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US must close foreign bases: opposition

TT/The Local · 25 May 2010, 17:54

Published: 25 May 2010 17:54 GMT+02:00

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The policy is contained is a joint document from the alliance of the Social Democratic, Green and Left parties. It states:

“A red-green government will demand that the USA decommissions its nuclear weapons and military bases outside the country’s borders.”

The policy document only mentions US bases, and does not call for Russia or EU allies France and Britain close bases outside their territory.

The document does not mention what means Sweden might use to persuade the world's most powerful country to give up its facilities abroad.

Security analyst Fredrik Lindvall of the FOI defence research institute said any move by the Americans to close foreign bases would be destabilising in the Middle East and East Asia.

“It would undeniably bring to the fore the need for countries like South Korea, Japan and Taiwan to have their own nuclear weapons. The need for offensive weapons would also become greater in the Middle East,” he said.

The current government condemned the opposition policy. Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said he was astonished that the Social Democrats had agreed to the passages about US bases, saying that it indicated that the Left Party was devising the opposition’s policies:

“It confirms that [Left Party foreign affairs spokesman] Hans Linde is holding the pen, but [Social Democrat counterpart] Urban Ahlin feels bound by this as well. It would lead to huge problems; it’s pure anti-Americanism,” Bildt said.

“We would get problems both in relation to the United States and to countries that want the US’s help. The diplomatic service would have to devote significant amounts of time to limiting the damage of an anti-American foreign policy.”

Urban Ahlin downplayed the significance of the passages:

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“We demand this of all great powers. We don’t write it about Russia, because there we have greater problems with human rights and press freedom than in the US."

He agreed that a unilateral withdrawal would destabilize parts of the world:

“Yes, of course it would. But we aren’t demanding that. This applies to all great powers. But it’s possible that we could have been clearer here,” he said.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

18:28 May 25, 2010 by YankeeViking
Holding my side I am laughing so hard......
18:31 May 25, 2010 by Rick Methven
I bet Obama is quaking in his boots LOL
18:32 May 25, 2010 by efm
Sweden will demand what? Not Russia, France and Britain?

Only US? Come on! Well let's see, if Sweden gets threatened real bad by a nearby power, she'll probably ask Uncle Sam for help. A nearby US base is a deterrent.
18:45 May 25, 2010 by mjennin2
LMAO. I almost pee'd my pants laughing at this article. Does April Fool's Day occur on May 25 in Sverige? This story feels more absurd than the day I learned that Martha Stewart was an inside trader !
19:09 May 25, 2010 by Renfeh Hguh

Every day in Sweden is April first when it comes to the red & green alliance.

I wonder where they get their drugs? There are some seriously brain damaged people in those parties.
19:37 May 25, 2010 by Craptastical
The libertarian in me completely agrees with the idea, but the pragmatist in me asks "are you f'ing nuts considering the state the world is in today?".

It could be possible if the following applied:

If each of those countries provided for their own adequate defense prior to the US's departure, and each of those nations must already have friendly relations with all of their neighbors and their neighbors' neighbors. Also, it would require those areas to be governed by honest brokers who aren't looking to expand revenues or their rule outside their current borders.

You can do the beauty pageant math on that one. Unfortunately it isn't likely.
19:49 May 25, 2010 by telzey
We'll close all our military bases if Sweden agrees to surrender its own sovereignty to Norway. Agreed?
20:01 May 25, 2010 by Celc
Yeah that will happen.

@telzey - Agreed, your move.
20:09 May 25, 2010 by greggyg
What a bunch of idiots
20:28 May 25, 2010 by mjennin2
It kills me how TL keeps adding on to stories as the day progresses, forces me to re-read it a bunch of times.

Ok, according to SD Urban Alhin:

"We demand this of all great powers. We don't write it about Russia, because there we have greater problems with human rights and press freedom than in the US."

....So, according to him, countries that have human rights issues and supress media freedom should NOT be told to close their foreign military bases. Did I get this right?

And then later:

"He agreed that a unilateral withdrawal would destabilize parts of the world: "Yes, of course it would. But we aren't demanding that." he said."

OOOOH Ok, so you are demanding that countries close their foreign military bases, but you are NOT demanding that the world should subsequently become derailed and collapse into WWIII as countries scramble for nuclear weapons and land-grab opportunities. Gotcha, thanks for the clarification.

