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Wrong to ban student with niqab: ombudsman

TT/David Landes · 1 Dec 2010, 07:55

Published: 01 Dec 2010 07:55 GMT+01:00

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“According to the DO’s assessment, kicking a student out of class simply because she was wearing a niqab, without taking into account the specific circumstances of her participation, violates the law against discrimination,” Equality Ombudsman Katri Linna wrote in an opinion article in the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

Linna’s decision stems from a January 2009 incident in which a Muslim woman was was told she would no longer be welcome at an adult education college in Spånga, west of Stockholm, if she continued to wear her niqab.

The niqab is part of a hijab headress and covers the entire face except for the eyes.

The student reported the matter to the ombudsman, claiming it amounted to religious discrimination, as the school’s decision prevented her from continuing her training to be a pediatric nurse if she continued to wear the niqab.

Sweden’s Parliamentary Ombudsman (Justitieombudsmännen – JO) recently criticised the Equality Ombudsman for taking nearly two years to rule on the case.

Linna said her office has no plans to take the woman’s case to court because the she had been able to complete her studies in spite of the ban, as the school eventually decided to let her continue attending classes until the Equality Ombudsman had decided on the case.

Because the woman finished her studies with solid marks, she has proven that her headscarf didn’t present an obstacle to attending lectures, according to the ombudsman. Nor were there any problems related to her interactions with teachers or other students.

During class, she sat in a way that prevented male students from seeing her face, meaning she didn’t have to keep it covered.

The woman had also said she was willing to show her face if and when the school’s personnel needed to identify her, wrote Linna, who concluded there was “no overriding reason to prohibit” the student from attending class.

Linna also expressed her concern about the “rancor and simplifications” which infected the ensuing debate about wearing a niqab, rejecting justifications based on the assumption that headscarves are an “expression of the oppression of women” and therefore must be fought.

“To remove women who wear niqabs from an education programme benefits neither theirs nor other women’s equality,” writes the ombudsman.

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“I believe instead that education can be a platform for women to continue to develop and shape their own choices. Education is the basis for entering the job market and thus access to a social context outside the home and the possibility to support oneself.”

The Equality Ombudsman’s decision means that a school must make an individual assessment in every case involving a student wearing a niqab and that schools cannot decide on a general ban against women bearing headscarves, according to Linna.

“You have to look at each situation: what sort of educational programme it is,” she told the TT news agency, what’s included, what sort of problems occurred and whether they can be avoided by other means. It’s essential to do so before kicking a student out,” she told the TT news agency.

TT/David Landes (news@thelocal.se)

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08:34 December 1, 2010 by crankpot
whatever happened to ' when in rome...'?? think we can go to their land and say we are swedish and do as we please?? wake up sweden and take back your culture..
08:51 December 1, 2010 by mojofat
How about if I show up at the bank wearing a ski mask? And this lady wants to be a pediatric nurse? Good lord, she'll scare every kid that comes in to see her.

When I see a "niqab" I don't think "enlightened culture"...you know?
08:56 December 1, 2010 by engagebrain
I agree with ombudsman - the niqab clearly does not prevent training as a pediatric nurse.

I can see major problems if/when she starts to work as a pediatric nurse.
09:06 December 1, 2010 by Mr. Puppy
I am a member of a cannabis-based religion but I am not allowed to smoke cannabis legally for religious purposes in Sweden. This is discrimination. I really am a believer of cannabis as a religious sacrament, but I don't get a green light by the Swedish government to break Swedish rules just because of that. There is no reason to allow a niqab in schools or any public institutions in Sweden. Twenty years ago if anyone wore so much as a hat in school they would get in trouble. Sweden should not give up on jämlikhet just because it has taken in socially conservative patriarchal immigrants.
09:32 December 1, 2010 by Alf Garnett
How do they know it actually was the same student that enrolled in the course?? Did they check her ID when taking the exam?? what a joke.

I can't go into a bank or goverment building wearing my MC helmet. This is discriminating against non-muslims, maybe the ombudsman is a muslim.
09:32 December 1, 2010 by miss79
dont know wat to say..
09:37 December 1, 2010 by Nemesis
@ Mr. Puppy,

You are being discriminated against. Take your case to the ombudsman and demand equality.

If they reject your case, sue them for discrimination.

