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Man convicted for sex crimes against 13 girls

TT/The Local/dl · 19 May 2011, 12:33

Published: 19 May 2011 12:33 GMT+02:00

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Referred to in the media as the Söderortspedofilen ('South Stockholm paedophile'), the man was charged with committing aggravated sex crimes against 13 young girls between the age of 8 and 11.

The case covered more than 20 different crimes, including aggravated child rape.

The man also filmed his crimes, which were committed in a number of Stockholm suburbs between 2007 and 2010.

He was arrested in July 2010 after police were called to a playground in the Stockholm suburb of Farsta following reports from two teenage boys that a man was trying to make contact with young girls.

On Thursday, the Södertörn District Court sentenced the man to psychiatric care and ordered him to pay a total of 1.13 million kronor ($179,000) to nine of the girls he molested.

The largest single compensation claim of 250,000 kronor is to be paid to a girl who was likely only seven or eight years old when she was assaulted by the 35-year-old.

On two occasions, the girl was raped by being blindfolded while the man forced his penis into her mouth.

The 35-year-old was also convicted for doing the same thing to four other children who couldn't be identified in the video evidence submitted to the court.

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The rapes were proven by the films the 35-year-old made of the attacks. He was convicted of aggravated child rape, child rape, sexual assaulting a child, and sexual molestation.

According to the district court, the man would have been sentenced to more than ten years in prison if he was healthy, but since he was found to suffer from a severe mental illness, he has instead been sentenced to spend time in a court-appointed psychiatric care facility.

TT/The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

13:19 May 19, 2011 by dstergiou
I have to summarise my comment as: "You got to be kidding me!"

So he raper (or attempts to rape) 13 underaged girls, and the "worst" case scenario would have been 10 years in prison? And because he played the insanity card he now get paid vacation in a care facility?

How about letting the parents have a "talk" with him before he is committed to the care facility?

Or even better, how about making a decent call and put him in jail for life? (For the record, i am good with execution as well)

Again, you have to be kidding me if this is an actual court decision
13:29 May 19, 2011 by booka
How can a person like this be able to enter the public again?
13:33 May 19, 2011 by storstark
severe mental illness of being superfluous to society... end his pathetic life, donate his kidneys and let there be a little good back in the world...
13:34 May 19, 2011 by l33tshane
swedens a total joke with punishment for criminals. if he was of sound enough mind to molest all those girls surely he's able to serve time behind bars.
13:34 May 19, 2011 by soultraveler3
Typical, you can rape children here and get off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. This is disgusting and Sweden should be ashamed that they're letting this man off so easily.

He ruined not only the lives of those 13 (that we know of) girl, but also the lives of those girls families, possibly for generations.

To make it even worse, he'll probably get to stay at one of those mental health places that let you walk around in public during the day and just have to come back at night to check in.

It's sick.
13:41 May 19, 2011 by Streja
Err you're all wrong. Psychiatric care means he won't get out.
13:47 May 19, 2011 by booka
He wont get out..... but for how long?
13:49 May 19, 2011 by dstergiou
Even if he stays "in", does his crime really justify relaxed sentence + paid medical care?

Or to put it on another basis, part of the money i pay to Skatt every month will be going to keep this person alive and treated? I demand a tax return NOW!
13:56 May 19, 2011 by Syftfel
It is this type of aftonblad style reporting that is known as "news spinning". For clearly something is missing from this story, which would be useful to know for the sake of the story's completion. Could someone please fill in the blanks? Thank you.
14:16 May 19, 2011 by vagabunda
I agree with all of you guys. It´s disgusting and this man should be either sentenced to life(but, yes, it sucks we should pay for his food, so he should WORK somehow in prision also) or simply killed. C´on! really, menthally sick? OF COURSEEEEEE HE RAPES SMALL GIRLS !I am so pissed at swedish laws for criminals...prisions must be empty with this politics. If I was the mother of one of the girls I would pay him a visit with my gun...and then I would call myself "mentally ill" and have holidays at a psychiatric for a year or two.
14:31 May 19, 2011 by djmarko
In the time honoured tradition of the local, thought someone was going to ask if the convicted person is an immigrant??
14:35 May 19, 2011 by khurram.k
Sweden is the place of pedephiles.... Fannnnnnn.....
14:42 May 19, 2011 by Soft Boiled
I don´t get it... He is liable to pay compensation to the girls because he is guilty of the crimes but no time behind bars because he wasn´t responsible?
14:55 May 19, 2011 by zooeden
Booooriiiiing, tell me something new people!!!! You all seem quite shock!!!! But you know how this was gonna end!!!!!!