20:35 May 25, 2010 by Tennessee Thunder
82nd airborn,fort brag N.C.,you don't tell my corp what to do.

Sweden is a low grade fart outta my ass.
20:35 May 25, 2010 by Michael84
Absolutely hilarious. But then again it's the election season .
20:37 May 25, 2010 by frey
keep the navy, we can hide in the big giant oil slick.
20:51 May 25, 2010 by bbeynch
Is this really what old Mona is "demanding". I'm sure my fellow Americans are shivering with fear over the red-green's demands. And what does Mona plan to do when we don't? Throw lutfisk after us? Sweden could be well advised to "demand" that the US instead sets up fresh bases on Swedish territory!!. Let's face it, time is not far away when the old socialist Soviet guard is back with its demands. Sweden will need us to protect her from unpalatable socialism.
21:26 May 25, 2010 by McChatter

"We don't write it about Russia, because there we have greater problems with human rights and press freedom than in the US."

Have I missed an important connection? What on earth have human rights and press freedom to do with US and Russian foreign bases?

Have the leftist parties been on a guided tour of the Absolute factory again?

They really are fun. What with this and the 35 hour "working" week.

And we have another 4 months of more of these Looney Tunes to come!

Great! Can't wait!
21:35 May 25, 2010 by Kevin Harris
How incredibly embarrassing for Sweden. Poor Mona has obviously lost control of the left. These people might actually win the election. We will be an international laughing stock.
21:38 May 25, 2010 by spy
'Sweden will 'demand' that the United States closes all foreign military bases if the Red-Green opposition wins power.'

- And the US will swat the 'demand' away like an irritating fly.
21:45 May 25, 2010 by Traveler2010
As an American citizen born and raised, I would support this demand by Sweden if it comes to fruition. Please do this Sweden even if it seems futile! We need the international community to speak out about our empire-building.

Believe me, our empire will crash one way or another eventually. Either we will do it voluntarily as the Red-Green opposition suggests, or will will happen in time when our exorbitant military spending can no longer be supported. Our empire will eventually crumble under its own weight.
22:22 May 25, 2010 by Craptastical
@Tennesse Thunder: Which unit & MOS? I was 11B in 3-504.

And as far as telling the 82nd where they're stationed, it's kind of irrelevant since the 82nd is a contingency force and isn't permanently stationed outside the US :)
22:34 May 25, 2010 by Avidror
I agree with Sweden's Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Bildt. That's pure anti-Americanism. The status of american bases abroad is a matter of discuss between the United States and those countries which have the bases in their territory.

Two examples are Kirgyzstan and Iceland. Both of these countries had an American base each, and both of the bases were closed.

I also agree with Fredrik Lindvall.
22:37 May 25, 2010 by millionmileman
This is no joke, President Obama will probably bow down in front of

King Carl XVI Gustav, in agreement!
22:38 May 25, 2010 by 2394040
The USA to stop protecting the financial interests of the world's Big Business Elite??? Someone in Swedish politics has defintely lost his or her mind! It ain't gonna happen!

Somebody REALLY needs to take a reality check!
22:42 May 25, 2010 by Venturisection
yea this is never going to happen and if the party coalition actually does this they will lose respect in international politics and look like clowns.

That or they're trying to appease the Muslims again with more concesions and a pathetic attempt to side with extremist views.

Blundering around making outrageous demands are about as productive, constructive and useful as a punch in the nuts. This is completely retarded and laughable.

I will not be staying in this country out of protest or voting for the opposition due to shear stupid of the communists and retarded Greens. Pure idiocy lunacy hypocracy ........ I'm in disbelief of the audacity and egotistical nature of the red/green raving lunatic party. I hope they get owned.
22:43 May 25, 2010 by amirhosein

This is an act every other country must follow.

We've had enough of military/nuclear/invasion madness. Please help stop it.
22:52 May 25, 2010 by Venturisection
Actually its completely ridiculous what an absurd anti cooperative idea. What we going to do pass out pansies to everyone? Nuclear Deterants against ridiculously closed nations whose policies are questionable and whose government are stuck in religious and/or tyrannical leadership is definitely required. The Iranian government is questionable at best with what is percieved as corrupt and unethical.

North Korea is a horrible proposition to contest with and I doubt that Asians countries such as Japan & South Korea would benefit from the withdrawal of the US from the region.