Niqab is banned in schools in Turkey and Tunisia. They are seen as political symbols in those muslim countries.
09:43 December 1, 2010 by Ravioli
This is another slap in the face to Sweden. Unfortunately the majority of those slaps are self-inflicted and this is another one. The face-covering is wrong on so many levels, some of which were well-outlined above. By taking this decision Sweden is showing that it supports suppression of women and is right in step with the beliefs in Islam that women are second-class people.
10:00 December 1, 2010 by truthworthy
Great, I agree with the Ombudsman. although I am not a big fan of niqab the idea that it is oppressing thing is unfounded, i know many women who wear and I couldn't stop them from wearing it because they say it is our choice.

I also applaud the talent of this girl by completing her education while in so much pressure.
10:03 December 1, 2010 by Hagrid
Wearing a niqab has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with supressing and objectifying women by insecure men from a chauvinistic and backwards culture. The really sad thing is that Muslim women have been brainwashed to believe this is something positive.
10:09 December 1, 2010 by Keith #5083
exactly who is being discriminated against here? The refusal of immigrants to integrate is, in itself, a discriminatory tactic. The niqab is NOT required in Islam, it is a political not a religious symbol.The political gesture of wearing it - and demanding to do so as a religious symbol - is stating that the rest of us (non-muslims) are to be discriminated against. Even Syria bans Niqab in colleges and universities.

The next thing we'll be hearing is that it's ok to go to school/college in a Nazi uniform because in Hitler's "ersatz bible"(compiled in 1941) one of the commandments was " to honour your Fuhrer and Master"

Can you imagine what would happen if a Roman Catholic or Lutheran choirboy went to school in his cassock?

I am happy to respect any religion that respects others. I am happy to abide by the rules in Islamic countries. I am happy to honour the culture in Scandinavian/European culture.
10:10 December 1, 2010 by anony1
this is one sample case, which people generalize, like saying, this is the reason, sweden must ban immigration.

I hate Niqab and Islam in 1st place!

but, come on, if you have lived with something more than 10 years (even at home for these people) it will be harmful for them to leave all of these behind at once and it will need propper education, letting know the women their freedom and ....

the persian girls, are forced to wear Hijab, a more friendly and opener version of Nigab! most of these girls, wear it just in streets of iran, and elsewhere they are free and without hijab,

but some of them still keep Hijab, even after coming to free society like sweden. the surprise thing you see is here, after one year,, most of them, (I mean very most of them) leave hijab, by being accepted more in their persian friends, and also learning that the people without hijab are also good people, and there is no sin ('in their opinion) leaving Hijab.

but in my opinion the main reason is education here, (and also assuring safety for women, where their husband, father, won't punish them for not wearing Niqab) step by step,. like going from niqab to Hijab and so...

please stop blame individuals, because they were grown in an ill society where they couldn't control, blame the religion, and try to change the people, instead of kicking them out!
10:56 December 1, 2010 by unseen
as i come from Islamic country and was born of Muslim parents, i have fully acknowledged the fact that Niqap is not an obligation, religious wise. it is just a choice that most likely very few women who come from extremely conservative families go with.

since this woman chose to live in a western country, she has to reconsider her appearance.

if a swede comes to my homeland (Iraq) and go to beach there with a bikini, he'll be criticized for such an act and sure will be told to go to special resort, there where people can wear bikinis.

back home, we prissily deal with women in Niqap. therefor i totally understand why this woman was banned from class.

although its personal freedom to wear whatever, but we have a saying back home that might fit this situation, "eat whatever you like, dress what folk like".
11:04 December 1, 2010 by marianne667
I am so tired of the moslems demanding extra treatment because of their religion. I don't get anything but garbage because of mine and I doubt very much the ombudsman would give me the time of day if I had a complaint of some kind. everybody bends over backwards for the moslems probably because we are so afraid of them.

In my local bank I am not allowed to cash a check wearing sunglasses or a baseball cap!!!!!!
11:24 December 1, 2010 by jack sprat
How's anyone know whether that's a student or Osama Bin Laden sitting in the back row of the classroom ???
11:31 December 1, 2010 by donutwallah
Why should we tolerate the intolerant?
11:48 December 1, 2010 by wolverine2k
I don't get it. Even if she cleared her course in "flying colors", how was the school making sure it was her who gave the test in the first place. And again, if she gets a job in a hospital, does she expect all the kids to come with their mothers?

