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Littorin denies buying sex: lawyer

TT/The Local · 10 Jul 2010, 21:41

Published: 10 Jul 2010 10:50 GMT+02:00
Updated: 10 Jul 2010 21:41 GMT+02:00

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Birgitta Hållenius is representing Littorin in the ongoing custody battle with his ex-wife. Littorin declined to comment on Saturday, but Hållenius told news agency TT that her client rejects the allegations that he bought sex in Saturday's Aftonbladet.

"My client Sven Otto Littorin denies the crime and specifically rejects the allegations that were published in Aftonbladet," said Hållenius. "Until further notice, my client will not make any further statements."

She would not say where Littorin is at present.

Littorin resigned from his post this week after Aftonbladet confronted him about the alleged crime, the newspaper claimed earlier on Saturday.

A 30-year-old woman said she sold sex to the former employment minister. The two met in the late summer or autumn in 2006 and had sex in return for payment, according to the woman's account.

The newspaper published details of her customers that she had saved on her computer. Among the entries in her address book is a phone number that currently belongs to a representative of a preschool. Aftonbladet said that the preschool has had the number for three years and that it had previously belonged to Littorin, according to preschool.

The woman told the newspaper that she did not want to file a police report. Littorin declined to answer the newspaper's questions about the alleged crime. Because the alleged crime took place in 2006, the statute of limitations has already passed to prosecute Littorin.

Roberta Alenius, the press officer of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, informed news agency TT that the prime minister will hold a press conference at 11am on Saturday to address Littorin's alleged crime.

Lena Mellin, acting editor-in-chief of Aftonbladet, said the newspaper waited to publish the story to give Littorin a chance to comment on the allegations about buying sex.

"I think it has been long enough now," she told TT. "He has had the chance to say that this is not true, which he is not done. I think it is okay to publish."

According to Mellin, there was pressure from an ethical standpoint, it would not have been wrong to publish the information the day after Aftonbladet had confronted him with the allegations.

"We have in this case been extremely kind to him," she said.

The newspaper believes that the woman's story is credible.

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"We trust this woman," said Mellin. "In addition, we have done everything we can technically to verify that what she said is true."

At the press conference, Reinfeldt said that Littorin told him the allegations were false. He says that Littorin called him on Tuesday evening and said he wanted to leave the government. One of the reasons he gave was that Littorin had been confronted with the allegations by Aftonbladet.

Christian Democratic party leader Göran Hägglund believes that Littorin should come forward and clarify whether the charges against him are true or not.

"I think sooner or later he should tell his version," said Hägglund. "This applies whether it is true or not. It applies to him as a person and for others to move on from this difficult situation."

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:14 July 10, 2010 by Jes
Stop pretending and change the damn law !

Let those who want to pay for sex do it . It hurts no one else but their own conscience . Somebody must explain that when one pays for sex , one does not BUY the prostitute but her service . Evidently , this particular prostitute did not remember who Littorin was until she saw him in the news . This disproves the insinuation that he paid for her sex , he "bought her"

Moreover , there is no evidence that him and her met on the streets . That , also , proves that there is prostution at levels that no police can reach.
12:47 July 10, 2010 by Swedesmith
He was just doing his part to help out with unemployment.
12:53 July 10, 2010 by Jan M
The argument here appears to be that paying for sex does no-one any harm. I guess it depends on a few factors. STDs being one of them of course but then also if someone is a government minister there may be security issues associated with paying random people for sex. One minute you're representing your country the next minute being intimate with a stranger for cash. At a professional level that's the conduct of a piece of trash.
13:09 July 10, 2010 by concha de tu puta madre
I have to agree with Swedesmith. As employment minister his duties are to keep people away from the unemployment line.
13:32 July 10, 2010 by Audrian
The reaction to the "sex scandal" in Sweden is very much similar to reactions in Islamic countries. In Sweden cultural values continue to reflect religious values, even though religion does not have strong sway in this country as it does in Moslem countries. The motivation for the "persecution" of this minister is the values attached to one of the tenets of the Ten Commandments, "Though shall not commit adultery." In the major Islamic countries the elite has no hesitation to quote the Koran and condemn the woman and man to death for practicing sex outside of marriage.

Both legal systems interfere in what is most private to the citizenry! Thus, the question: the Islamic countries quote their scared book for passing strict penalty for martial infidelity what is it Sweden quoting to make its decision on the same matter?
13:32 July 10, 2010 by Jes
@Swedesmith please , your position is, to put it politely , infantile . There is no evidence to prove that STD is associated with prostitution . Quite on the contrally , it has been found that having sex with a prositute is safer than doing it with someone one is emotionally attached to

As for security issues , who says that a weak-minded Minister will not reveal security secrets if he just had an affair with a woman who may not be a prostitute ? One former State Minister ( G.P ) fell in love with a woman who heads a big parastatal when he was still married . can anynone know what these two talked about in their bedroom ?
14:52 July 10, 2010 by glamelixir
There is a lot behind prostitution. Let's not minimize it. Do you really think that prostitution is the first career choice in people's minds? A country were prostitution is a popular thing is telling more about their unemployment, corruption and lack of social politics.