Sounds to me that the Red/Green party should've hoped that bush administration was still in power maybe then they could've persuaded them to go into isolation.

What the hell kind of foreign policy is this. The person who dreamt up this idiocy should be ridiculed and removed from even the possibility of office. This is completely absurd.
23:12 May 25, 2010 by Essjay
Well you now America has attempted to build some kinda empire but alas history will remember just that .

The world no longer needs this country as it,s policeman , in fact the real Superpower is now China ,in fact that whole region of Asia is the strongest economic force in the world also Russia sits on a goldmine of energy and mineral reserves that are vast while the US has to scrape tarpits or other current ecological disasters to its own citizens

Sorry but the US should be a little more concerned with whats happening on its own doorstep ,like Mexico ,Columbia and Jamaica , these countries have produced criminals that control the US drug feed and are super powerful ,if the US has a base in Jamaica they better getter get out quick these people hate you and while you are trotting the globe playing the hardman at home you are totally dominated by these guys ,think you are in charge , have a war if it makes you feel better but you are no longer the player you used to be ,concensus ......stay home.. sort out your own homegrown problems that gangstas worldwide copy,,,,,incidentally is their a US base for fighting this ,sure ,they help supply most of illegal weapons and drugs ,just ask a Jamaican !
00:05 May 26, 2010 by kenny8076
they should never combine the two words ''Sweden'' and ''Demand'' in the same sentence, its almost embarrassing.
01:20 May 26, 2010 by Ugly A
Oh how nice and easy it is to saunter around in the ivory tower of moral superiority casting indignant high-brow turds on those from whom they have benefitted. Snack on your grapes while you may.
01:21 May 26, 2010 by JoeSwede
America is the most powerful nation on earth. They became the most powerful by projecting or using force - force is oppression. Oppression can only come from the oppressor. The oppressor can only be the most powerful. We must protest oppression. Nothing else matters.
02:39 May 26, 2010 by repat_xpat
The Swedish welfare state (Red-Green party) is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the American military. Without us protecting your arse's, you'd have to defend your selves with your own military, drawing funds from your welfare state. The only other opinion is that the R/G party would rather speak Russian as their first language, than English as their second -- a very real possibility.

@ milionmileman: Too true!
02:46 May 26, 2010 by GLO
Just remember ALL of Europe and Sweden would be speaking German right now ... Except for the USMC Thankyou very much.
04:00 May 26, 2010 by för30årseden
A few years back, due to some crazy maneuvering among our European allies, the U.S. was not elected to it's normal seat on the UN Commission on Human rights. Well, then with all the Europeans in charge, they had to take on China's human rights record. So Sweden (Anna Lindh) demanded that the U.S. step forward. It was unfair to ask the Europeans to step forward because as the Swedish Foreign Minister said, it required a big country like the U.S.

There is a reason that no one has stuffed Mona Sahlin in a Burka and it has nothing to do with the European High Commission of High Commissions. Wonder who can figure it out.
04:43 May 26, 2010 by crofab
I support the Red-Green alliance, but this is just stupid and completely unrealistic. This will hurt them in the polls for sure.
07:40 May 26, 2010 by Renfeh Hguh
@GLO That might be true.... But because of the Armistice agreement forced upon Germany at the end of WW1, the US was directly responsible for creating the conditions in Germany that lead to the rise of Hitler. Thanks a bloody lot!!!
08:26 May 26, 2010 by Kevin Harris

Er, the USMC didn't operate to a great extent in the European theatre in WW2. There can't be many marines who ever got within 10 000 miles of an angry German.

The American forces that did arrive in Europe arrived nearly three years late. Again. But none the less, we are all very grateful to them, and to the marines who did so much, but on the other side of the world to Germany.

Renfeh is right by the way.
08:32 May 26, 2010 by Bostonexpat
YES!! I found my next job--political consultant to the opposition

I can explain how to research a topic before actually forming an opinion, how to bring realism to the table and most importantly, how detrimental drugs can be
08:35 May 26, 2010 by Uncle
I am sorry, Hguh, but didn't the US have like one battalion in the WWI? It was actually the first time that the US declared the end of isolationist policy?

The Armistice was actually a fruit of french and UK policy? At the same time, it was made possible with the Soviet money and army training, who helped the national-socialists in Germany to rise to power?

