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Three cartoon murder plot suspects freed

AFP · 13 Mar 2010, 08:11

Published: 13 Mar 2010 08:11 GMT+01:00

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The three, two women and one man, were freed after three-and-a-half days of questioning. Three men and one woman remain in custody.

The group was arrested Tuesday over an alleged plot to assassinate Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who has a $100,000 bounty on his head from an Al-Qaeda-linked group.

"They were released without charge," an Irish police spokesman told news agency AFP.

Those arrested were three Algerians, a Libyan, a Palestinian, a Croatian and a US national, a police source told AFP on Thursday. They ranged in age from mid 20s to late 40s.

Suspects can be held for up to a week after their arrest without charge. Police are preparing files on the three who were released for the country's director of public prosecutions, meaning they could still face charges.

The controversy started when Swedish regional daily Nerikes Allehanda published Vilks' satirical cartoon in 2007 to illustrate an editorial on the importance of freedom of expression.

The cartoon prompted protests by Muslims in the town of Örebro, central Sweden, where the newspaper is based, while Egypt, Iran and Pakistan made formal complaints.

An Al-Qaeda front organisation then offered $100,000 to anyone who murdered Vilks - with an extra $50,000 if his throat was slit - and $50,000 dollars for the death of Nerikes Allehanda editor-in-chief Ulf Johansson.

On Wednesday, leading Swedish newspapers published Vilks' cartoon again in a demonstration of solidarity.

A second American Muslim woman has been arrested in conjunction with the case, The Wall Street Journal reported late Friday.

The newspaper identified the woman as Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, 31, who worked as a medical assistant in Leadville, Colorado, but recently moved to Denver and then to New York.

Earlier this week, the Irish Independent newspaper reported that a suspect known as "Jihad Jane", the online name of Colleen LaRose, had spent two weeks in Ireland last September on a "fact-finding trip" before her arrest in October.

LaRose has been indicted for recruiting jihadist fighters in the US, Europe and Asia in a bid to carry out terror plots.

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She was reportedly monitored with a couple in Cork and Waterford in southern Ireland, where the seven were arrested.

US prosecutors said that LaRose had agreed to carry out the murder of a Swedish resident, pledging "only death will stop me."

The US Justice Department has declined to say if LaRose was connected to the alleged plot to kill Vilks.

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11:28 March 13, 2010 by sherkovic
I remember I read somewhere that al-qaida has put up a bounty of $100 000 or something like that on this man's head.

Hmmm seems like Al-Qaida has lots of dollars!! and dollars...where do they come from? dollar is definitely not an afghan, pakistan or saudi currency....Oh well guess they come direct from America...but then who sends them dollars from America??

very sceptical situation...
11:39 March 13, 2010 by peropaco
@sherkovic, are you for real? had they posted the bounty in Pakistani Rupees, how many nutcase do you think it would have attracted?? ;-)
11:48 March 13, 2010 by Nemesis
@ peropaco

Good point. If they wanted there bounty to be taken seriously, then they should have posted it in Euro´s.
12:03 March 13, 2010 by sherkovic
@peropaco...lollzz good point mate! but do you think a network like al-qaida operate all over the world by meeting their expenses in 'Pakistani Rupees' LOL!!.
13:49 March 13, 2010 by asteriks
ordinary citizens in Sweden should ask their SAPO (secret agency) why they can protect one artist but they "can't" protect ordinary citizens from criminals? if secret agency really care for people, they would protect everybody and not only one person. SAPO has their people among criminals and they know very good when criminals plan to kill someone. but as we see, they arrest only Muslims, this time in Ireland, but it is the same in Sweden and elsewhere where politicians started war against Muslims in order to steal their energy resources for the bill of PRIVATE western corporations. Whole war, together with war propaganda against Muslims, is serving private EU/US oil corporations. This artist is just part of that propaganda, insulting of Muslims on the basis of religion, he should sit in prison for racism. But racism is part of colonialism and imperialism, so artist didn't finish in prison than he got political protection. In any case, if any Muslim kill him, it is revenge, it is not terrorism, if someone else kill him, it is for money and again it is not terrorism. Terrorism is killing of crowd of civilians (NATO attacks in Afghanistan, for example), very often with political aims. If revenge is terrorism, than any killing of individual, done by criminals, could be called terrorism.
15:32 March 13, 2010 by JoeSwede

that is too funny!!! Interesting take on a situation that is comes about because of worldy quirks. Oil, muslim over population, poverty in some areas of the muslim world, western kindness & western population decreasing... how did Colorado get mixed up in this?!
15:50 March 13, 2010 by peropaco
@Nemesis. Indeed Euros would be the way but it wouldnt make sense psychologically to offer a bounty for 72.700. Euros. 100K USD makes more sense. hihihihi

@sherkovic. And they have reconsidered their choice of currency. lol
16:09 March 13, 2010 by Nemesis
@ peropaco

Think of the fun journalists would have of a bounty of 72,684.983 EURO:)
16:45 March 13, 2010 by johnnyrebel
Trowbridge...I actually read about the breakin of your house and the tampering of your equipment on your website. Strange.