It is not the moral aspect to considerate only. Open your eyes.
15:23 July 10, 2010 by Jes
Prostitution is legal in Germany , Holland , Norway and other modern nations . Are you going to say there is more corruption and unemployment in these countries that in Sweden?

Keep things in propers context , and consider this if you dare :

-Littorin did not have to be a "career" prostitute to participate in the act of prostitution .

-He was neither unemployed or a currupt politician .

-- It is not reported that he infected by STD or that he is a drug-addict

-Paying for sex was not even his only option- he had a wife at home .

- Like Anna , he is accused of braking a law for doing something an adult person should chose to do with their body or their money.

What´s next up then , crimnalize adultary ??

You need to come up a sensible reason why , of all things , prostitution is prohibited in a society that accepts almost everything sexual ?

My opinion is that pretence and hypocricy are worse vices than prostitution .
15:55 July 10, 2010 by wenddiver
One of the few examples I have ever seen of a Government actually creating a job in the Private Sector.

For your sake gentle reader, let us hope the government has not promised full emploment as it's target.
15:59 July 10, 2010 by Nilspet
This law is stupid because it has LOOPHOLE. This law does not stop you from making a porn film (i.e. sex for money anyway). If the ex minister somehow set up a film company and participated but did not put out the movie on the market....then he definitely had paid the girl (or girls) for sex and have the actions recorded.

I myself disagree with this law. Sweden should follow other modern western countries. It is better to either make both parties (sellers and buyers) illegal or legalize the whole business.
16:19 July 10, 2010 by locaxy
What two consenting adults do in a bedroom is none of your business. Sex is not some sacred thing.
16:50 July 10, 2010 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com

sex use to be sacred. I think the govt should just ban sex!!!! lol
16:55 July 10, 2010 by Mr. Puppy
All these sexköp stories that Swedish papers run every week remind me of the religious crazies in my home country who write similar articles.
17:29 July 10, 2010 by benchamrk
How to explain ! - although that I not favor Pay Sex - I do not see anything wrong as long as the two persons agree the terms of a private relation - On the other hand, this man has his own burden to face and to explain to his wife but this not the authorities or any feminist movement to dictate our sexual behaviour as long as a woman and a man are mutually consentents. Sweden turns to the 18 century and rules the country under a sort of administrative bigotery organisation" or HPCB "hyperPoliticallyCorrectBehavior"

Recent laws voted by a majority of womens ban any sex prostitution - Is there stil in this country a minimum of tolerance and understanding regarding such human behavior? Sweden became de facto a "matriarcal" society....party a reminescence of your Jante Lagen... Trevlig Sommar - Benchmark
18:49 July 10, 2010 by reason
So. Aftonbladet claims that a woman claims that she had a customer with a phone number which a preschool claims previously belonged to Littorin. Nobody is interested in filing a police report or prosecuting.

That's the most watered down "scandal" I've ever heard of.
21:01 July 10, 2010 by glamelixir
@Jes Of course you are taking out of context what I said. When I talk about corruption I am doing it in a much bigger sense than the limited you are using. I refuse to explain obvious things as I do not have as much time to dedicate to this as you. Therefore I won't even reply point by point.

Anyhow, YES, I think they should criminalize adultery.
00:42 July 11, 2010 by JanneHsd
It's sad to be said - however in Sweden we are faar away from the reality, Littorins doings or not doings does is not a matter of government or politics it is just a private matter so please keep that in mind and watch yourself in a mirror...
00:43 July 11, 2010 by black francis
This prostitute was voluntarily providing a service and was getting well paid for it. What Littorin does in private is his own business.
06:29 July 11, 2010 by krattan
Interesting comments on other views on prostitution. One comment suggested that prostitution is legal in Norway. It is not. That was changed in 2009:


As you can see Island has also banned prostitution among the Scandinavian countries. Reason is not religious although I think religious groups joined in side by side with those considering prostitution at as exploitation of women.

Personally I think the German approach with organizing prostitutes in unions and so forth is a more civilized way to go. These markets will always exist.

As for Littorin, please let the man go. It could be that it was a smart move from his part to name his children as reason for a supposed cover up. But more facts point to that is was not. And as he already quit his job out of the burden then he could seriously crack up if these so called professional journalists keep on with their crap.