What happens if a 1/2 year old is accompanied by the father? Will she show her eyes and ask the father to leave the kid alone with her? What if she is a paedo and a transvestite who just took the course with the eyes showing so that she gets a legal access to touch other children?

BTW, wasn't there profit a paedo as well? Lots of questions to answer. I think we should start a criminal investigation into a possible paedo here...
13:05 December 1, 2010 by Åskar
I fully agree with the organisation Humanisterna that made a statement in today's Aftonbladet:

"Kön, könsöverskridande identitet, etnisk tillhörighet (hudfärg etc), funktionshinder, sexuell läggning och ålder" är alla egenskaper, medan "religion eller annan trosuppfattning" är däremot ställningstaganden"

Rough translation: "gender, transgender identity, ethnicity (skin colour etc), functional limitations, sexual preferences and age" are all qualities [that you are unable to change] whereas "religion or other belief systems" on the other hand are statements of a position.

13:05 December 1, 2010 by tombby11
Just Funny Swedes :) , and after all you go out and say "Swedes are not racist and don't care about others as long as they don't interfere with other matters"

People, just think about it , if the article was about a woman who had lost parts of her face and she want to cover it , then the government don't allow her to go for school without that mask (to cover her face defects), in the case you all will cry for that woman , and go for protests in the street to protect "Human rights", so please stop this stupid way of thinking , and tell your self "Weather she is covering her face because of her religion or her face defects , why should i care? as long as it is her own choice" .

Two years ago I was always respecting Sweden for its regulations against racism and respects Swedes for following them, I know that the majority of Swedes they are not like, but still with people like you , unfortunately Sweden's Image is getting worse .
13:16 December 1, 2010 by booka
well then.... obviously this law need to be changed to defend the teachers....
13:31 December 1, 2010 by izbz
I wouldn't even want to argue about human right. She has every right to dress as a ninja if she wants to but outside the school. The teachers also has every right to be sure that she is really who she claim to be while attending classes and sitting for examination. Just wonder how the teachers know if it is really her during exam if everything closed up. SIMPLE AS THAT.....
13:40 December 1, 2010 by tombby11
@izbz: if this the case you are right , and it can be easily solved without this propaganda, and be sure that this solution is practiced by most of the places, it is easy , just when the time of exam comes, the female teacher (or examiner) take the student aside , and check her face before setting in the exam room ,this solution is guaranteed and will not take 15 - 25 seconds (depending on how far is that aside place is )
13:55 December 1, 2010 by foxpur
I just HAD to reply @crankpot...

'When in Rome...' you apprently don't know the history from which you quote. The romans allowed head scarves, and any other religious clothing that went from nudity to total body covering and encouraged multi-cultural religions... So if were WERE as the Romans this would have the same result..

The comment "When in Rome, do as the Romans" meant do as they do because there were so cosmopolitan it made visitors confused on how to act around such diversity, whish goes opposite to the usage you intended.
14:15 December 1, 2010 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com
i dont know why the state has chosen to be formless and daily ebbing away its

JA can enter sweden with niqab
14:24 December 1, 2010 by amelie_l
we should also make kids wear niqabs, both boys and girls, in case their hair or their face inspire impure thoughts to pedophiles.
14:26 December 1, 2010 by anticommie
You swedes better get your pray rugs ready you soon will be bowing to allah.
14:40 December 1, 2010 by Nemesis
I am just realising what the implications of this ruling are after a conversation with my neighbour over coffee. The things I talk about when I haev a fee day can be bizarre at times:

I have a message for all the GIMP's out there. You can wear your rubber or leather masks openly now, in work, at school or whatever. If anyone says anything to you about it, you can sue for discrimination. After all you are showing your subervience, just as those in the niqab are.
14:46 December 1, 2010 by fm
There is a girl that is taking International Economics classes with me at school, she wears the Niqab....the course is conducted entirely in English since it is a single course in an international program...this girl disrupts the class always by asking questions in Swedish and requesting the lecturer to answer in Swedish, even though its an English class dominated by international students with no knowledge of Swedish. I wonder why she can't get rid of the Niqab and integrate properly in Sweden, if she so loves Sweden and Swedish so much that she could use her Swedish to temporary disrupt the class, because every time she does that, people start murmuring and the class becomes rowdy sort of
16:01 December 1, 2010 by Keith #5083

"why should i care?"