Lars Vilks...what a idiot. When I have a little time to kill I dont spend it doodling offensive cartoons that are certain to send the people of Middle Eastern persuasion into a tizzy. I rarely get the impulse to want pop somebody in the kisser but I have to admit...I felt a tingle in that direction.

As a westerner I do not understand how for the life of me Muslims can possibly get their panties in a snit about something so obviously that is meant to make theme look bad. But the fact remains...for some reason they do. Why would anyone in their right mind try to incite this hornets nest? Answer...perhaps he is not in his right mind. Muslims think of dogs as unclean creatures...no doubt they would cringe to see me bury my face in Frankies fur, I dont understand that either.

Isnt diversity a wonderful thing? We cant all get along...and we really dont need anymore proof in this regard.
18:32 March 13, 2010 by krrodman

Thank you for making such a strong case for Freedom of Speech.

Do you not find it a bit ironic that in a very short blog you criticize the cartoonists for "hurting the feelings of more than a billion human beings who follow Islam" and then proclaim that "Jews are the worst creatures living on this planet?"

Let me ask you this: Are the feelings of a billion Muslims more important than the feelings of 15 million Jews? If you believe in Freedom of Speech, and other freedoms that are the core of western society, then the obvious answer is "No."

Or, put differently, why is it wrong for a cartoonist to mock Islam, but acceptable for someone like yourself to vilify Jews?
18:37 March 13, 2010 by rugla

It has nothing to do with Jews , Muslims, Nazis, whatever, it is a freedom of expression and speech, the very rights fundamentalist and dictators and Jihadist tend to blur and infringe upon.

The cartoonist did not offend 1 billion Muslims only the idiots that did not get the point that a satirical view of Mohamed depicts the very worst fundamentalist Islam has to offer, and that is terror, lack of understanding, plain prejudice for non Muslims.

I have been several times in Egypt and seeing caricatures of Jesus or religious Jewish figures satirized in extremely rude manner, yet you do not have Christendom descending upon them in a crusade, nor you see us attempting to find out the source and put a bounty on the cartoonist head, that is Neanderthal thinking.

Thus just as this Egyptian cartoonist have the right to satirize Jesus or whatever Rabbi they please everyone else has the right to depict Mohamed as they please, and if you are offended it is your problem, not the rest of the world or a billion people.

I find it hard to believe that I billion Muslims were offended, fact I have Muslim friends and they could care less, the reason is they rise to the occasion and show a higher understanding.
18:38 March 13, 2010 by wxman
Trowbridge, both your posts are excellent! I consider myself to be good at it as well, but I never fail to be in awe of those that are masters of rapier wit and sarcasm and use these tools to make a point. Skål!
18:51 March 13, 2010 by rugla
Spot on Krrodman, when you see comments like Arslan 11, makes me want to give Lars Viks high fives, and understand why he says he will do it again.

What a bunch of boneheads, and Jihad Jane such a hideous wench.
19:10 March 13, 2010 by johnnyrebel
rugla...Did you know that the high five was sort of originated of Earvin Magic Johnson when he was with Michigan State. I have always regarded it as a rather amateurish expression of enthusiasm by a hot dog athlete. But of course everyone does it nowadays. I can just see good old Lars leaping in the air to return your high five. Really stupid and boorish. Besides, he would probably blow a knee out if he got of the ground vertically.

Speaking of boneheads and freedom of speech and the like. The Local did not even allow comments on the first several articles about this idiots nonsense...his sense of freedom of speech...of artistic expression. Such an obvious attempt to provoke the same knee jerk reaction from the same religious zealots over and over. Why bother? If you think that anything in the Mainstream News is representative of freedom of speech you may qualify as a bonehead yourself. Difficult to figure how it can still qualify as something resembling the truth...even truthiness.
19:47 March 13, 2010 by Iraniboy
Another story about those 0.00001% of Muslims whose brains can't comprehend the information coming from their religious texts and and those 0.00001% of non-Muslims who apparently want to boast about their freedom but of course they fail to do so when it comes to Israel so they should stick to Muslims. It's both free and fashionable these days :D
20:13 March 13, 2010 by travels

"Is this freedom to hurt feelings of more than billion human beings who follow Islam ??".... It really makes people wonder about that more than a billion people whose feelings get so easily hurt because of silly cartoons. Seems like the emotional level of maturity of the ummah is very infantile.