An advice to the parents: Go find him in wherever psychiatric care facility he goes to and have a "Talk". I know I would, so help me god, and then of course I would plaid loony cause of the whole tragedy and not spent time!!!
15:03 May 19, 2011 by Puffin
Forensic psychiatric units are run according to prison classifications - so he will be treated on the locked ward of a unit that is is classified as a prison. As for no "time behind bars" - most do have bars

The difference is that forensic sentences are indefinite which prison sentences are not unless for murder - he cannot be released without the permission of the court
15:05 May 19, 2011 by Sweetdishgurl
There is concrete proof that this man raped and molested several children. Perfect time to use chemical castration or amputate his manhood parts, whatever needs to be done to stop him from doing it again. I think it is a joke that he is being held in a psychiatric facility. He is a criminal. He ruined the lives of these girls and their families. He can receive plenty of psychological help while in prison while getting use to his castration. Let pedophiles know that if you hurt a child we will cut off your manhood and chemically make you unable to feel any sexual pleasure until the day you die and let you rot in prison. I would say the death penalty or chemical castration.
15:06 May 19, 2011 by Jes
What a heap of manure !

If the man is sent to a psychiatic facility , it means that he has been found to be " mentaly sick "

If he is mentally sick , it means that he surely can`t be responsible for his actions . But if he must be ordered to pay compesation to his victims , it means that he is being punished after a conviction - which makes the whole exercise really really silly .

If the reasoning is that one has to be sick in order to commit some crimes , it means that some of these cases should be looked at medically by psychiatrists instead of legally by lawyers .

---and tommorow we will hear that only the Catholic church handles its peadophiles with soft gloves ? !
15:33 May 19, 2011 by abraham lezama
The law should not be friendly with this kind of people, i think death is what they deserve, in México if they get into jail for this felonies, receive what they deserve from the others inside jail.

Very bad to know this kind of news.

Im really sorry for the victims, i pray for them. I hope they can forget this and have a good life.
15:37 May 19, 2011 by Rick Methven
The facility that he is sentenced to is the same as places like Broadmoor in the UK, a place for the criminally insane. where they are detained "At Her Majesties pleasure".

It is generally more secure than a 'normal prison' and there is no chance that he will ever be let free. After 20-30 years he may be considered for release to an outside facility where he can live but will not be allowed to go out in public without an escort. He will never be able to touch another child again and will be forced to take his meds for the rest of his miserable life.
15:40 May 19, 2011 by Tennin
These sick pedos should be castrated, and never be let out again.
15:50 May 19, 2011 by Observour
He should be deported immediately! The western civilization that the fathers have created is being tarnished right under our noses by immigrats
16:02 May 19, 2011 by truthworthy

What if he is a pure Swedish as you call them?
16:09 May 19, 2011 by matona1
he is a swedish man what do u expect all swedish criminal must have mental problem ,but immigrant criminals are meant to die in prison.shameful law
17:26 May 19, 2011 by Puffin
@ jes

Swedish law is not like US /UK law - under Swedish law there is no concept of not being not responnsible and unfit to plead for your crimes - you are always responsible for your crimes and tried in and ordinary court - the only time that mental illness becomes an issue is in sentencing
17:30 May 19, 2011 by philster61
As usual, the result is always "mentally ill" and by default becomes a patient rather than a convict.
17:34 May 19, 2011 by Puffin
I'm not sure why detention in a closed, locked psychiatric ward, in a hospitalthat is behind a barbed wire fence and forced to undergo reatment aginst your will is regarded as a "holiday" - some of you must go to some strange places
17:38 May 19, 2011 by StuartM
I hope you're right Rick but knowing the Swedish justice system I fear that this sicko will probably get let out again after a few months if he can just persuade some doctor to declare that he's recovered and is unlikely to repeat the offense. Personally I'd have him left alone in a room with all of the girl's parents and relatives.
17:53 May 19, 2011 by Jes
@Puffin , am aware of what the Swedish Law is .