Maybe we will stop blaming the US in ALL the horrors in the world?
09:09 May 26, 2010 by engagebrain
I Britain, Korea and Japan want to have American bases on their soil this is for each national government to decide.

Had there not been US bases in Europe since WW2 we would all be living under Soviet rule.

Oh but the Red-Green alliance are worried about human rights too.
09:12 May 26, 2010 by Ugly A
@Joe Swede

Your argument is strawman, straight out of the Marx/Engels myth. Nothing in this life is "if this, then this" or zero-sum "because this group benefits, this other group loses out". It's not that simple and life on this planet is not black and white or good and bad with a highly visible and divisible line separating them.

Certainly oppression exists, and the US does not have the cleanest slate. Then again, nor does Sweden, though many here hide behind the shield of "but we're just a small country". Ask the Sami, or those sequestered and segregated into the suburbs.

If oppression is the target, there are plenty to pick from. Should we make a list? I suggest starting with your own backyard.

I suspect the following arguement would turn to the conditions in which these other oppressors have been enabled to operate, pointing directly to the one with the most power (which, as has been mentioned, is now probably China, though that is not the issue it seems).

Many would like to believe the reason no wars have been fought on Swedish soil in lo 300 years should be attributed to a more highly evolved Swedish sense of fairness and neutrality. I think a more accurate assessment would point to a more cunning and lucrative sense of kissing the ass of those with the biggest guns while playing the part of innocent bystander.

Have you felt oppressed?
09:13 May 26, 2010 by Decedo
Sweden demanding is like the French actually sticking around and fighting in a war.
09:36 May 26, 2010 by beam_me_up
Well said, Ugly A!
09:42 May 26, 2010 by RobinHood

Who taught you history?

The parties to the armistice were USA, France, Britain and Germany. Russia had already negotiated a seperate peace treaty with Germany and did not take part. The Soviet Union certainly did not finance it; it did not exist until 1922. Against the wishes of Britain and France, the USA imposed stringent terms on Germany that led to WW2. Marshal Foch of France, with uncanny precision, said after he read the terms, "This is not a peace. It is an armistice for twenty years".

Your suggestion that the Soviet Union financed and trained the German National Socialists is novel. Who on earth told you that? Was it the same person who told you the Soviet Union financed the armistice?
10:12 May 26, 2010 by calebian22
Silly greenies. Go back to your fiddle while the world burns, and pretend like a foreign military presence by the US doesn't benefit Sweden too.
10:22 May 26, 2010 by svenskdod
This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. The only reason they even mention this is to get the Refugee and Hippy vote. Purely political rhetoric.

I sincerely hope that people are not so naive that they would even listen to this. All it would do is ruin Sweden/USA relations while they laugh at Mona's face.

A statement like this is just saying to their voters, "Yes, we do think you are stupid!"
11:17 May 26, 2010 by cogito
"And what does Mona plan to do when we don't? Throw lutfisk after us?"

That just might do the trick.
11:53 May 26, 2010 by nneville
Sweden does not have enough muscle to demand squat! What a weak country this is. It has a great stadard quality of life, superior ecology, and awesome health, dental, and child care. Heck, even the schools are very good in comparison. But come on, these people mess their pants when a car backfires. This has to be the idea of another over-feminized idea about right and wrong. Get real and STFU. One word - SUPERPOWER! Another word - lagom. LMAO
12:20 May 26, 2010 by flintis
@ GLO,

Didn't know the US were on their own in WW2, come to think of it they did put in an appearance, right at the end to take the Glory.

Just think of it this way, if it wasn't for Napoleon the USMC would still be BAFOS
12:49 May 26, 2010 by Dr. Dillner
I'm sure the Obmatron will roll-over to Sweden's demand, after all, he is for anything that is anti-american!!
12:54 May 26, 2010 by here for the summer
well now we know the left-green party is insane . Why would the greens hook up with the left . Another article here says many of the green would consider switching. What does being green have to do with being left ?
13:09 May 26, 2010 by Marley420
Oh, was that a mosquito I just crushed...
13:41 May 26, 2010 by flintis
@ here for the summer,

If it's red you have to stop were you are, if it's green you can go right left or even stay in the middle, politics eh! insane!! you've got to have a good imagination to be a politician, or should that be all politicians have to be fantasists!!
13:50 May 26, 2010 by BrittInSweden
@JoeSwede I disagree. There is no such thing as most powerful nation anymore.