1. Because historically in our cultures, wearing a mask was the sign of someone who meant you harm.

2. Because it has become the symbol of a noble religion being hijacked, i.e. a political statement not a religious one.

3. because it also symbolises a refusal to accept the norms of a society into which you have chosen to emmigrate. It is an 'old country tradition' and should have been left there if you choose to come into this society. It is a statement of non-integration.

4. because it is not justifiable in terms of the religion it claims to represent.It is not in the Q'rn.

"Why should I care?"
16:19 December 1, 2010 by ingvar
Perhaps, less people would care if she studied to be a construction worker. But just imagine, you bring you 2 years old sick crying child to the local pediatrician and he sees THIS.

Let them dig ditches.
17:06 December 1, 2010 by asian123
she will be deported to the c ountry where she came from immediately along with her family.

inequality ambudsman rules are not came from the sky. they are written many years back that are not applicable to and they are twisted and misused now a days. we must write new rules.

fortunately she did not claim any money because of her discrimination.

the most brainless people are working in the migrationsverket.

it really give a bad image to the muslims who are much debated in the european countries.
17:34 December 1, 2010 by miau
If some ignoramus's are offended by someone wearing a niqab, I hate to think what else offends them. What people wear is their own business. It's absolutely astonishing that people's clothes have been elevated into an issue of world importance, with desperate politicians in Europe and elsewhere playing their last hand, the race card.
17:50 December 1, 2010 by asian123
employer had a right to say no to this kind of people. one must follow rule when you are doing job and wear a proper dress according to safety and modesty.

sweden should change rule just as like in denmark.

if you wear a burqua you can not claim unemployment benefits in denmark.

that law is good medicine.

or it should be legal to rape woman with burqua just as legal to rape a woman in bikini in many muslim countries.


"people's clothes have been elevated into an issue of world importance",

it is the muslims elevated their dressings to the world importance.

all countries have their own dressing styles according to their cultures .

no religion eccept islam has so many demands and restrictions about the dressing of woman.

DO judgement only help SD to get their own majority in the parlement.
17:55 December 1, 2010 by idylie
@miau, It's not the clothe itself, it is what it symbolises.

If it was just some original dress, like a skirt with oriental motives, it wouldn't hurt, it would in fact be original and appreciated, but it is covering the whole body and the face. Why should women cover themselves more than men?

I would be less chocked if both men and women were wearing the burqa, I would still be against because the expression of the face is a social attribut, but I would not be so hurt.

Why should women take the responsability of the fantasies their body is inspiring to some men? Why should they agree with the idea that their hair, hand, neck and face are sexual? Muslim men have to change their way to see women if they think such thoughts are not compatible with their religion, or they should as well wear the burqa for the fact that they could inspire the same ideas to women, either way not just remove the freedom of one gender only.
18:34 December 1, 2010 by asian123
muslim culture and religion is different opnion about woman . they see woman as inferior and can not do any job.

womans job in islam culture is to sat at home and breed children for the war.

even this is the fact most muslims disagree with.

the only thing muslims know is branding the people who criticises islam as racists.
18:40 December 1, 2010 by Tusker
Wikileaks reveals the secret life of Playboy Magazine's Miss December!
19:26 December 1, 2010 by tombby11
@Keith #5083 :

" It is an 'old country tradition' and should have been left there if you choose to come into this society"

-It looks that you dont know the history of this country to judge what is the old tradition, check any picture of Swedish people in the beginning of the 1900 and look what they were wearing. unfortunately, Womens freedom of expression is not what women want, it is what men want to see, women dont want to see naked women (which is you can find many times here on the streets), women don't want to be prostitutes (which is something people in Sweden demanding to be legal), It is Men want to see Women naked , and it is Men who want to have Sex for few money.

- "Because it has become the symbol of a noble religion being hijacked, i.e. a political statement not a religious one."

Have anyone forced to become a Muslim ? and yes Neqab is not mandatory in Islam , but it is also not Political . it is Cultural, some people put tattoos , some people put earing, and there are people put Neqab , there is nothing about it , most of the world allowing Niqab ,Even in America Niqab is allowed, Why neqab is attacked here in Europe ? according to the Law , there is nothing wrong with wearing the Niqab.

- "because it also symbolises a refusal to accept the norms of a society into which you have chosen to emmigrate"

First of all i am only a student here not an emigrant , so dont worry about this , second , the girl is participating in the class , and so she is trying to participating with the society , but the teacher did not allow her to participate, To accept the Norm , you have to respect their rules and deal with the people . you don' t have forget your own identity .