As you may notice , I am not the only one who thinks that it is silly to classify someone as "mentally sick" and at the same time , demand them to offer a reasonable plea . Mentally sick people cannot know the legal difference between guilt and innocence . It is a stupid law that sentences a person after the same Courts have agreed that the accused is mentaly incompent to even understand their sentence .

I suspect that you have failed to notice that the point i was tyying to make was that Sweden still thinks that only crazy people commit crimes . Long ago , Sweden had more psychiatric centres than real tough prisons .

With the crime rate going up as it is today , it is about time Sweden toughened up . Most of these people are not mentally sick ; they are criminals .

I agree with the bloke who suggested castration .
18:36 May 19, 2011 by Infart
Truly a freaking sicko. And of course the guy gets to go to the looney bin instead of jail where he belongs. Anyways...for those who were wondering about some of the holes that needed to be filled in from this story, here's an account from another news site- http://politisktinkorrekt.info/2011/05/19/farstapedofilen-domd-till-vard/#more-86465

I think the thing that sticks out the most here is that this person will NOT be deported. That is just flat out wrong and indicative of an extremely WEAK judicial system.
18:37 May 19, 2011 by rise
If it's what is called in Swedish "sluten psykiatrisk vård" he will not get out - not without a decision from a court. And there isn't any time frame on such a verdict.
19:13 May 19, 2011 by swedejane
Well we can always rely on the trolls on The Local's comment boards to raise the race issue...I'm surprised no one's brought up the race of the child victims. They must be immigrants...clearly entrapping this poor, naive swede...none of this *ever* happened 30 years ago in the good ol' days when Sweden was as racially pure as the newly fallen snow.
19:23 May 19, 2011 by Infart

Personally, I don't see it as a "race issue." I see it as a legal issue. And the failure of the Swedish judicial system to deport people who deserve to be deported. I can't think of a better example than this story right here.
20:09 May 19, 2011 by calebian22

You are correct that the court decides if he will be released, but those decisions are heavily weighted by the recommendations of the mental health professionals who have been caring for him. Mental health "professionals" believe in rehabilitation. This man will see the light of day again.
20:34 May 19, 2011 by Jes
@Infart , you totally missed @Swedjane`s sarcasm .

I suggest you read the post again or find an "interpreter" to help you out .

Clue : some "puritan swedes" think that only immigrants rape ... . . . .meaning : if he is a Swede , there `s got to be an immigrant somehere in there to blame for this one ...
20:35 May 19, 2011 by technoviking
@ swedejane

Actually he wasn't a poor, naive Swede.

And according to Mr. Salar Mahmoud Hassan's "religion", pedophilia is perfectly permissible behavior...
21:03 May 19, 2011 by swedejane
Ahh, I see..yes...the man with the funny name must be an immigrant and, as we all know, all immigrants are pedophiles.
21:07 May 19, 2011 by Infart
Ok, so I'm guessing I missed the sarcasm....or not? Confused now. But regardless, this guy should be deported. Period.
22:37 May 19, 2011 by laura ka baal
he was a confirmed Viking, such acts is commited by vikings.
23:41 May 19, 2011 by swedejane
Hmm...is written sarcasm one of those things exclusively reserved for native english speakers? Yes, it was sarcasm. No Bl@ckbird, I do not think all immigrants are pedophiles; in fact, I do not believe one's ethnicity, country of origin, or immigrant status have anything to do with whether one is a pedophile or not. That was, in fact, my point. Although, I guess I can understand with all the over-the-top racism on The Local's comment boards how one could get confused and think my comments were genuine. I can assure you though, they are not meant literally.
23:57 May 19, 2011 by technoviking
@ swedejane

As usual, you're long on rhetoric, short on facts.

Islam overtly condones pedophilia. Check for yourself. Thankfully, most Muslims don't conform or even accept this, but regardless, it is perfectly acceptable behavior if one is a true believer and takes Islam as their unquestioned moral compass.
02:26 May 20, 2011 by cookiemaster
If he pleaded insane, he will walked out of that psychiatric hospital as insane(that is even if he pleaded insane while, well...to do what one have done, something must of been very wrong in his head even if it was not permanently insane).

