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US tech offer threatens Brazil Gripen deal

AFP/The Local · 18 Feb 2011, 07:55

Published: 18 Feb 2011 07:55 GMT+01:00

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The transfer of military technology is a key factor for Brazil as it considers the Gripen NG made by Saab, the Rafale by France's Dassault or Boeing's F-18 Super Hornet for a contract worth between $4 billion and $7 billion.

"I would argue that the technology transfer that we are offering of this magnitude would put Brazil at par with our close partners," Frank Mora, deputy assistant secretary for Western Hemisphere affairs, told a legislative committee.

When asked if it were accurate that Brazil should not have doubts about the commitment to the technology transfer, he replied, "That is correct."

"The United States has made a robust proposal of the Super Hornet technology -- a significant technology transfer," he said.

The contract is for 36 fighters with the possibility of many more aircraft in the future.

The competition for the contract has dragged on for years, with President Dilma Rousseff inheriting it from her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who had declared a preference for French planes.

Arturo Valenzuela, assistant US secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, said during the hearing on Thursday that "we always raise this issue" in talks between Brazil and the US.

US President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Brazil in late March as part of a tour that includes stops in Chile and El Salvador. Brazil and the United States signed a military cooperation agreement in April 2010.

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In December 2010, US diplomatic cables recently released by WikiLeaks cited by newspaper Aftonbladet reported that Sweden was deceived by both the US and Norway regarding its neighbour's interest in signing a multi-billion kronor deal to buy Sweden's JAS Gripen fighter plane.

Norway ultimately decided to purchase the US-made Joint Strike Fighter/F-35 combat aircraft in a deal reportedly worth 55 billion kronor ($7.9 billion).

According to Aftonbladet, the United States threw a spanner in the works of the Gripen deal by stopping the export of an American-made radar component for use on the Swedish plane.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

08:14 February 18, 2011 by JulieLou40
Bit of a tenuous connection to Sweden. Come on TL, pull your socks up.
08:51 February 18, 2011 by Rick Methven

It has more than a tenuous connection to Sweden as this move by the US pushes it ahead of Sweden in the sale of aircraft.

America is prepared to give its technology to Brazil but refuses to allow Sweden to give away that same technology that is in the JAS.

Sweden screwed by the US once again
09:11 February 18, 2011 by NoVaseline
the US owns Sweden! The relevant wiki cables support it and also look at the Assange case.
09:54 February 18, 2011 by Nemesis
This is a case of the US telling Sweden to bend over and the Swedes thanking them for it.
10:58 February 18, 2011 by Decedo
I wonder if Sweden will 'suddenly' get the contract if Assange is handed over to the US by Sweden ;P
12:38 February 18, 2011 by karex
The US ALWAYS reverts to blocking needed exports in any area to get what they want. This is called extortion in my book.

This comon US practice is the reason why Brazil refused to even consider any offers for the tender back when it was first announced. Brazil has been a victim of this practice many times before, to the point that some of the fleet had to be grounded for a while because needed spare parts were blocked. Brazil will be stupid to consider this offer no matter what the US promises. As far as foreign trade is concerned, most officials in the US in charge of this area follow the political mindest of "promises were made to be broken". It will just turn around a bite Brazil in the posterior sooner or later.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me..."
14:13 February 18, 2011 by matona1
make more bread no weapon
17:44 February 18, 2011 by SweAbroad
So, after several years the US buckled and had to top up their bid substantially to keep a place in the competition. Doesn't seem like they're in the driving seat really.

No wonder, with a 13-18 years older airplane, than the Gripen and Rafale..
17:45 February 18, 2011 by UScitizen
@ Rick Methven

If the techonology belongs to America and they gave it to Sweden and let Sweden use it, they have the right to say Sweden can't give it to others. Use some common sense, PLEASE!