I am a student here in a university that contains all the Nationality , the main problem that everyone complain about is that most of Swedes actually don't mix with others !!!!!! may be you are not in University yet , but this is what is going on there !

The problem with people who are against Islam ,or against what they think is threatening Swedes is that they don't mix with immigrants , they don't want to understand them, and what is the point of acting like this , and they just want to blame them for their own problems, although the emigrants solved many problems for Swedes
23:07 December 1, 2010 by saab

You state:

"the main problem that everyone complain about is that most of Swedes actually don't mix with others !!!!!!"

Gee, isn't this the right of Swedes... afterall, they are in their own country! We do not have One World yet. Swedes can be Swedes in Sweden. Kinda makes sense to me. Just because you want to "diversify" Sweden or globalize it, does not mean that Swedes have to... it's YOUR agenda.

Interesting to note too that we finally have a discussion going on a topic pertaining to Muslims and no one has yet blamed the Jews.

So refreshing!

(Or did I now unleash a torrent of ridiculous commentary?)
23:23 December 1, 2010 by Swedesmith
Actually the niqab looks very functional for this cold weather that we are experiencing. Do they come in white?
23:26 December 1, 2010 by Keith #5083

You write "Neqab is not mandatory in Islam , but it is also not Political . it is Cultural"

Which is exactly my point. It is cultural. It belongs to the 'old country' culture. It is a simple statement that we have brought the old country with us and intend to live in the same way.

How do I know this? Because, contrary to your accusation, I mix very much with 'immigrants', being one myself!! I see first hand the ways in which 'old country' thinking dominates their lives and parents attempt to dominate the lives of their children (who are now Swedish citizens born and bred) with the 'old country' culture in some cases against Swedish law.

BUT, they chose to come to a new country, a new culture - and part of their duties in accepting the new country citizenship is to accept the new culture, especially when it's standards are far higher and more equal that the 'old tradition'.

Did I say I hated Islam? No! You pre-suppose this simply because I object to the politicisation of a noble religion.

The Niqab and the Burqua are simple statements. They simply say "we have no wish to integrate", but we like living here :). Under Western rules we are entitled to demand in the name of our religion. So where in the Q'rn is there anything about the N and B ?

Historically, highwaymen, robbers and murderers wore face masks - in virtually all western cultures and long before 1900. Yes, even in Sweden!
23:30 December 1, 2010 by asian123
muslim people have lot of demands and ecceptions about religion.

no other religion is doing that.

burqua=uuemployed=social money=parasite to the society.

the women who are doing prostitution are far better than these women because they are atleast doing something to the society.

surviving whole life with other peoples money is like eating sh++t of the other people.
23:39 December 1, 2010 by Tusker
@ Swedesmith.......so funny LOL!

But I fear your witty contribution probably just went over too many heads.
03:15 December 2, 2010 by Petzlx
The Ombudsmans a deranged idiot bowing to this Islamic cult

In Australia recently this lying cult had a "Woman" claim a police officer was being racist in giving her a Traffic infringement notice.

The courts four her/him guilty of purger y and sentenced her/him to 6 months jail (which can carry up to a 10 year jail term). The sentenced woman "Carnita Mathews" is appeal conviction on the basis that she did not sign the complaint and no one can identify her

When is Sweden going to open there eyes and ban the Koran
06:09 December 2, 2010 by ericrufinosiah
Much had been said about the negative cultures or customs brought in by some

holier than thou immigrants and now the Equality Ombudsman through Katri Linna said that banning a student from class for wearing a headscarf is a violation

of Sweden's Anti-discrimation Law.?But then can somebody please explain "what

is the difference between a headscaf and an Islamic Niqab>?
06:45 December 2, 2010 by MarkinBoston
When women travel to Muslim countries they are told to respect the local culture and cover themselves. When Muslims move to Western countries, the Western countries are told to change their local culture to accept the Muslims.

Nice trick.
08:26 December 2, 2010 by Keith #5083
@Tusker + @Swedesmith

Agree with you, Tusker. Nice one Swedesmith.

erhmmm, I just wished you hadn't asked about the white ones as this could be considered a racist comment - or did you mean that by being white they were invisible in winter? Would that also mean that reflective strips attached to the white B were considered against a religious code?