What will happen if this Jew cartoonist do same with Jesus image??.... Nothing would happen, the rest of the world prints cartoons about everything every day and the world goes on without anybody getting death threats because of them; it's really only one group of people who get all offended and react like murderous immature people having an emotional fit. Like the thousands that reacted to the Danish cartoons with threats (that are still in effect), marches and riots.

What about the freedom of cartoonist in the middle east that constantly print offending cartoons about all kinds of subjects, you don't complain about those cartoons. And no westerner is putting fatwas on their lives or rioting in front of their embassies.

GROW UP if you want to be respected and taken seriously.
20:16 March 13, 2010 by wotist
Some people it seems, make Perpetual Outrage a tactic in their attempt to force their will upon others. I haven't always supported Lars Vilks, but I support free speech. Lars Vilks has stated that his intent with his cartoon wasn't to offent Muslims. Rather, to show the hypocracy among the establishment and the art world. If someone makes art work depicting Christianity or Jesus in a foul manner, the establishment bend over backwards supporting it and giving it possitive feedback. The same with depicting suicide bombers in a possitive light. Lars Vilks wanted to show the hypocracy in the art world and how ONE subject was totally off limites.

This subject was...Islam.

Lars Vilks made a cartoon featuring Jesus sitting down with a child kneeling in front of him giving him (Jesus) a blow job. Under the picture he added: "A pedophile Jesus. Well, who cares?" (image attached below)

The answer was: No one. No death threats. No Swedish flags, Swedish embassies or puppets symbolizing Fredrik Reinfelt were burnt.

He also drew a picture depicting Mohamed as a roundabout dog. Who cares?

We all know the answer for that. What was the reaction among the art world in Sweden? Not a word of support. Rather, the same people that would find anything critizising Christianity to be great art, condems Lars Vilks for the Deep Hurt that he's caused to the Perpetually Outraged.

I started this post with saying that I haven't always supported Lars Vilks. I support him 100% now. This art work has put a brilliant spotlight on the hypocracy of intellectual establishment in the western world in general and the Swedish one in particular.

(attached image not shown)

"A pedophile Jesus. Well, who cares?"
21:07 March 13, 2010 by rugla
Got your point and it is well taken, Johnny rebel.
21:54 March 13, 2010 by Uncle
Trownie - I just got distracted for a second there. Gotta prioritize beween loonies, you see.

So let me understand something... You were away for a month and a half and had NO e-mails and NO messages. The only strange thing was that some music CD that you remembered placed somewhere, but it wasn't there? Right?

So you actully KNOW that all the messages and e-mails were erased by operatives of a foreing agency, who stole the CD of some classical music... Correct?

Just to understand, you see...
23:00 March 13, 2010 by Nemesis

Well put in your answer to Arslan11.

It is obvious he is an anti-semitic.

I never did understand anti-semitism. I have only met a few jews and most seem to have a good politically incorrect sense of humour. I grew up in Ulster so like Politically incorrect people:)

I will find something to disagree with you later as we usually do:)
23:04 March 13, 2010 by ali_bin_umar
If making cartoon of Jesus as pedophile doesnt offend christians does not mean that making cartoon of Muhammad shouldn't offend muslims... its like if someone drinks, womenize, or eat pig then the whole world should do that.. muslims will always care if their prophet would be disgraced... I am arguing in a whole perspective... there are percentage of muslims (minority) who might be concerned with these kind of issues...but when majority is involved in some kind of sensitive issues...then we must understand the issue and consequences... even if someone think Islam as backward, uneducated, bloodthirsty and vengeful(according to a comment#23)...and wants to revolutionize it then again making of cartoon of the prophet wont solve the problem...
00:20 March 14, 2010 by Iraniboy
% a wannabe uncle wrote:

Muslims are uneducated, bloodthirsty and vengeful. All of you females are slaves,...

Trust me! Only uneducated and vengeful people talk like this about a group of other people when only 0.0001% of that people believe in that action.

You even contradict yourself without understanding it. That shows how uneducated you are. For example you said "There is no country that accepts you (who are running in millions away from your beloved sharia)" If they are running away form their country, so there was something that was not based on their belief so they either didn't believe in Islam or they believe that the situation was not based on Sharia. Why do you consider them all the same? Because you want to target all of them no matter those who dislike the laws in their country of origin or not. You'd rather attack all of them irrespective of what they believe and that is manifestation of racism my friend.
07:36 March 14, 2010 by johnnyrebel
Trowbridge...I salute your courage. You, sir, are passionately committed to the truth...which is something that few dare to contemplate. You are not alone.

rugla...thank you.

Nemesis and Uncle...lovely to see you two getting on so famously. Cuddles!
07:59 March 14, 2010 by Nemesis
@ Uncle

I just ignore him. It is pointless engaging with him.
08:12 March 14, 2010 by Uncle
Oooo, The Free Person "iraniboy" has spoken again! I loved when you reacted to my statements as racist, but not to the claim "Jews are the worst creatures in the world". Shows again whom am I dealing with here.

