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Poll blow for Social Democrats

TT/The Local · 27 May 2010, 09:40

Published: 27 May 2010 09:40 GMT+02:00

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The Novus Opinion poll shows the Social Democrats, who have been Sweden’s largest party for decades, are now only 2.2 percentage points ahead of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Moderate Party.

The gap between the centre-right governing Alliance for Sweden and the centre-left Red-Green opposition is now within the margin of error. The opposition was supported by 47.9 percent of respondents, the government by 46.2 percent.

The Social Democrats, hoping to regain power in September's election after four years in the wilderness, fell back 1.1 points since Novus’s last poll, achieving 32.5 percent. The former communist Left Party saw its support increase for the second poll in a row and is now on 6.9 percent - its best result for a year. The Green Party was practically unchanged, rising just 0.2 points to 8.5 percent.

On the government side, the Centre Party and Christian Democrats saw support rise by 0.4 points to 5.3 and 4.5 percent respectively. The Moderates were down 0.9 points to 30.3 percent. The Liberal Party was down 0.2 points to 6.1 percent.

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The nationalist Sweden Democrats saw support fall by 0.6 points to 4 percent, meaning they would just squeak into the Riksdag and hold the balance of power if the poll result was replicated in an election.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:30 May 27, 2010 by peropaco
And may the continue to slide even deeper
11:31 May 27, 2010 by bbeynch
For any decent Swede this has to be good news. Let's send this sordid pack of bloodless, union controlled, orwellian, bureaucrats packing in september. While the social democrats may have served a societal purpose in 40s and 50s, they have also engaged in enough societal destruction with their confiscatory tax policies, and disastrous immigration policies, that they deserve to be squelched. Permanently. Vote wisely in september!
15:18 May 27, 2010 by comfortably_numb
Wow can't believe the amount of "socialist" bashing that goes on in the local forums. Lets not forget that its the so called "free-market" policies that has gotten the world into the mess it is today in the first place
16:04 May 27, 2010 by Lautreamont
Good news. Social Democrats destroyed Sweden.
17:41 May 27, 2010 by Jannik
Nice to see the social democrat traitors losing support. These scumbags deserve all the bashing they receive.
19:06 May 27, 2010 by DrG
It seems to me that, social democrat are not using tactics to change the people opinions but the current government. One of well known such tactic is to use a poll like 'Novus Opinion poll' and somehow show the support to the preferable side - In this case to the current government. Next use the all possible media to say it louder and deeper to the people. They might use a popular person to tell it, too. By this way any wrong idea can be turned into right. As a result political opinion of a country would turn among people. As for an example see other comments-until now all most all comments are opposite to the social democrats. This might be a part of above mentioned psychological mafia.
23:20 May 27, 2010 by WhoopWhoop
Excuse me? If anything the social democratic party has built Sweden! The social democrats constructed thousands of apartments and houses during the 1960's since the people lived in shacks and down-beaten apartments in houses without proper sanitation. The social democrats worked against the class differences which was created during the malicious governments of the 1920's. The social democrats constructed Swedish welfare in all its forms, while for example the moderate party was against it, and the social change which it brought. If anything should be said about the social democrats, then it should be a "thanks" for the trustful service towards Sweden!

Further, Sweden is currently being americanized, aka destroyed, since we have started to allowed votes based on personality, and by that started to grow an idea that "it's the leader, not the goal" which is important. After all, who cares that the Moderate party wish to create a ruined and backwards society, I'll still vote for them because I dislike Mona Sahlin. Goush, that's just stupidity.

No, vote red in the next election if you want progress while still keeping a fair and good society with a clean spirit which isn't destroyed by far-right idiots.
23:35 May 27, 2010 by wxman
Free market? It's the fact that 1/3 or more of all employment across most of Europe is government where nothing is produced and tax revenue is consumed. That's the problem. we are witnessing the worldwide failure of Euro0socialism every where - - even in the US.
01:52 May 28, 2010 by Days-of-yore
How can anyone from the left of centre stand up with their head held high and say "look at what we have acheived over the last eighty years. We have had mediocre growth. Other countries have grown faster (through boom and bust) and therefore Sweden is falling behind. When I went to the USSR in the late 80s they were talking about seventy wasted years but here they should talk about eighty wasted years.

Social Democrats should have the right to govern like anyone else but not with the grip of power they have had for so long. You always need a change of government in order for a country to evolve and have mini-revolutions otherwise you stagnate and die. Sweden has suffered from stagnation.

We have had the highest taxes in the world yet still we have housing shortages, where has the tax money been going. Too much has been spent commssions and studies rather than application.

The youth of today want to be successful and don't expect to be given a home, they will have to go out and buy one. They can see through the lies and broken promises.

The Social Democrats have tried to infiltrate every single part of Swedish life so that we are made to believe that we should be grateful for what they have done and that they have a devine right to govern. Any political party that talks about what they have done rather than what they are going to do is finished.

Remember it should always be more rewarding to be successful than to be a failure. If you cannot distinguish between the two then why would anyone try to be successful.

Left of centre parties always underestimate the importance of the incentive to work. If you take away that incentive then we are finished as a nation.

Think carefully before you vote for the opposition we should have a least eight years of this government before we return to socialism.
06:48 May 28, 2010 by rymagnusson
"That's the problem. we are witnessing the worldwide failure of Euro0socialism[sic] every where - - even in the US."

What? That doesn't even make sense. The USA is a hyper-capitalist country that often tries to privatize public services all the time. Even after their health care legislation, their healthcare is still under the privatized system of insurance companies. Their left's attempt to even put in competition from the government was taken out.

As far as I'm aware of, they haven't even tried any form of nationalizing of their banks, even after being home to some of the perpetrators of the international banking crises.

Where do you even see actual Socialism in the USA?
08:11 May 28, 2010 by miss79
congratulations swedes, ur on the way to the next scandinavian GREECE
08:19 May 28, 2010 by comfortably_numb
I dont get why so much hate is being thrown at so called "socialism". Whats wrong with ensuring the basic needs (ie health care, shelter, food) is ensured for everybody???????!!!!!!!!!

Real socialism was lost in Sweden long ago...it is still by in-large even if the "red" get into power, a capitalist state, and heading towards the doom of United States.

Corruption exists in all kinds of governments and institutions. Look at the US, there is corruption not only in the less powerful government, but more importantly now, there is mass corruption in the mega-corporations who control most of the economy.

Wake up people!!!!!!!!!!! Hasnt this economic crisis taught you anything about the values we set for ourselves? De-regulation and free market enterprise DOES NOT automatically lead to better lives for us.
22:59 May 28, 2010 by wxman
Well rymagnusson, let's try social security, medicare, medicaid, WIC, Obamacare, nationalizing GM, nationalizing the banks, taking over home mortgages, etc., etc.
09:05 May 29, 2010 by rymagnusson
"Obamacare" isn't socialism, it's delivered entirely through the private sector (insurance companies).

The banks weren't nationalized, either. The Bush TARP plan gave them money, but didn't regulate or take over their practices.
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