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Murder suspect moved fiancée's body: court

TT/The Local · 14 Jul 2010, 11:31

Published: 14 Jul 2010 11:31 GMT+02:00

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Mats Alm, 35, was cleared last month of murdering Linda Chen. But on Wednesday Falun District Court sentenced him to eighteen months in prison for the crime of disturbing the peace of the dead.

In its ruling, Falun District Court said it had found convincing evidence that Alm had moved and hidden Linda Chen’s body after her death. It said, however, that it had not been proven that he had killed her.

Prosecutors have maintained that Alm murdered his partner to access a life insurance payout of around 1 million kronor. The murder and manslaughter charges fell partly because autopsies were unable to establish the cause of death.

A psychiatric examination of Alm did not reveal any serious mental disorders.

Alm, who was held on remand for almost ten months, was released from custody on 7th July ahead of the verdict. It is possible that he will not be required to serve further time.

Mats Alm first reported Linda Chen, 32, as missing on August 2nd last year. The couple, who lived together in Falun, had planned to marry the following week. Alm participated in the search for his fiancée and spoke on TV about his distress at her disappearance.

In mid-September, Alm himself went missing. After three days he was found with minor burns and in a confused state on a road between Falun and Rättvik. He told the man who found him that he had discovered his missing fiancée dead in the woods. The body was then recovered by police, after which Alm was arrested and charged with murder.

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Alm told police that he had been kidnapped, drugged and held in the trunk of a car by two unidentified men. Police were later able to cast doubt on his story after it emerged that he had used his computer to go online during the period he claimed to have been kidnapped.

Alm went on trial in March for murder, with an alternative charge of manslaughter and an additional charge of disturbing the peace of the dead.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:05 July 14, 2010 by concha de tu puta madre
What an inbred looking mothafuka
12:23 July 14, 2010 by logi
then all he has said since the trial began is false. he should be made to pay for the crime, and the life insurance given to the girl's family.
13:16 July 14, 2010 by hjoian
poetic swedish justice
13:28 July 14, 2010 by WelshSwede
Inbred dumb fuka! How can they not believe he didnt kill her?
13:51 July 14, 2010 by europeman31
Welcome to Atheist land of Sweden.
14:08 July 14, 2010 by Nathan

This doesn't have anything to do with atheism. It seems you believe believing in God actually reduces violence and crime, if so please do us a favor and go to must theist land of the middle east ;)
14:42 July 14, 2010 by europeman31

It is actually and fully related with Atheism when you donot believe that you are responsible and will be questionable for your deeds, things like this will increase as seen in WEST .

do yourself a favor and submit your Will to God .
16:00 July 14, 2010 by Nathan

Atheists get their moral values exactly from the same place as good believers get and it is not God. It is evolutionary conservation of the behavior which helps survival of the group. I think studying a bit of evolutionary psychology will help you to understand this.

Besides, please compare a majority atheist society like Sweden and the crime rate in it with a society of almost 100% believers like middle eastern countries and the violence in them. Then you see there is no positive correlation between believing in God and not committing a crime.
16:17 July 14, 2010 by Uncle

Actually it was proven that the more religious the country is and the weaker its police, the higher the crime rate. People need police and courts and not God in order to avoid criminal behaviour.

Now of course one could argue what crime is.

Some religious individuals think that stone a wife to death if she had been seen outside her house without her husband, is justified and moral. The same people assume that half naked Britney Spears represents much more sin than suicide bombings in their own countries.

Some also think that hanging gay people is much more moral than being one or allowing them live their lives.

In addition, there is clear statistic that most prisoners are or becoming religious, while 60%-65% of them will commit a crime again, by that allowing to assume that most of returning to prison criminals are religious.

The problem is that even the religious do not think that they will be answerable.
16:26 July 14, 2010 by J Jack
europeman31 & nathan both sound like they both have too much time and not enough imagination to do anything except bitch at each other over something that is way off the point...
16:36 July 14, 2010 by Nathan
@J Jack : As a matter of fact I am quite busy, but those kinda remarks drives me angry :)) and I feel an urge to respond
16:36 July 14, 2010 by europeman31
If you compare with Middle east goto UN data of crime and see yourself the minimum crime is there as compare to WEST:

if you need i can post here, But as J.Jack suggested , i will better dont post it .
17:42 July 14, 2010 by mjennin2
For the love of god, people! Can we PLEASE for once have a discussion that does not revert to the same tirade of religious debate?!?! Seriously!