Since I know that you silently approve the last statement (being free and not racist as you) I have few points:

1.It is embarassing how you prove my point of thickness. OF COURSE sharia is self defeating concept. Like communism it is striving to eliminate the nature of human beings and give control to few over many. In this situation there will be those who think that there is not enough sharia and those who think that there is too much sharia. The fact is that both groups are running from muslim countries in millions. And both are still trying to establish SOME sharia wherever they come.

2. You are banging on about terrorists who you so scientifically calculated. Again, you did not read. I was talking about muslim COUNTRIES, muslim TRADITIONS and muslim LAWS. those are more than the terror that they grow faster than heroin (which they also produce).

@jonnyrebel my getting on with Nemesis pales compared with your brave love to Trowbridge. You shall definetely start bringing boxes to his hospital. A lot of foil and comic books are welcome. Who knows what will develop?
09:31 March 14, 2010 by johnnyrebel
Trowbridge, Nemesis, Uncle, rugla and all the rest...sometimes in a lucid moment I wonder how things might have been or about how they may end up. Of course it will never happen, but I fantasize about a party and all of us are there. Even Lars, the mad cartoonist. All of our mugs...out there in the open. All of our lips flapping, moving the air until the breeze dies and we are there sort of gaping at each other, the words hanging in the air...collectively wondering. What's it all about?

The wars, the War on Terror, Osama Bin Laden...the bogeyman, cartoon for the day. Remember when it used to be the Communists? Somebody to hate...someone to point our fingers at and say that's the bad guy. All the while, missing the reality of the situation…having been thrown the most enormous curveball. The biggest lies you can imagine. What is the reality of today's world?

I don't know...I can't say for certain. But Muslims are not any worse, or better for that matter, than the rest of the mess, are they? They have got their dysfunction to manage too. Don't get me wrong…they are no bed of roses. I mean the species...the human species...we are the only ones rushing headlong into the night to destroy ourselves. The only species so inclined. Utter madness. What a lot.

Brothers and sisters…I beseech you. Lay down your arms.

Peace and love to all…over and out.
10:44 March 14, 2010 by M-Larson
Why Muslims are Violent?

It is hard to answer the above question because asking "why" means that we implicitly agree that Muslims are violent. However, I believe that they are not. In fact, sometimes when I think about Muslims' actions or reactions toward many issues in global context, I feel that Muslims are tolerant. Other times I feel that there could be no way to provoke Muslims or to make them angry. They have no feelings and passion, and they are as cold as the Finnish winter. On the contrary, sometimes I feel that some Europeans and Americans are full of anger and violence

If the case is as it may be, then why did Muslims burn Danish flags and some embassies and demonstrate only because of some cartoons about their prophet? Should they not laugh at the comics?

Well, maybe they could laugh at some of the comics but not when someone pictures a dog f**king one's holy respected figure while he is doing his prayers. However, this is not the only reason fueling few Muslims' anger. To understand the reason, we should look at the global context of Muslims' reality today: The few Muslims who were protesting against the comics watch other Muslims being killed everyday in Iraq because the American invasion messed-up the situation; they hear that Israel is attacking and killing Palestinian civilians almost everyday; they identify with other Muslims who were tortured in Abu Garib prison and with Muslims who are still suffering from an inhuman treatment in Guantanamo prison; they know that more than 500,000 children died in Iraq due to UN sanctions; they view some Western countries bombing Afghanistan and killing Muslim civilians; they grieve the killing of 200,000 Chechen people, 20,000 of them children, by Russian forces. They imagine, listen and sense many other problems occurring to Muslims all over the world. Therefore, when more pressure is added, a tiny proportion of Muslims demonstrates and a smaller number burns flags while all other Muslims do not even protest. Accordingly, before asking why Muslims are violent or why they are terrorists we should ask what Europeans or Americans would do if the same things happened to them or to their nations.

I know what they did for less important issues. For instance, when France changed youth labour law, more than one million people were protesting and demonstrations turned violent. Some protesters were detained for setting minor fires, overturning cars in the streets and throwing objects at police. In UK or Netherlands a soccer game, which is meant to be for fun, might cause mayhem. And in some Finnish bars they could beat you up if you were mocking Finland playing against Sweden in ice hockey finals and especially if Finland lost.

Violence is a problem, regardless, but we should widen our view and understand the global context before accusing other people of being violent.
11:07 March 14, 2010 by Iraniboy

I didn't argue if Sharia is good or bad neither I'm so shy to express my views about Jews. I simply highlighted that you don't care weather someone is actually Muslim or not!! What bothers you most is a person who comes from a Muslim country! They can be Muslim, Christian, and Jew but they are overwelmingly dark which apparently bother your eyes a little bit!