@ Nemesis

Finally, the truth about your problem comes out! So, you've been forced to bend over for some American guy and felt you had to thank him for it? Hey, no thanks was necessary. I'm sure the guy enjoyed it.
18:37 February 18, 2011 by hammad674
US (Here i mean US as US Government not Public) don't want that someone Trade Except them, No one make Rules Except theim, No one Break rule Except them, No one involve in Chemical and Automic Weapons production Except them.

When they have Interest in something, but never able to influence or convince the other party, they use conspiracy therories, (Iraq is the true example for Oil Invasion, World trade Center- Inside Job), Now terrorizing Iran, Trap Julian Assang through conspiracy by Swedish Government, And now they played a double game with Sweden as well. Many more example like this. I wonder sometime, when the people still believe what they say and what they does backend.

Sorry to say its not a Hate Speach but the facts and anyone can google it.
18:56 February 18, 2011 by UScitizen
@ hammad674

I agree with you that the thing about the World trade Center being an Inside Job is a conspiracy therory. Just as Trapping Julian Assang through the Swedish Government is also a conspiracy therory.

If you think the US is terrorizing Iran, please explain how. And thanks for not making a hate speech against the US.
19:47 February 18, 2011 by hammad674

Thanks for agreeing some part of conversation :) , As for the other thing about Iran, I try to explain a little.

The thing, i am trying to explain is that, Whatever Iran is doing, whether they are making missiles, working on nuclear program or what so ever, Why US Gov is forcing them to quite the program and threaten them for imposing sanctions for trades and other things or even threaten to war against them.

When the Super Powers like US, China and other 6 countries have made these weapons for their protection and just to symbolizes they have power, then

why US try to pressurize and threatens other Nationals like Iran to work on their projects. I guess US have the most deadliest weapons in the World. When no country interferes in US Gov matters and programs then why US Gov does.

This is what I am trying to say, when nobody stop US for doing anything, US also shouldn't also interfere in other countries matter.
21:52 February 18, 2011 by UScitizen
@ hammad674

As an American citizen I probably shouldn't say this but:

Yes, the US has those weponds but the US is really afraid to use them. They are only for a deterrent. And the US is afraid that Iran WILL use them. That's what it boils down to. Fear.

I'm sure the US would use nuclear weapons if pushed into it and I hope that never happens. So the US, the (supposed) biggest, baddest country in the world is really afraid of what might happen. That's my opinion of my government.

In that thing between the two Koreas in December, I have no doubt that South Korea would have responded with nuclear missles if attacked with much more force. That skirmish worried me more than anything going on in the Middle East. I'm glad things quietened down there.
22:15 February 18, 2011 by wenddiver
@hammad674- My experience is that aiming any weapons at the US or US Allies doesn't make you safer. It ussually just moves you up the Target and Planning list and puts you in real danger. The US spends a lot of effort destroying it's enemies and always has since 1776. One should always remember that as impressive as the US war machine looks in peacetime and what you can see, when it goes to war it is ussually a lot more advanced than people thought. I doubt if Hitler thought when he declared war on the US in 1941, that the the bolt Action rifles of the US Army would morph into Nuclear equiped force of 1945 with armies on every continent of the world. Nobody should believe that Nukes are the worst the US can do. Fighting an opponent it is impossible to beat is called suicide.
23:05 February 18, 2011 by hammad674
It is a fact that Nuke Weapons are just show Case Material for any country that have them, and any country how powerful it would be feel reluctant to use them against anyone. Remember still now, there are 8 more Atomic Power in the World, and the use of any Nuke weapons by any country could result in World War-III (I wish it never happened ever), and this time everything would be vanished from face of Earth even US. And every country who have Nuke weapons knows this fact so rationally no country will make any mistake.
08:29 February 19, 2011 by Rick Methven

SAAB and Volvoflygmotor BOUGHT components from the US who SOLD it to them making a big profit from it.

The US Department of Trade has for years has ensured American advantage by blocking sales by other countries of Hi-Tech items such as aircraft containing US content, by putting a country on a restricted list and then when a non-US bid has failed because of the ban, all of sudden that country that was so bad it was on the US blacklist, suddenly becomes the best buddy pal of the US when a US company wants to sell to them.