Why don't you address your question to Syria, or Iran, I'm sure someone there could explain the subleties to you. Isn't a headscarf usually a fashion accessory, worn for winter protection or for dramatic fashion effect and most often removed in a warm room or summer?
10:47 December 2, 2010 by motti
first step; moslems wear facial coverings

second step; every one will wear facial coverings.

bet malmoe will be the first to make this law
11:30 December 2, 2010 by Rick Methven
What amuses me is the number of illiterate posters on this thread, from both sides of the fence
12:27 December 2, 2010 by Strongbow
@11:24 December 1, 2010 by jack sprat

"How's anyone know whether that's a student or Osama Bin Laden sitting in the back row of the classroom ???"

To begin with, Osama is close to two meters tall.

13:44 December 2, 2010 by elios
i am an arab person but if time by time sweden implement eastern cilization ,u can see what will happen to sweden after 10 years.look at muslim culture countries like iraq,saudi arabia,pakistan,afghanistan,iran,they are a disaster concerning human rights.

18:04 December 2, 2010 by Ravioli
Rick, care to share your opinion on the matter?
19:47 December 2, 2010 by Syftfel
@Methven: But there is only one side that counts. And that's the side that tries to preserve Swedish ethnicity and culture. Not the side that wishes to establish an Iranian style mullah kaliphate in Scandinavia where Shariah laws from the basis of societal structure. Here, it's the Bible and Christianity that drives our behavioral norms and laws. - In any case I haven't seen any one from the Swedish feminist movement weigh in on the niqab issue. They are remarkably silent. But perhaps it is torn between their customary radical-leftist stance and womens' rights, and can't quite make up its mind. Perhaps the feminist movement is waiting for a signal from someone to tell it what opinion it should have?
19:56 December 2, 2010 by mojofat
Darth Vader would not approve:


@Syftfel You've insulted an entire religion, the people of Iran, and the feminist movement in just a few short sentences. Well played sir.
02:42 December 3, 2010 by soultraveler3
Keith has been right in all of his comments.

This woman should not have been able to claim discrimination at all because it's not a religious item. It's used to control and dehumanize women and it's counteractive to muslim integration into western society.

Keith and others have also made valid points about what it means in western society when one has their face covered. Westerners associate masks and full body coverings with bad things (bandits and boogey men), it's not even on a conscience level most of the time. We associate openess, both physically and emotionally with honesty and kindness.

Bottom line for me is that if you make the choice to move to another country it's your responsbiilty to accept their culture, learn the language and integrate into society. This becomes even more important when a country offers to take you in, protect you, help you etc.
10:11 December 3, 2010 by idylie
@Syftfel I'm feminist and I gave my opinion above. If you're talking about FI, I don't think they would have the courage to raise an opinion on this, even if they are deep down horrified by the burqa.
12:22 December 3, 2010 by red.king
@ Rick M; yep, me too... Shows the calibre of posters on these news threads.. I reckon most are not even living in Sweden. Sad little people with sad little lives.. :(
13:28 December 3, 2010 by bcterry
As long as i am allowed entry to all the same places that allow hijabs, wearing a hoody and a mask, then there is no problem.

If these women are allowed exception based on religion, which is founded on manmade mythological nonsense, with no basis in fact, that's where i would draw the line.

1400 years ago, a man walks into a cave to fast, ..... stop me if you've heard this one, ...................
13:34 December 3, 2010 by BCIS
Sweden...you are losing your country the culture vultures. They come in...take over with their never ending breeding...and the next thing you know, you're waking up at 5AM to the call of the minaret. Good luck with that because you're going to need it.
14:01 December 3, 2010 by bcterry
The only reason this laughable religion has survived this long, is by the brainwashing and forcible conversion of their children, with threats of violence if they do not adhere.

They are so insecure, that the only way they can deal with criticism is by lashing out with anger and violence.
14:29 December 3, 2010 by BCIS
Check out this video on Sweden and the beginning of the end of Sweden as we have known it. Go to YouTube...search on "Pat Condell Goodbye Sweden"
20:08 December 3, 2010 by Iftikhar_Ahmad
Wearing a burka does not prevent Muslim women 'engaging in everyday life' in Britain. Baroness Warsi defended the right of Muslim women to 'choose' to wear the burka. She suggested that many Muslim women choose to wear the veil of their own free will. 'Why should we tell women what to wear? What it boils down to is choice. If women don't have a choice over what to wear then they are oppressed.