Judaism like Islam like Christians,... is a way of life and it has nothing to do with the atrocities going on in Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan,...I believe the cause there is more about money and power yet religion is abused to reach those goals.

I really believe that if you were born in an Islamic country you were one of those Muslim extremists because you simply extremism. You have unconditional hatred against a group of people regardless of what they actually believe, do ,... and that is what these Muslims extremists do.
11:54 March 14, 2010 by junaid iqbal
SO, THINGS LIKE THESE (making cartoons of prophet muhammad) ARE CAUSES OF TERRORISM AND VOILENCE.

Shame on all of them who reprinted cartoons on 10 march 2010 to show that they are supporting Mr.Lars Vilks. I heard and have personal experience that Swedish people are so nice and helpfull. But, how much some of them are basters that I knew now when they reprinted the cartoons of prophet Muhammad.

Do you think it is good thing to hurt others.

Do you think it is good thing to insult others and others religion.

Leave all matters and think if some one says bad words ABOUT that thing which you love more than you life WHAT WILL BE YOUR REACTION.

If you believe God then be a good Christen or Muslim.

If you don't believe God then try to be a good person.

If you don't beleive my words then its your problem.

If you don't want to be a good person you have no right to live in this world..........please go hell.

Think good and do Better, love others and respect others.
17:32 March 14, 2010 by Beavis
If you dont like the cartoon dont buy the newspaper :) simple as. Different people are offended in different ways.

I will never travel to many Muslim countries as they highly offend my religion.As part of may religion I parktake of 2 beer each day in public. This is not accepted and offends me, its part of my beliefs to do this. But Im not down their embassies burning their flags, I just ACCEPT some people like offending my religion.

I reakon the remainder of the phyton team should get together and do "The life of Ahmed" The cristians had the same attidude until the 1990's in some parts, until the world got sick of listening to them whinging and what was offending got pushed more and more. So it just needs to be done to other religions too, until no one cares about their whinging anymore.
18:41 March 14, 2010 by Uncle
Iraniboy (and M-Larson shall listen also).

Let's return to the old argument then, since I love it.

The "atrocities" of Israel brought to death 4K Palestinians in the latest conflict, while loosing 2K israelis.

Muslims killed 2 million in Somalia in 90's, 2 million in Sudan. Iran killed more kurds than there are palestinians in the territories. There is NOW a conflict in Yemen that took more than 5K civilians. Since 2000, there were 5 thousand killed by muslims in Nigeria with machetes (mostly women and children) while their bodies were burned on the streets.

In Iraq shia and sunnis killed close to million of each other since the invasion. The contribution of american missiles there is a drop in an ocean of blood.

Now, iraniboy and other followers of Mohammad here. You actually think that people like me are racist, while the left wing Larses are on your side and are fair to you. WHY are the left wing who are for feminism, opennes, gay acceptance and peace, defend your medieval ways of society, hanging of gays, machete executions and suicide attacks? Did you ever ask youreself? Because they actually think that you don't know ANY BETTER!

The americans, russians and israelis are expected not to go to war with you, because they are supposedly smart and advanced, while they see you as retard children who cannot stop shooting missiles and explode everywhere... and you sit here and clap your hands at the wonderful support of socialists...

Perhaps they are right, but I actually see you as equals, unlike the PC commies here.
23:25 March 14, 2010 by arslan11

German killed the Jews (actual number controversial) so kill innocent people of Palestine.

US and UK agreed that they lied that Iraq has weapon of mass destruction but they killed million Iraqi innocent people.

No Afghan was involved in 09/11 dramma but kill more than million Afghans..

And your comment about about 2 million in Sudan is exactly how Jews multiplied their Holocaust deaths. Even separatists claim that 250000 people are killed and government claims 9000... see wikipedia..

And you multiplied the number by almost factor of 10.. This shows your moral and ethical level..
00:50 March 15, 2010 by Uncle
Arslan you and muslims alike you are repeating the neo-Nazi slogans that are coming from Himmler's movies. Befitting I must say. Draws a good picture of you and your buddies.

I do not even want to argue about numbers or your denial of Holocaust, you idiot. Oh, only 450K killed in Darfur and almost 3 million displaced? WOW, your religion is actually MUCH more merciful than I thought! I gotta run and convert immediately! Israel is MUCH MUCH WORSE!

I am only happy that people like you bring to the rise of SD and the stream of rats like you from the sinking ship of sharia lands will stop. Then you are all invited to live the way you want in your failing lands. Wanna wrap your women in blankets, circumcise them and give them away to get married at the age of 9? Want to stone minorities to death? Want to explode in your own buses? Want to starve your own population in order to submit it?

