

I don't mind what is in that ship. As long as billions of missiles are shipped to Israel from UK/US only hypocrites should complain over any missile ship to Palestine!

I have nothing to say about AMIA case after this gross political inteference in the trial. Removing the judge was self-explanatory about the seriousness of the issue.

So you don't what I care and what I don't before I make a comment? you know in which forums I post my comments? Your prejudices are appaling and of course explains who you are! Sorry I can't discuss with someone who just assume what I think/write and not what I actually do.
17:02 November 21, 2009 by Uncle
Iraniboy - look at your own name here and see what you are posting. Elementary, Watson!

Demonstration of Iranis against the policies of Iran - iraniboy is bashing Israel. Guantanomo "swede" is not kissed and loved, iraniboy is very angry. Israel is not happy abou a publication that was not true according to palestinians AND later on by the journalist who wrote it - iraniboy hates Israel...

80% of your posts ARE against Israel. Every time the Local writes any article with the word Israel - iraniboy is there, being all angry.

You are as "free" as any muslim from every muslim dictatorship. Not one word about any of the thousands of dead that muslims provide for humanity EVERY MONTH! This really shows how your focus is being fair and objective... Embarrassment.
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