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Venezuela slams Sweden over FARC deportee

TT/The Local · 30 Apr 2011, 08:51

Published: 30 Apr 2011 08:51 GMT+02:00

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The Swedish Foreign Ministry asked Venezuela in a note why they did not inform Sweden that they had arrested the 54-year-old Swede when he landed at Caracas International Airport last Saturday.

News agency TT reports that Maduro, in the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal, asked why “one of Interpol's wanted men” was able to travel outside the country.

The Swedish government has still not received an official response, a press secretary for the Swedish Foreign Ministry told TT.

Colombia is accusing the Swede of being the rebel group Farc's European boss and financier. The government in Bogota has been trying to find the man ever since he was granted political asylum in Sweden nearly 20 years ago.

Maduro told El Universal that Venezuela had followed international law in their handling of the situation. The arrest has been criticized by the opposition in Venezuela.

When Colombian authorities learned that the man was on his way to Venezuela, the Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos called his counterpart Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and asked him to arrest and deport the man.

Police flew him to Bogota where the detention hearing was held on Tuesday.

Sweden's ambassador to Colombia had representatives present during the hearing, Anders Jörle, press secretary for the Swedish Foreign Ministry, told TT. “We have to see that he is treated correctly according to the law,” Jörle said to TT.

“We can't interfere ourselves but we can demand consular access to him,” he said.

Colombia says that evidence against the Swede consists of emails that were found on a computer belonging to the former Farc rebel leader Paul Reys, who is dead.

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The Colombian newspaper El Tiempo reported that the Swede was active with Farc for 30 years. The man denied working with Farc, but said as a journalist he had talked to the guerillas.

He is the editor for the internet site Anncol which is critical of the Colombian government. But the Colombian government says Anncol has ties to Farc.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:04 April 30, 2011 by wenddiver
All the basics of a Swedish Passport Application:

Not an ethnic Swede, Check.

Probably never been to Sweden before Passport application, check.

Political Assylum, check.

Supports terrorism, check.

Member of an actual Terrorist group, check.

Doesn't pay Swedish taxes or serve in the Swedish Armed Forces, check.

No actual ties or loyalty to Sweden, check.

CONGRATULATIONS SIR, YOUR SWEDISH PASSPORT HAS BEEN APPROVED!!!!! Which Visa application would you like first, Afganistan, Pakistan, Iran, Palestein, Venezuela, Cuba or one of the other Socialist Workers Paradises. or Muddle-eastern hell holes.
10:17 April 30, 2011 by Nemesis
@ wenddiver

For once I actually agree with you.
11:27 April 30, 2011 by zeero
Everything is a political bla bla bla...
12:34 April 30, 2011 by juan guanus
Venezuelan foreign minister ignores that if a swedish citizen is to be deported a deportation has to be to the place of origin,either Sweden or Germany. Also there is no Interpol order of capture
12:49 April 30, 2011 by riose
@wenddiver Change Terrorist for Nazi, and Sweden for USA, and it is the same situation as a lot of political refugees that emigrated during the WWII (!!!)
15:19 April 30, 2011 by Swedesmith
@wenddiver Was Muddle-Eastern a typo or a clever pun? Either way, good posting.
15:40 April 30, 2011 by odinmp5
as a colombian citizen wiht swedish ancestry i can say: i feel good , knowing that members of farc, (who recruit young children, plant boobie traps, kidnapp innocent people) .. go to jail!! on the other hand i have trouble understanding the swedish authorities. i have seen many people including family members (even tough they fulfill all requirements and more) been denied a swedish tourist visa in the past (before shcengen) or a student visa . this is always done in the most humiliating manner. yet, assylum seekers get it instantly so they can keep their murder propaganda and live off decent swedish people taxes. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!
17:36 April 30, 2011 by calebian22

You are you using your butt to do your thinking again, or is that just the normal place for your head?
21:17 April 30, 2011 by juan guanus
For odinmp5:do you support the mass graveyards of the colombian state terrorism,the rule of the gun,the murder of thousands of innocents young men if you do,as it seems, no wonder you do not understand the swedish authorities helping political refugees like Perez Becerra,who escaped the political genocide in the 90s and who courageously continue speaking the truth of what happens in Colombia,his only crime to be a truthteller,reason enough for the colombian government to want him in jail.
23:07 April 30, 2011 by laura ka baal

your hole.
00:09 May 1, 2011 by Nemesis
@ odinmp5

Well said.
01:44 May 1, 2011 by Njal

Just out of curiosity, are you referrng to operation `paperclip`É
05:45 May 1, 2011 by wenddiver
@Nemis- The road to Wisdom starts with a single step.

@riouse- What third world university taught you that Soviet exageration. Can you et your money back.

@Swedesmith- Yes as a boy I lived near Hyde Park, (London) and used to make All of the Changing of the Queens Guards. One of my best friends was an old British Army World War II Desert Rat who closed every parade by saying "We have muddled through another one". It's a great saying and whenever everything goes to hell, I like to say "Don't worry, we shall muddle through as always"

@Laura Ka Baal- I wouldn't be posting things like that, if my girlfriend catches you thinking about my hole or any other part of my anatomy the classic little English Rose will no doubt fill you full of holes or teach you a little Muy Thai Boxing.
12:04 May 1, 2011 by wenddiver
@Swediepie- In the Old Testament Baal is a fallen Angel of Satan, the Hebrews called him Bezelbub. He was worshiped by semetic peoples Phonecians, yrians and Persians (roughly the Muslim countries of Libiya, Syria and Iran). Some people i ancient Israel worshiped him, but they were challenged by the followers of Judism and later Christianity.

