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Steep hike in immigrant unemployment

The Local/gm · 26 Nov 2011, 10:36

Published: 26 Nov 2011 10:36 GMT+01:00

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The latest figures point to a considerable increase in the percentage of the unemployed born abroad, compared with six years ago. In January 2005, 22 percent of those out of work registered at the employment service were born outside Sweden. That figure has now reached 35 percent, according to Dagens Nyheter’s report.

In real terms, this means that of the 372,389 people registered as out of work at the employment service, 132,241 are foreign-born, marking a serious underlying trend and raising awkward questions about Sweden’s much publicised integration policies.

In the Stockholm region meanwhile, the employment gap is even greater, at 24.5 percentage points between the 272, 000 people born in a non-Nordic country and the region's 1,086,000 natives.

Hillevi Engström, Sweden’s employment minister is aware of the challenge.

“We use the official figures from Statistics Sweden (Statistiska Centralbyrån, SCB) every month, but the gap between the native and foreign born unemployed is worrying and must be reduced,” she told DN.

One reason for the rise among the group of foreign-born job seekers is the increase in immigration between 2007 and 2009, which coincided with the financial crisis when many jobs in manufacturing were lost.

Nevertheless, Hillevi Engstrom, Erik Ullenhag and Tobias Billström promised at a joint press conference in 2011, that the gap in the labour market between immigrants and native Swedes would be reduced during the current mandate period.

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“The gap must be reduced by 2014. I am working with the minister for integration and the migration minister on this challenge. We must remember that we had the worst economic crisis in 100 years during the period,” she told DN.

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15:38 November 26, 2011 by Migga
One can only immagine how many unemployed there are, I don`t think these figures says it all. And this only talks about immigrants born abroad. What about immigrants children who are 18 years old or older. What`s the unemployment rate there?

Also what groups do these figures refer to? Educated immigrants from the U.S.A och illiterate refugees from Iraq? I guess some groups do better then others and that hides how bad some groups are doing.

What explains these figures? Is it racist Swedes or are some groups not employable.

What`s the solution? To create more jobs? To not bring in more immigrants who aren`t employable? To make efforts to get immigrants employed? To what cost? On whos expense?
18:08 November 26, 2011 by yourkidding
Has it managed to elude everyone that if 1/3 of the people out of work are from abroad, then 2/3 are Swedish ???
18:58 November 26, 2011 by Rishonim
@Migga, you raise some interesting points but I must disagree with the illiterate refugees from Iraq. I am still to meet one illiterate Iraqi in Sweden or anywhere for that matter. They are highly educated people with an equal amount of bad luck. I don't think they or any other group of political immigrants would chose Sweden if they had a choice.
19:28 November 26, 2011 by star10

The population share of foreign-born people is much lower than 35% (around 10%). That is why 1/3 is alarming.
20:49 November 26, 2011 by Svensksmith
I would imagine that the unemployment rate amongst those who do not speak Swedish would naturally be higher. I would be curious to know what the figures are after 2 to 3 years once the immigrants have had a chance to learn the language.
01:06 November 27, 2011 by Uncle

" I am still to meet one illiterate Iraqi in Sweden or anywhere for that matter. They are highly educated people with an equal amount of bad luck".

Now, now. Let us all relax. There is a huge gap between "highly educated" and illiterate. I do not think that any Iraqi university is or ever was in the top 700. (A quick check of QS confirms this assumption).

Doctors and engineers that arrive from there are required to practically re-study or massively complement their education and therefore I would not relate it to "bad luck". But I agree that Saddam did a relatively to the area, good job in educating people.
08:35 November 27, 2011 by Keith #5083
Do these figures refer to 'officially unemployed' or do they mean 'genuinely unemployed' as I have observed quite a large margin in the meaning of the two? I predict that even with a full economic recovery and a booming economy, this trend will still continue....!

Regrettably, a very well intentioned system that seeks to assist others have a better life is also a system that can be, and is, greatly abused.
08:40 November 27, 2011 by skatty
There are some confusions in here.

It shouldn't be high immigrant unemployment, because a right immigration policy accepts immigrants, who are needed for the country. Of course, if the immigration policy is entirely focused on job.

However, most of people, who have moved to Sweden in recent decades, are not immigrants, they are refugees, and have never, or would never apply for immigration to Sweden. To find job has not been the motive of refugees to move to Sweden, but to be away from war, political conflicts or generally to be away from different social conflicts have been the main reason to move away from their own countries.