The US has been using his trick to push inferior products around the world for years.

In my 43 years in the Aviation business I have seen it many many times
08:42 February 19, 2011 by freedompk

"Yes, the US has those wepons but the US is really afraid to use them. They are only for a deterrent. And the US is afraid that Iran WILL use them. That's what it boils down to. Fear".

It's funny to say the country who has initiated the NUCLEAR war is not going to use it again. The US is putting a lot of money into Military Research....They have started the UNMANNED WAR in the form of DRONES..........Killing people who they don't even bother to know whether they are innocent or otherwise legally speaking.
14:49 February 19, 2011 by UScitizen
I think the US is afraid to use them because other countries have nuclear weapons and would retaliate. It was different in 1945. we saw what could happen and don't want it happening on our soil.

Fear is a great deterrent. I guess I should say the the US won't use them first.
17:18 February 19, 2011 by freedompk
Lolz..........US won't use them first and you want us to believe it and you will not believe the rest of the world specially non White World................Why should people trust you if you don't trust them?

US has never been neutral or Just to the rest of the world which is needed to gain trust as a global Neutral Leader..........US just vetoed occupation of Palestinian Territories by Israel that has been supported by 14 out 15 members of the Security Council. US is NUMBER 1 in WARFARE export...................The revenue is in billions far far ahead from number 2.
06:33 February 21, 2011 by UScitizen
But doesn't number two try harder? This argument is going nowhere. It's simple, common and intelligent business practice to "sweeten the deal" if you want to do business with someone. All businesses, all countries, everyone does it.

This is just another instance for all you who are jealous of the US and unhappy with your own country, to say something demeaning. Whine and cry, that's all that folks like Rick Methven want to do, whine and cry about the US....
10:58 February 21, 2011 by Rick Methven

I do not want to whine about the US. What I do complain about, especially in aviation, is the hypocritical stance of the US. who have on the one hand complained about government subsidies in Europe while at the same time using trade bans and government sweeteners to gain market control for US companies. Back in the seventies Boeing and McDonald Douglas carved up the world aviation market between them with the help of the CIA, Boeing has now swallowed up MDC and wants the whole pot for itself. In 1978 at a world aviation conference, a VP of a European aircraft manufacturer, was leading a debate on market share, a Boeing VP responded that a 'fair' share of the market for Boeing was 100% and Europeans should stick to wine and cheese which was the only thing they where good at.

I have seen the tactics used by the US aviation industry from both sides, having worked for both European and US aviation companies. One of these days I shall even write a book which will blow the whole industry wide open.
10:59 February 21, 2011 by freedompk
When NUMBER 2 Try Harder............US Whine and Cry..................Suddenly it becomes a threat to the whole world.................This is Business.........if you are doing it.............any body else has the complete rights to do that as well..............

Does it make sense that five Countries should be making decisions about the whole world who luckily emerged as WINNERS of World War-II.............

15:11 February 21, 2011 by calebian22
Those crying foul on this forum are the same ones who applauded the contract that went to Orrefors instead of a US company for US embassy stemwear last year. Sometimes you're the baby, sometimes you're the diaper.
21:57 February 21, 2011 by andrewsrocks
Technology transfer is the most important part of the deal regardless the money involved, and Brazilians know that. It is time for them to start building their own weapons. I really hope they won't buy US made ones and if they do, make them build the planes at local facilities, involve local universities and train Brazilian engineers and technicians as a fundamental part of the deal. Since Swedish planes are built using US made parts, go with the French guys. Lula is a knowledgeable person.
12:33 February 22, 2011 by americanska
@Rick...inferior products? why does the Gripen need US made components if the US makes inferior products? why not just use all european suppliers?

us made weapons/ planes/ ships....are the bset in the world. that is just how it is. this is why why the F18 Super Hornet is better than the So called "Next Generation" Gripen. We all know it's realy just Gen 4.5
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