What worry me further and more than Swedish approach toward insanity...is when taking in consideration that 13 girls was subjected to his state of mind...how the hell was that it took sooo long...or I should rather concern with question...whyyy so long before realizing... !!? I have learned to have my own approach when dealing with...Swedish issues involving well...other issues

Also will those affected girls be directed toward $$$ vs sanity issues as a result of someone else's >>>failed
06:11 May 20, 2011 by engagebrain
15:33 May 19, 2011 by abraham lezama


Im really sorry for the victims, i pray for them. I hope they can forget this and have a good life.

Nice sentiment, but

do you really think that praying is going to do anything for the vititms - was your god off duty when the offences were committed ?
07:49 May 20, 2011 by rise
@ calebian22

Sadly I think you are correct, but of course I'm not nearly as sad as most likely some future children will be, when this demon indeed is seeing daylight again. :-(
09:50 May 20, 2011 by Jes
@technoviking dear , the word was "immigrants" . Not all immigrants are muslims .--- and as we are slowly but surely finding out , blond Swedes can also be pedophiles .

@Infart , I have changed my mind . I now think that you are right : this man should be deported - to Gotland !
10:41 May 20, 2011 by Streja
Read what Rick and Puffin have written. This board is full of idiots who think that Swedish law is like UK or US law.

Some posters think he should be deported to a country where he can continue to rape children rather than locking him up for what will probably be the rest of his life.

You people are the sick ones.
11:21 May 20, 2011 by technoviking
@ Jes

Agreed, but I'll put high odds on Mr. Salar Mahmoud Hassan being of the Islamic persuasion.

Wife beaters, pedophiles and rapists come in all colors but it certainly doesn't help when your religion sanctions the abuse of women and children.
13:19 May 20, 2011 by soultraveler3

Thanks for explaining the difference in the facilities.

Hopefully this guy ends up in the stricter, more jail-like one.

We had a guy here in town that was in some kind of psychiatric facility but was allowed to go out alone a few days per week, he just had to return by a certain time. He ended up stabbing some poor pizza shop owner. :(

It's good to know that there's different places for more severe crimes.
18:29 May 20, 2011 by Infart
@ Streja-

I always read what Puffin and Rick write - though I agree with almost none of it considering their extreme-left stance. And, like Traveler, I appreciate the explanation of the facility to which this nutjob is apparently going to be sent.

However, do you actually think that Salar Mahmoud Hassan (the convicted molester in this case) is going to try and pull this kind of stuff back in Iran?? I'm no expert on the Iranian legal system however, I can assure you that the punishment would most likely involve execution, removal of one of his extremities or a long, long prison sentence. It's better off for everyone (especially Sweden) if this sicko is in Iran rather than here.
06:10 May 21, 2011 by Truth_Teller
To ignore the fact that 20% of the population commits 80% of the violent sex crimes is shere ignorance. But what else is to be expected in a place that takes so much of our hard earned money and spends it so wisely.

Maybe giving more benefits will solve the problem.
20:40 May 21, 2011 by Streja
Infart, you're very naive. You think that this guy will be locked away when he arrives in Iran when he has not done anything there. You want to wait for him to actually rape someone and then wait for his punishment.
16:11 January 8, 2012 by janeway
Streja makes a good point:

"20:40 May 21, 2011 by Streja

Infart, you're very naive. You think that this guy will be locked away when he arrives in Iran when he has not done anything there. You want to wait for him to actually rape someone and then wait for his punishment."

A recent decision in an appelate court stated that taking away computers and access to the Internet from people convicted of sexual crimes and sent to forensic psychiatric wards, are against the law.

Sexual offenders are sent to one of two prisons when they are considered to not be mentally disturbed. One of those prisons are in Norrtälje, and they have a special ward for them there . The rapists and child molesters have no contact with other prisoners and are treated with therapy, individually and in group settings.

My view are that those convicted of sexual crimes should spend their prison sentence with the general population, not be pampered with access to child porn sites and have the opportunity to brag between them. Niklas Eliasson, Niklas Lindren, et. al. should be forced to face the reality of their crimes, not being held at special wards.
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