Please do, while everyone else advances another 1000 years... As long as you are not here in Europe, or the US.
07:05 March 15, 2010 by CanadianInSweden
i believe this falls under the ¨the what you do in your own house is no business of anyone else¨ rule ,the house in this case being Sweden.... it is covered under Sweden's freedom of speech/expression i'm assuming so no laws in Sweden were broken,if they don't like it stay out of Sweden.think what they want ,but they have no right to criticize(and defiantly act on). if this artist has painted it on the side of a Mosque in Mecca it would be another matter.

If i want to .....umm...whats a good example...shoot smut pornography in my house sure it might offend my neighbors..but so what..they have no right to say anything about what i do in my own house..im so sick of muslims coming to other countries and trying to make the natives of that country cater to there beliefs..i have absolutely NO problem with muslims as long as they don't tell me how to act in my own country... if you don't like it,LEAVE! well in the case of this story,DON'T COME HERE! they have there own countries where they can treat their women like objects and be offended by everything that moves or makes a sound..and dont any of you dare call me a racist,i see how easily some of you like to throw that word around..i am talking about that 0.0001% of muslims at that act this way,the other 99.999% are fine with me.

im going to comment on sharia law also..i have absolutely no problem with it at all,you are more then welcome to have all the sharia law you want,IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY . thank you :) when i see those protesters in England and Holland ¨demanding¨ sharia law be out into effect in those countries, i get the urge to drop them from a cargo plane back into the desert where they came from
17:21 March 15, 2010 by delusion1982
Oh boy! I drop here every couples of weeks to see if this place has gained some sanity but I end up reading for jerk-heads like @Uncle, who love to make as much of fool idiots as one can of themselves.

I sometimes just wonder how these people survived school without learning a thing about logic, history, geography, or moral philosophy! that is if they have ever been to a school!

It just makes me shamefully run away without giving a chance for an intellectual constructive discussion! Thanks to these forums' empty-headed pseudo-civilized barbarians!
17:56 March 15, 2010 by Uncle
Delusion, thank you for running shamefully. One look at your English there gives a good hint in regards to the intellectual level of any constructive discussion with you.

Just allow me loving to make myslelf as much fool idiot, whilst being jerk head, as one can be in peace.
20:57 March 15, 2010 by Nordic Prince

Just explain to me, what are the characteristics of Good/modern/cool/ Muslim person that you may accept as a husband of your daughter or your sister or as your friend or just as your neighbour ?
21:14 March 15, 2010 by delusion1982
You @Uncle-Sam's sheep, gold diggers, have always enjoyed being looked at as fool idiots, nothing new in that!

And when you can speak to me in one of the other 4 languages I speak, as good as I speak your native language then come and show off your intellectual peaceful discussion.

It amazes me why people still care about what you think about muslims or any body in general for that matter!

(I apologize to others for speaking this low, but I am afraid that is the only thing people such as @uncle can relate to, as I decided a while ago to not tolerate them anymore)

You remind me of what Einstein said: "two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the universe".
21:35 March 15, 2010 by M-Larson

Never argue with an idiot, people can't tell you apart!


Seriously, you sound drunk, lonely, and retarded simultaneously. Trolls like you are common on blogs and in chat rooms- in person your usually insecure, inarticulate, and unemployed. My advice, work with your strengths; your obviously hate muslims and I am sure your Masters will be looking for a jester for their upcoming nuptials. Maybe you can do the Foaming @ the mouth-Rabbit Dog routines you've mastered on this blog. I can't wait; Make sure you post pictures.
22:07 March 15, 2010 by johnnyrebel
I cannot wait to see what Uncle says next.
00:41 March 16, 2010 by Uncle
Ha.. jonnyrebel admit that at least I am freaking funny compared to this group of boring cows...

@delusion, I am sure that you were the absolutely smartest in the village. Probably in the entire area they heard about the great Delusion, who can actually write...

If you mean that my native language is English, this is another compliment, since it is my third language that I started to study at the age of 14. As for you, it is definitely difficult to understand your - oh, so proudly presented dialect. And mate, it is not improving when you curse like a french hooker.

@M-Larson - good arguments! Deafening applause in the crowd! Is any answer expected? Unfortunately I do not possess the virtue of such a striking intelligence, in addition to me being insecure, unemployed and most of all - inarticulate... I will deliver the message to my Masters.

@Nordic prince - you seem to be having a conversation with me... How refreshing in this crowd of scum.

The cool/modern muslim that would pass my tough filter would not demand to implement his own laws wherever he comes.

He would not say "There is a good reason for suicide bombing in buses".

He would not deny Holocaust and would not define Jews in Nazi terminology (like one did here - w/o a single question from the super-intellectuals above).