The Prophets Elijah and Moses challenged the Worshipers of Baal and won.

He's also a bad guy in the Movie Ghostbusters.
21:31 May 1, 2011 by odinmp5
Juano guano, sadly your comrade joaquin perez is only telling 1/10 of the truth. While at the same time channeling funds for weapons that eventually will fuel a war and kill more people.

He also was in charge of the mis information campaign that FARC has held in sweden for the past 15 years.

I have lived in different towns in colombia. Anori, under FARC rule, ituango Under AUC (right wing armed groups sometimes aided by the state) , guasca , under pólice rule. They all sucked, but Farc was the worst. (girls raped, underage kids recruited by force, the owner of the convenience store killed, families destroyed and robbed of their land). I have lost friends due to FARC, AUC, AND THE GOVERNMENT.. so i have no good opinion for any.. SPECIALLY for FARC.

No one is hiding the fact that some parts of colombia were and are ruled by right wing corrupt wild people, but if they are in power is because they had the support of people who were tyred of FARC.

So, believe me, i know.. you are just parroting the speech of those who came to the argument in the last 4 years. You have no idea. I have questions for you.

- In a country in which 50% of the people are poor, why FARC, the self proclaimed peoples army, have no support at all?

- How do you fight injustice, by leaving thousands of por peasants amputees and the claim "colateral damage" ?

- Why FARC has never done anyhting against corrupt politicians? Why are the innocent ones being killed and kidnapped?

- Why black mailing people that make 250 euros a month its an act of revolution?

- Did you know that the son fo Alfonso cano, Commander of FARC, lives in switzerland as a rich kid?

- Did you know that front leaders own farms, cars and investments while they tell their people , prívate property is the cáncer of modern times?

- Did you knew that on paper, FARC and AUC are enemies, but in practice they are friends since they share the same routes to sell drugs and to buy weapons?

- FARC loves to recruit people who dont read or write, so they can control the information they receive., are you one of them??

- Did you knew that the comanders all live in Venezuela, and drink old parr whiskey?wao.. so much for comunism and fairness..

I have inconvenient truths for you.

- FARC are loosing…they were 95.000 now they are less tan 10.000

- I was never a friend of capitalism, but since farc are now crippled, Money is flowing into small towns and cities and people are gettin a better standard of living.

- Even tough AUC, are a bunch of bloody murders,, people here preffer them, since they now they are the way to keep FARC down.

- The gullible swedish government has no clue, because of the lies of FARC and because colombia´s embassy its a hotel to pay for poltiical favors or to keep people shut and away so they dont interfere wiht colombia´s corrupt government,.. The Word diplomat in colombia is not known…
02:02 May 2, 2011 by wenddiver
What ODIMNP5 said is true I'm afraid. Drug money provides the funds for an unlimited amount of weapons and murder. Very sad for the local people, think about that if you consider cocaine harmless fun.
16:40 May 2, 2011 by odinmp5
wenddiver, off course its true!! from personal experience i can tell you. drug money fuels the hell we have lived. a few years ago a druglord picked a girl he saw, she was my neighbor, since she refused , she was raped and her family killed. the guy was so powerful, that the police never did a thing. cocaine is not harmless.

UPDATE for my gullible friends in sweden. HUGO CHAVEZ didnt do anyhting to stop interpol in their actions to capture the "swedish citizen" , just because in the past weeks, colombia refused to send to the u.s a venezuelan druglord named walid makled ,who wanted to to go the u,.s so he could tell all he knows about the rampant corruption in venezuela. the "swedish citizen" recieved asylum in sweden , because he claimed he was a member of U.P , a left wing party in which some of his members including him.. would tell everyone they were all for peace , while at the same time they would use weapons and bombs to kill innocents. this kind of people are guilty from any side, not only they killed a lot of people, they ruined the U.P, a politcal party that could have solved colombias problems back then.. thanks to people like the "swedish citizen" , innocent members of U.P got murdered gruesomely by the government and right wing groups.. this is all to show you, that the fight between right and left is a lost cause, no one wins.
20:44 May 4, 2011 by juan guanus
odinm; do you believe swedish authorities and government to be either gullible.,or in complicity with criminals?whether the guerrilla is as you described or not ,the point here is, that you make accusations against a journalist and swedish citizen,that you deem guilty because you link him with the armed conflict, that Colombia suffers more sixty years without a shred of proof,this journalist was not in the Interpol red list,even if he would have been in it,due process of the law was not followed by the Venezuelan government;it is not the first time that Perez Becerra has visited Venezuela,nothing happened then,you perhaps used to the absence of law that rules in Colombia ,do not value the process of law,the Swedish authorities do respect the law,so your tirades against them ,just reveals your ignorance and your contempt for a civilized society
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