But if a woman has a choice, and she chooses to wear whatever she chooses to wear then she's not oppressed is she? She's choosing what she wants.'

Critics claim that the burka alienates Muslim women from the rest of society. But Lady Warsi said the burka did not act as a barrier in itself. She added: 'There are women who wear the burka who run extremely successful businesses - internet businesses, which don't actually require you to be there face to face.'I don't believe it's for the state to say what we can and cannot wear. Any woman who supports the burkha should wear one.

There is a social and economic pressure on Muslim women not to cover themselves with Hijab or Niqab. Syeda Warsi is a member of the Toy Cabinet becaus she does not cover herself with Hijab or Niqab. Only those Muslim women who are having post of responsibility are those who do not cover themselves. Only those Muslim women recieve OBE, who do not cover themselves. Banning the veil or blocking the building of minarets would alienate the Muslim community and threaten social cohesion. There is no need for the British Establishment to ban Niqab because it is a Munafiq society. Those westen European countries who have banned Niqab are Kaffir.

A careful reading of the Qur'an shows that just about everything Western feminists fought for in the 1970s was available 1,400 years ago to Muslim women, who are considered equal to men in spirituality, education and worth. When Islam offers women so much, why are Western men so obsessed with Muslim women's attire? Even British government ministers Gordon Brown and John Reid have made disparaging remarks about the niqab, and they hail from Scotland, where men wear skirts.

"common sense" not to wear the niqab because it makes social relations "more difficult." Nonsense. If this were the case, why are cell phones, e-mail, text messaging and fax machines in daily use?

We are very normal, we are very human and we are as intelligent as anyone else....the real beauty and inner strength lies within the mind. By wearing Hijab or niqab, a Muslim woman is able to confidentially project her opinions and ideas without having the pressure of being secretly or publicly critiqued of their body.

Today, our society encourages women to show off their bodies, and not show off their brains. Female models are often underweight, and the media tells us this is the way women should look like!! dont make me laugh!!!!

Iftikhar ahmad

20:35 December 3, 2010 by Syftfel
Dear Ifthikar: You are obviously completely missing the point. Or you lack the reference points to comment on the topic at hand. And it is precisely because of comments like yours that we westerners stongly and firmly condemn the 7th century antics of some, although not all, muslims. Such costumes represent to us, not a religion, but a political system and a lifestyle alien to any decent human being. And it must be stopped! - I'm your favorite Dhimmi. Remember.
22:14 December 3, 2010 by karinBM
i just think it makes them look like morran in mumin
00:21 December 4, 2010 by Tusker
All these replies,backwards and forwards, what a waste of time.

These people want to be socially excluded...so socially exclude them.
11:32 December 4, 2010 by idylie
@Iftikhar_Ahmad a simple question: why do only women wear the burqa?

Well, I admit I don't know a lot about islam, but if I have a quick look over what is said on the internet, I find this page:


It doesn't sound much like women have the same rights as men according to those extracts of the Coran (if they are true?), and the Coran was the same 1400 years ago. They don't even seem to have the rights women have gotten in the western world during the seventies.
16:25 December 4, 2010 by bcterry
"A careful reading of the Qur'an shows that just about everything Western feminists fought for in the 1970s was available 1,400 years ago to Muslim women, who are considered equal to men in spirituality, education and worth. When Islam offers women so much, why are Western men so obsessed with Muslim women's attire?"

10. A husband has sex with his wife, as a plow goes into a field.

The Quran in Sura (Chapter) 2:223 says:

Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like . . . . (MAS Abdel Haleem, The Qur'an, Oxford UP, 2004)

9. Husbands are a degree above their wives.

The Quran in Sura 2:228 says:

. . . Wives have the same rights as the husbands have on them in accordance with the generally known principles. Of course, men are a degree above them in status . . . (Sayyid Abul A'La Maududi, The Meaning of the Qur'an, vol. 1, p. 165)

8. A male gets a double share of the inheritance over that of a female.

The Quran in Sura 4:11 says:

The share of the male shall be twice that of a female . . . . (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 311)

7. A woman's testimony counts half of a man's testimony.

The Quran in Sura 2:282 says:

And let two men from among you bear witness to all such documents [contracts of loans without interest]. But if two men be not available, there should be one man and two women to bear witness so that if one of the women forgets (anything), the other may remind her. (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 205).

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