He would not define gays as criminals to be killed. He would think that women deserve equal opportunities. He would not like to kill (or support killing) a person who draw a picture. How about that? How about my draconian demands here? Is there such a person, or did I define impossible characteristics?
01:57 March 16, 2010 by Beavis
@ Uncle. check out the movie Religerous if you havent already.. Check the 2 dudes in the Amsterdam cafe..
02:27 March 16, 2010 by Nordic Prince

Thank you for taking the time out and answering clearly my question. I appreciate that.

However, I'd like to have a short discussion with you. But before we do, I want you to promise me to put all the hatred aside and let's talk with clean heart and spirit (Or at least try!).

Q1) Why most (If not all) of your comments show clearly a deep hate toward ALL muslims?

Q2) Why do you generalize your opinions on ALL muslims? Is that logical? Is that fair?

Could you please answer those 2 questions completely. If you provide convincing answers that make sense, then, I have to admit that I will learn something from you.

Note that I am asking about "Why ALL". So please don't come and say because they deny Holocaust or they support killing....etc...

So please be specific in your answers especially when we use those two word: "ALL" & "SOME"

I look forward to hearing again from you!
07:08 March 16, 2010 by johnnyrebel
I cannot wait to see what Uncle says next.
07:10 March 16, 2010 by Uncle
Nordic Prince - you want to have a discussion, let's have a discussion, not an exam in the style: "Answer only yes or no - did you stop beating your wife?" What more, you did not do anything about my answer above and did not agree or disagree with some specific points, so I do not see a point in continuing answering your questions.

Wanna see an example of a discussion? Let me ask a question and we will go from there: Why do you react to my comments, but do not react to statements about Jews being all so awful as a nation? Eh? Why? If you will answer, I can develop a discussion from there.

When answering, also add where did you read my generalizing comments about "all"? I agree that I generalized all extremists in one sentence (like Arslan and muslims ALIKE HIM), but never "all muslims". If you cannot answer this SPECIFICALLY, please get out of this conversation ASAP, before it becomes embarassing.

@Beavis - will do.
07:37 March 16, 2010 by johnnyrebel
To nobody in particular...It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

M-Larson...Foaming @ the mouth-Rabbit Dog. Did you mean Foaming @ the mouth-RABID Dog. Just doing a little spellchecking...in this case it makes all the difference.
08:31 March 16, 2010 by Uncle
jonnyrebel - don't you dare correcting the most intelligent and especially ARTICULATE person here. He meant rabbit-dog and he wrote rabbit-dog. It is a famous animal in where Lars is coming from and if you do not know it, please google on it!
10:12 March 16, 2010 by Nordic Prince

You just proved to all the readers (Those who have morals) that you are just a worthless, sick and ill-mannered element. You didn't answer my questions because you can't. I have cornered you, and deep down, you know very well that you are very wrong!

I regret that I showed you some respect in the discussion that you ran away from, and I believe that M-Larson was right because she called you "insecure". Answering questions by questions shows lack of honesty and intellectuality, you become so defensive and try to hurt people emotionally and that exactly how the insecure disgruntled elements behave.

I will prove again to all the readers (Including your supporters "The idiotic morons") that you are junior liar.

You asked me: "where did you read my generalizing comments about "all"? I agree that I generalized all extremists in one sentence (like Arslan and muslims ALIKE HIM), but never "all muslims". If you cannot answer this SPECIFICALLY, please get out of this conversation ASAP, before it becomes embarassing."

I have no respect for you and you don't deserve 1 second of my time, But I will answer this just to see who is the one who ought to get out, feel ashamed and never post a comment on this forum because he is already marked…

The answer of your question is: (http://www.thelocal.se/24590/20100126/), You comment #12.

You generalized all Muslims, Moreover, someone in comment #13 called "Aceblack" criticizes you and told you "Uncle, You cant just generalise like that". WOW… even other people are noticing that you are generalizing…

Finally, in order to start the first step in treating you and make you a good human being, you have 2options:

1- You apologize sincerely for all Muslims, and promise that you never ever do such a mistake again when you express your intelligent and thoughtful opinions.

2- You never ever post any comment on this website again.

BTW, when you scholar started learning English at age 14, did they teach you when/how to use "ALL" & "SOME"?
11:00 March 16, 2010 by johnnyrebel
M-Larson...please confirm that Rabbit Dog was a typo and was supposed to be Rabid Dog. Rabid Dogs foam at the mouth while Rabbit Dogs may drool a bit.

Uncle...the most intelligent and especially ARTICULATE person here. To whom were you referring? Dont blow a cog man...you seem to be getting more worked up than the Muslims do about those silly toons.
11:16 March 16, 2010 by Uncle
Nordic Prince. Allow me to quote my comment:

"Muslims cut off heads, burn consulates, lynch foreigners, burn books, promise eternal Jihad... bla bla"

Where is "ALL" in here? WHERE? There are muslims who do all the things above, or would you argue otherwise? Where is "all" in here, you illiterate moron?