He is clearly guilty. I mean, c'mon. Who reports their fiancee missing, and then just a couple days later decides to go on a random hunt JUST COINCIDENTALLY in the same forrested area as was where the body lie(and this, assuming that Alm wasn't guilty and didn't even know that his fiance was dead...for all he knew, she ran away or was kidnapped, etc.) and then JUST COINCIDENTALLY happens to find her body? If he really was kidnapped, why would the kidnappers take him exactly to where his fiance's body was, and why didnt' authorities issue a polygraph to test the legitimacy of his kidnapping claim to provide further scientific evidence to either confirm or deny that Alm's story was true? And if he WAS innocent and found his fiance's body, why are they giving him a nearly 2-year prison sentence for moving her body? PErhaps he was just trying to recover it to bring it home when authorities found him on the roadside? But if he WASN'T kidnapped, and he has been proven to have moved her body, what numbskull jury can't put 2 and 2 together and have enough reasonable evidence to indicate that he was trying to stash her body? They have reasonable motive and everything! He probably panicked because his origianl hiding spot wasn't good enough, and chose to take her into the woods. He probably had a friend drive him there to back up his kidnapping story.

Another criminal gets off the hook, this makes me sick.
20:00 July 14, 2010 by Vitas
My quest: Where in Sweden are more idiots:

a) Migrationsverket?

b) Courts?

c) Police?
20:47 July 14, 2010 by mjennin2
The answer is: d) AIK fans :D
21:11 July 14, 2010 by fikatid
Religion is for the weak souls who cannot stand up for themselves, who in turn use religion as a mean to attack and discriminate non-believers. Watch the news and it manifest itself. Religion is the source of all evil, perhaps in disguise. I don't feel any compassion or love from any of those religious folks who left comments here, except anger and intolerance.
21:38 July 14, 2010 by Essjay
The real problem is that in Sweden , UK , USA etc that criminal justice is a complete and utter joke !

It,s all supposed to be about justice but it,s all about money .

Judges are reverred and well paid , lawyers can make an absolute fortune but the system is theirs not ours .(we put our trust in them devoutly )

To the man in the street we put a lot of faith in these people but everday you hear of someone , somewhere getting off for a terrible crime and at the same time a single woman with 2 kids caught stealing doing time.

All cases are about money making .

To hell with the offender , victim or evidence it,s firms of laywers fighting to get the cash and state lawyers play the same game , judges are from the old boys club and lodges and masonic secrecy.

Thankfully there are those within who are genuine , honest and sincere but nowadays they seem to be in the minority .

Gotta so tough on the cops to see a poor end result .
23:08 July 14, 2010 by mkvgtired
Ok, nobody jump into this guys gene pool, you might break your ankles.
01:12 July 15, 2010 by Authentica
I can't believe the police still dances around this guy, he's guilty as hell !!! And I beg The Local: could you please stop posting his photo!!! It makes me sick!
07:04 July 15, 2010 by Da Goat
And I thought Neanderthals were extinct no just migrated north a little bit!

this whole saga is rather fishy if you ask me but on the other hand he might just be a harmless stupid guy!
08:05 July 15, 2010 by Uncle
Europeman, according to nationmaster Dominica is on the fret place of crime per capita (very religious) and new zealand is on second place (very non-religious). In addition, a country like north Korea apparently does not have any crime, in spite of the fact that it's prisons and camps are full.

Plus in the middle east light crimes like suicide bombings are not entering stats of crime, but military actions
10:54 July 15, 2010 by Justease
The simple truth is: this Guy is murderer. He moved the body means he killed the girl.

If he is not convicted of murder, there are several implications among which are 1. In Sweden there is no justice 2. Swedish judges have low IQ 3. Sentiments n Emotions override intelligence 4. Fools in control of legal system

and so on....

Justice delayed is justice denied, this Guy should rot in jail

18 months, what a joke- a slap on our faces
16:52 July 15, 2010 by LeoKinmann
or it could be: the guys is a Swedish white male and the victim is a Chinese woman. All the speculations made on her possible involvement in some sham marriage ring are thrown out to victimize this guy. apparently the Swedish judges never want to put a Swedish man in jail for the life of a non-Swedish woman.
20:58 July 18, 2010 by wxman
"A man accused of murdering his fiancée has been found guilty of moving and hiding her body after her death." Ya think? Maybe he didn't want anyone to find it. Duh!
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