Please stop buying Aftonbladet and the likes or visiting their websites for that matter. They live on this and all reading is supporting.
11:19 July 11, 2010 by Puffin
@ kraftan - personally I think that naming his kids publicly was not a 'smart move' but a pretty disgusting act of a slimeball to save his own skin- what decent parent would throw thei own kids to the tabloids as a cover?? Talk about zero integrity

To be honest I don't really care about the 'scandal' - although I was suspicious as usually 'spending more time with mu family/children' tend to be politician code for 'there's a big scandal about to break'.

I think the handling of this scandal has been totally inept from Littorin's own press conference trying to make out that this was all about his own children and publicly naming his kids whereas in fact it was to do with sex act which the Minister must have known was a crime - however I have never had much respect fo Littorin ever since his infamous MBA came to light which he tried to pass off as genuine but was bought from the internet

I don't think that Rheinfeldt has handled this very well either - he seems to be hedging his bets:

- if you beleive Littorin - the support him

- if you don't believe Littorin - then distance yourself

However this half hearted evasive answers are a bit pathetic - show some leadership
13:23 July 11, 2010 by Jes
@glamelixir ,

you are responsible for your own confusion . For me , I see no one accusing Lotterin of anything else than "paying for sex".

As far as know , "moral curruption " is not a crime in Sweden
14:28 July 11, 2010 by cogito
Hiding behind the children is a common tactic for politicians when caught out.

Using one's children as a human shield psychologically is beneath contempt.

Don't think we've heard the end of what his defenders are calling his "private business" yet.
11:06 July 12, 2010 by Puffin
Perhaps he should have followed his own advice ;)

Before he went into politics he was a Director of a PR agency that was hired to run damage control - he gave an interview saying that it was best to tell the truth and get it over with - his PR expertise appears to have deserted him here though...

Although he will not have a financial loss - he gets his Ministerial Salary paid for a year despite resigning for 'personal reasons' - so taxpayers will be giving him 1.3 million kr - for NOT working
13:24 July 12, 2010 by Jes
1.3 million kr. for NOT working ? !

He should change his name to Lotterin
18:05 July 12, 2010 by cogito
So he gets rewarded 1.3 million kr for buying sex.

Why don't more MPs do it.

Prediction: after the year being paid not to work he will be appointed to an ambassador post somewhere warm with nice food.
22:43 July 14, 2010 by Brandeis Brief
You foreigners need to be a little more versed in Swedish law and the contemporary research and social evidence on prostitution, which grounds its legislative history, before you start to criticize Sweden for being moralist and such things.

Sweden's parliament recognized that buying sex is a form of sexual abuse -- using money to force sex - hence it is not a crime against morals, as some have implied above, although courts have tried to water down the law on this point by their case law interpretation.

There are scores of studies all over the world that document the harmful effects of prostitution on prostituted people -- harms that the purchaser exacerbates by his actions. The majority of persons in prostitution worldwide have been subjected to sexual abuse as children, are often runaways, and lower classes or racially subordinated groups are typically overrepresented in this population. Having to serve thousands of tricks, the harms that accumulate in the life of a prostituted person are numerous and extreme, resulting both from outright violence and coercion as well as the psychological harm of selling oneself for sex per se.

For instance, in nine countries (n = 854) two thirds of prostituted women (and some men) were diagnosed with higher clinical levels of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms that U.S. Vietnam veterans who sought treatment! These prostituted persons were found in all the different prostitution venues such as brothels, strip clubs, street prostitution, and massage parlors, as well as in industrial and developmental countries and in countries were prostitution was legal as well as illegal. PTSD-symptoms are often found in torture victims, victims of domestic violence, and combat veterans - not among people occupied with a regular but difficult job such as police-, taxi drivers, or otherwise (but if so, it is typically considered unacceptable and subject to interference from outside).

The conditions inside prostitution and in the preconditions for entering it, rather than signifying equality or the act of sexual consent, are expressions of extreme equality and desperation that are further exploited by purchasers who often "know, or should know" about these circumstances, as the Parliament stated in their bill in 1998. Again, this is not about morality.

Recent studies of Swedish people show that over 70% agree with this law, and a recent report of a governmental inquiry said it is having its intended effect of reducing prostitution and sex trafficking, even though the judiciary tried their best to water down it down by lowering the penalty and the right to damages from individual purchasers.

It would be worth reading more about this law for foreign people living in Sweden, so not to make themselves look ignorant when discussing it with Swedes.
20:54 July 16, 2010 by marco tru
please watch Brutal Badge on youtube, in 6 parts, especially part 5…And recommend it to your friends….
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