Anyone with Nukes means everyone loses.

Also, China has the largest army and the USA isn't going to go up against Russia or China or even any Nation in Europe. They definitely wouldnt go up against the UK, I mean if they did who would they have to back them up like we usually end up doing.
14:07 May 26, 2010 by Uncle
Robin Hood. I re-read what I wrote and I agree that I was unclear, so I will let go the childish attacks.

2 points:

1) The major powers that forced the armistice were UK and France. US was a part, but due to an extremely limited involvement had little to say.

It was to respond to the claim: "the US was directly responsible for creating the conditions in Germany that lead to the rise of Hitler". It is like saying that New Zealand was directly responsible for the fall of Hitler, because it PARTICIPATED in the war.

2)"It" (rise of Hitler to power) was made possible with direct help of Soviets to Germany in the 20's around the armistice blockade:


Training of the troops and mutual weapon development was also widely popular:


In this article you will find specific names of bases, logistical agreements etc. Very good one. This site that researches the German military armed forces 1918-1945 could definetely teach you a thing or two.

Hopefully now you will be able to apologize and at the same time, learn something additional.
16:00 May 26, 2010 by RobinHood
You are unclear; a least we agree on something. To correct blatant untruths, or as you prefer "unclear" information, is not a childish attack.

I read the links you posted to see if I could find what led you to misunderstand history so badly, but I couldn't. They are quite clear, the Soviet Union did not "make possible" or "directly help" the National Socialist's rise to power; they say they detested one another from the start and fought to the death. The Feldgrau link clearly states any cooperation between Germany and Soviet Union ceased in 1933, months after the National Socialists gained power.

Your links say the opposite of what you tell you us they say Uncle.

Sadly you were not able to offer us a link to show us the USA "had little to say" during the armistice negotiations of 1918/19. This is also a novel interpretation of history and completely contradicts the accounts of those who were there at the time.

No need to apologise, but I have learned something additional about your unusual interpetation of historical facts.
17:02 May 26, 2010 by Uncle
Now you are being really childish... I said "Soviet's helped the rise of Hitler TO power. His RISE happened BEFORE he rose to power.

Soviets assisted with the entire development the R&D base for the future Panzer divisions and breakthroughs in Luftwaffe development.

Soviets invested into German paratroopers training. in short, Soviets helped the german army to have a starting point without which, Wermacht would not be able to announce itself only 2 YEARS after Hitler's rise.

If you would read the Wiki link, USSR always highlighted that the treatment of the commies in Germany should not backfire on the relationships between the 2 countries and had economical relationships with Hitler in spite of the armistice.

You could also read the reasoning of Stalin in supporting the isolated Germany against the capitalist world.

There you can also read about the treaties between them, culminating in Molotov-Ribbentrop.

Now, I also did not give you a document that would diminish a role of New Zealand in the fall of Hitler. It is obvious. The same with the US in the armistice signature...

But I can see that reason is not the strongest side there, so we can finish the argument here....
18:28 May 26, 2010 by Abbot
@Renfeh Hguh. Versailles was more of a product of a vengeful France, less so Britain, and even less so from the Americans. Read more.

@RobinHood. When you are stealing from the rich to give to the poor, nick some history books at the same time. Wilson called for a fair settlement and thanks to the American President, Germany lost less land than she would have. Lloyd George also called for moderation. Clemenceau insisted the Germans lose Danzig, he wanted the coal-rich Saarland given to France (it wasn't) and wanted the Rhineland to be premanently divided from the rest of Germany, which Wilson and Lloyd George rejected.
18:36 May 26, 2010 by RadioBob
...so that we can protect you.

Yours Truly,

10:49 May 27, 2010 by svenskdod
Ok, some people really don't know their history. America did not enter WW2 until they were attacked by the japs. Hitler then decided it would be a good idea to declare war on America while he was fighting an enormous war against Russia and the battle of Britain was going down. The English were fighting hard, but they would have eventually lost if the Americans didn't get involved.

Today the Americans spend more on the millitary than the next three combined. China has just started to build their first carrier, but America has many carrier groups with the ability to wage war almost anywhere on the planet. The only reason Israel is still there is because of the Americans, thank god.

These idiots do not realise that peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy. Sure, they went into Iraq without motive. This can be atributed to one mans power trip, but Obama is a sign of hope and change.