How did you corner me, kid? By asking "Say why you hate all the muslims?" and when the answer was that it is a false statement you consider that you have won the argument?

It is equal to "Nordic Prince - say WHY, OH WHY are you in favour of killing 1 week old babies?" If you answer anything that is not in line with the "why" question - I won the argument and you shall be arrested!

I will say it again WHERE did I generalize all muslims? Point with a finger... And please have a word ALL in there, because you clearly cannot even see that there is a difference between "ALL" and nothing...
13:33 March 16, 2010 by Doing-Your-Mom

How are you able to follow this website and you are so responsive to all the comments?

Definitely you are unemployed as @M-Larson said (Elements like you can't work anyways!). At least @Nordic Prince is a prince and the prince doesn't need to work :)

*** Moment of truth: Uncle. Do you have friends? Are there anyone cares about you "I mean human relationships such as love or friendship"?

BTW, don't say your mom, because as far as I recall that once I was doing her and she told me that the only mistake she has done in her life and she regrets it so badly is that she didn't do an abortion when she was pregnant with you, and when I asked her why? She answered: because @Uncle is a result of a wrong desire with the wrong man at the wrong time :-)

Once again, Uncle. Do you have friends? Are there anyone cares about you?

Uncle. I really pity you goon.

*** 1 Question to all the visitors of this website: Is there anyone willing to marry the goon (Uncle)? If Yes, Why? If No, then, you don't need to provide any explanation because we already know :)
14:17 March 16, 2010 by Uncle
I am following the site just to see to what level the kids can lower themselves. I mean how low can one get? Sociological experiment of sorts...

Mmm. One could of course just curse... Then he could try and insult personally.. Then he could tell a story about doing mothers...

One could also create a social pressure (being so popular in the class of course) and ask EVERYBODY a question about wanting to marry...

I mean - 13 y/o behaviour. You are winning, buddy... Big time!
18:35 March 16, 2010 by M-Larson

As for your comment #58. Let me educate you:

"Cows produce milk" means: all cows produce milk. Certainly there are some cows do not produce milk, but those ones are sick (Like you!). Therefore, only a stupid 13 years old kid would try so hard to argue like you and say " where is " ALL" in the statement ?"

In addition, Uncle. I want to prove again that you are a retarded liar. You have claimed in your comment #53 that Nordic Prince "do not react to statements about Jews". Go to (http://www.thelocal.se/24998/20100215/), and see his comment #9. Therefore, I can conclusively say that Nordic Prince has good manners and Uncle is the biggest loser by all means.


I beleive that Uncle must marry a polygamous Arab man who is very tough, So he enslaves him and beat him every minute.


You must visit this website frequently for two reasons:

1- To see how the good people teach lumpens (Such as: Uncle) manners.

2- To laugh at the entertaining clown (Uncle). He admits openly that he is freaking funny in his comment #49.


Yes, Rabbit Dog was a typo. You got it right!


You didn't answer...

***Do you have friends? Are there anyone cares about you?
21:25 March 16, 2010 by Uncle
M-Larson, you idiot, in his comment #9 he told everybody that there were people who suffered more than Jews during Holocaust and that Sweden should not feel guilty for anything related to Holocaust... Good manners indeed... One pro-Jew there... Or did you mean that he actually had SOMETHING to say about the Jews (even if it is negative) and therefore my statement was false and he does react to comments about Jews?

Aren't you actually ashamed? Just re-read what you write, you f... embarrassment...

Yep... I was definitely taught good manners.... From extremely good people by their own definition. I am ejecting at this top of the line moment.
21:56 March 16, 2010 by Doing-Your-Mom
@Uncle (The retarded liar, Goon, Lumpen, The biggest loser, Sam's Sheep...etc, Which one do you prefer most -:) )

Which one is correct in English:

a) "Yep... I was definitely taught good manners.... From extremely good people".


b) "Yep... I was definitely taught good manners.... By extremely good people"

Also, still you didn't answer...

***Do you have friends? Are there anyone cares about you?
09:31 March 18, 2010 by johnnyrebel

jonnyrebel - don't you dare correcting the most intelligent and especially ARTICULATE person here. He meant rabbit-dog and he wrote rabbit-dog. It is a famous animal in where Lars is coming from and if you do not know it, please google on it!

From M-Larson...


Yes, Rabbit Dog was a typo. You got it right!

@M-Larson...Maybe you can do the Foaming @ the mouth-Rabbit Dog routines you've mastered on this blog.

Perhaps one of the funniest lines ever read in these blogs!-johnnyrebel
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