Do not vote for these hippies. They will drive Sweden back into the stone age. They are weak appeasers. Ask yourself this. Do you want a criminal as your prime minister?
12:36 May 27, 2010 by flintis
@ svenskdod

Not much of a history buff are you.

Hitler turned his forces against the Russians after suffering substantial & humiliating losses in the Battle of Britain. This action saved Britain & subsequently cost Hitler the war (Adolf actually wanted the Brits as allies), although without the help from the colony over the water the UK would probably be speaking Russian now.

If the Kennedy family had had their way the Yanks would never have got involved in Europe, the fat old fart even wanted to stop the aid.

Israel, what a costly delusional mistake that was, I am not anti-semetic, but creating the "partition of Palestine" was the biggest mistake the British have ever made (well apart from voting in B'liar)
13:47 May 27, 2010 by americanska
Liberals major base is the uneducated, the young, and others that don't understand history or the current situation in the world. That's why they can say things liks this and still get votes.

They should include in their documtn that Sweden will power the world with rainbows and everyone gets a free Saab 9-3.
14:16 May 27, 2010 by Marc the Texan
"We demand this of all great powers. We don't write it about Russia, because there we have greater problems with human rights and press freedom than in the US."

The implicit implication of this statement is that Sweden grants greater human rights and more press freedom than the U.S. (Excuse me while I laugh). The only area where I can think they might have an argument is with criminal justice, specifically the death penalty. When it comes to freedom of the press and personal liberties, Sweden definitely falls behind the USA.

If someone disagrees with this, then tell me where I'm wrong.
14:48 May 27, 2010 by CrazyTexan
Sweden, you never fail to make me laugh and yawn at the same time. How you manage to make your socialist nation pacifists at the same time just defies me. Russia will eventually "annex" your territory, and whoever was claiming that China is the economic center of the world - please. That is the most overinflated economy in the world now. The only thing scary about China is their quiet support of North Korea, and the curiosity of "what they'll do with that army" when their economy does eventually hit the crapper. No matter how much they try to keep the yuan strong, eventually their market based economy will fold. It's beginning to happen now. You think all Americans are stomping, small foreheaded goons; but don't forget we like our property as our own. There's a new conflict on the rise, and it actually may be an "Axis of Evil". Only problem is that you can't play both sides on this one, comrade. The saddest fact of all is that despite your western views, it may actually be smartest for you to side with Russia-China-N.Korea, geographically speaking. Pity that, I lived in your beautiful country for close to 7 years and enjoyed the "sommers" quite alot.
15:31 May 27, 2010 by rohermoker
It is about time! As a US citizen the country cannot longer afford to defend Eurpoe, The war is over and this country should not have colnies in the occupeid terrtories of Eurpoe. As the masses chant out of the Iraq, I chant out of Germany. It will be the only way the workers of the US will get free medical care that all of Sweden enjoys, is to close our bases. Thank You for the social conscence, Now if I could find a can of surstromming in Minnesota, I too could live in the workers paridise
16:12 May 27, 2010 by duncs
Sing with me:

It's time to play the music

It's time to light the lights

It's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight.

It's time to put on makeup

It's time to dress up right

It's time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight.

Why do we always come here

I guess we'll never know

It's like a kind of torture

To have to watch the show

And now let's get things started

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On the most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational

This is what we call the Muppet Show
19:46 May 27, 2010 by Uncle

What I love about antisemites is that they always start their antisemitic babbling with "I am not an antisemite, but..."

Yep - Jews should have stayed in Europe, where they were treated so nicely since the Middle Ages through the Spanish exodus and to Holocaust...

Or - a better idea:

Lets offload them in wonderful prosperous Uganda, which huge areas were cleaned sterile by Tze-tze and where whites have had such a huge success! It

so huge that 25% of all whites of Africa whether left it or ended their lives hanging on hooks in their own houses.

Hold on.... we could pack them into trains and send them to southern Siberia - Stalin style... But then, their success would probably anger the Mongols and Chinese...

Hmm what shall we do with them, Jews? How about Antarctica? Naaah... there is a chance there is oil there.. They might have become rich and we do not want that do we, now?

Jews have their country. Finally. After a huge forceful exodus by raging Romans, who had to lock half of their army in Judea (note the name - JUDEA) and almost lost entire Danube region to rebels.

Jews are back and there to stay and neither muslims nor assisting socialists can do anything about it!
21:07 May 27, 2010 by free range cheese
What consequences will the U.S. suffer if it refuses to meet these demands? The scariest thing I can think of is the Swedish government would then commission ABBA to go on a U.S. tour.
00:44 May 28, 2010 by Luke35711
Look, this is essentially a vast land sparsely populated by somewhat revolutionary peasants, with small elite in the capital that "rules" through propaganda, welfare bribes, and giving away public sector jobs to those who dance to the tune. Not so much a country, as a folk-cult, state religion, Vikings with Christmas. There is not even a proper rule of law, or officials' responsibility for incompetence. Professional advancement is made not through merit, but through popularity contests, hence incentives to issue this type of "shock and awe" populist declarations.
02:47 May 28, 2010 by dsc
Some Svenska big-wigs taking weed for sure. . .LOL
07:44 May 28, 2010 by flintis

My Grandmother was Jewish, I am not anti-semetic, & I still beleive the partition of Palestine was a grave mistake, the Jews should have been given a large part of some European land, which when all said & done, most of them had lived.
17:09 May 28, 2010 by Icarusty
I'll have you know that the Yanks are running scared of Team Sweden and their Volvos
02:38 May 29, 2010 by svenskdod

Your little comment about "the colony over the water" tells me you are living in the past dude. The British Empire is over man, live in the now.

Oh, and within the Munich Pact Hitler was told that if he invaded Poland, Britain would declare war on them. Funny thing in Berlin after the war, FDR and Stalin had Churchill there just to be nice. They didn't actually have to have him there. FDR was even mocking him to get on Stalin's good side.

Israel has been fought over for more than 3000 years, whats to say it will stop any time soon? When people say the place is called Palestine it makes me laugh. That is just the name the Romans gave it to p*** off the Jews who were living there under the Roman rule. They named it after their ancient enemy the Philistines. The Palestinians and the Philistines are quite different.

They are just the remnant of the invasion from the Arab peninsular into Europe. How about this one. If half of Spain was still occupied, would that be cool?
12:56 May 31, 2010 by flintis

Always one that bites, nothing like pulling in a big fish is there??
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Prime Minister to meet Swedish troops in Iraq
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his Kurdish counterpart Nechervan Barzani. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Sweden's Prime Minister Löfven is set to meet Swedish troops in Iraq on Tuesday.

Swedish politicians wage war on winter time
Soon it will look like this on your way home from work in Sweden. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

Should Sweden stick with summer time all year round?

'Don't turn the Pope into a global teddy bear'
Sweden's Queen Silvia and Princess Leonore visiting Pope Francis in the Vatican last year. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

It's time to hold the Pope to account and make sure he turns his words about reform into action, argues a minister of the Swedish Church ahead of Pope Francis' visit to Sweden.

Löfven: 'Sweden will double its number of troops in Iraq'
Stefan Löfven and Haider al-Abadi during the visit on Monday. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has promised to double his country's number of troops in Iraq following a meeting with Iraqi counterpart Haider al-Abadi on Monday.

Will Swedes soon be looking for fairtrade porn?
Should Swedes think fairtrade with porn? Photo: Karin Malmhav/SvD/TT

A fairtrade attitude to pornography would be beneficial, Sweden's health minister told The Local.

Presented by Stockholm University
Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
Simon Paulin/imagebank.sweden.se

Nordic fashion took centre stage in the Swedish capital last week as Stockholm University hosted the “first-ever” academic conference looking at luxury and sustainability in the fashion industry.

Referee, coach and parents in Swedish youth football fight
File photo of a referee holding a red card not related to the story. Photo: Stefan Jerrevång/TT

A football dad broke his leg in the brawl in front of 11-year-old kids after a Hammarby youth football game.

Illicit abattoir kept more than 100 bulls' penises
A couple of young bulls not related to the story. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

Dried cattle genitalia, goats' heads and hundreds of litres of lard were just a few of the many strange finds discovered when police raided a property in Sweden.

This is officially Sweden's most beautiful beard
The most beautiful beard in Sweden. Photo: Memo Göcek

According to a jury of barbers and 'well known bearded profiles', that is.

Presented by Invest Stockholm
One expat's strategy for making friends in Stockholm

You might think it’s hard to make friends in a new city. But if at first you don’t succeed – try something else!

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