Now, the Swedish immigration policy has been in this way; it accepted thousands of refugees to call them immigrants, and expect them to find job.

The question is why there is a persistence to consider refugees to behave and accept their conditions as immigrants; when there has been neither the motive, nor an immigration process for a refugee to come to Sweden as immigrant!

I think the immigration policy in Sweden has not been entirely focused on job for refugees, but there have been various reasons to accept thousands of refugees to call them immigrant and then expect them to find job (mostly low level jobs; even for they, who educated in Sweden).
09:27 November 27, 2011 by ccb

Though I may partially agree with you I wouldn't use QS as a basis to judge any 'non-western' university since from a look at their metric it actually favours a certain type of education system with big points given to personal opinion, to schools with many international students and those whose websites are visited regularly. This type of system is obviously biased, especially towards English speaking systems. Some education officials liken these rankings to judging someone's character by how many friends they have on their Facebook page. In many cases if one doesn't arrive with an education from a 'popular' university re-education or complementary education is required. This doesn't say much when medical doctors from Cuba and India have to re-train when their medical system can arguably be shown in various ways to be superior to many 'Western' nations.
09:47 November 27, 2011 by johan rebel
Except for genuine refugees (FN kvotflyktingar), all immigrants should be denied all benefits and subsudies for the first five or ten years. As soon as they need acutally need to work for a living, they will do so, or "flee" elsewhere.
09:59 November 27, 2011 by Moving2Lund
I've met many Iraqi refugees here who are desperately looking for jobs and who are highly qualified. In their country, they had really good positions, but were forced out by a war. I don't think it's fair to say that they are not focused on getting jobs. No one wants to just sit around and do nothing with their time.

I think if Sweden says they accept immigrants and refugees, they should really accept them and give them the same opportunity as anyone else.
10:20 November 27, 2011 by Keith #5083

" No one wants to just sit around and do nothing with their time". I really like this assumption that people referred to in this article do this.

The thing that has infuriated me, as a non-swede and someone who has never claimed any benefit from the Swedish taxpayer,is that there are some who work 'black' and actually boast about getting payments from the state as well!

It is naive in the extreme not to recognise that there are folks in the world who have no conscience about abusing the generosity of others.

The very least an 'unemployed person' should have to do is to visit daily an office, at randomly varied times, to 'sign in'. This would help cut fraud and is a positive discipline to assist those who may fall into depressive routines through not having work. This I suggest for all unemployed. (Oh, and yes, I know what an inconvenience this could be - I was unemployed for a 5 month period in a 40 year working life).
10:45 November 27, 2011 by skatty

I don't mean refugees are not trying to find job; in contrast they are trying very hard. Many are high educated and some have been educated in Sweden and should have the equal right to find job, but they don't have the equal rights.

But; it wasn't the job, which has motivated the refugees to move to Sweden. A working class immigrant would be motivated by different reasons than a refugee to move.

I have heard many times (even in the comments in here) that if refugees don't like the conditions in Sweden they can leave Sweden to somewhere else. Actually, many do it, they move to some other countries.

First, refugees moved to different countries in contrast with immigrants, who particularly aim an especial country, where is more favourable according to their own conditions. Refugees may move to Sweden, because it might be chipper or easier to be accepted in here, even though they may not even like to live in Sweden or have any particular information about job or social conditions.

Second, Immigrants choose where might be more suitable for them; but refugees decision base on the degree of pressure, and the best alternative in hands, Sweden or somewhere else.

The reason that Sweden persist the refugees to accept their condition and consider themselves as immigrant is that Swedish immigration policy base on the believing that people have chosen Sweden as the best place to live (which has of course completely different reason).

I agree with you; as you say, if Sweden accepts refugees then it should give equal rights to them, including the equality to find good jobs; and if it can't give the equal rights to refugee, then should reject and send them back as soon as possible, without wasting the time and life of refugees in Sweden. Refugees might get better chance somewhere else.
11:19 November 27, 2011 by cowboykodp

Its just hard for uncle to admit his propaganda is always wrong.

As far as unemployment among immigrants: I have friends from Holland and US who are highly educated, who always loose out to native Swedes.

Its always down to them and a native in the final interview, and the native prevails.

Most employed westerners living in Sweden procured jobs in their home country with an international company before moving here.

If your name is Mohammed, or Kumar or Ming Etc... you will be facing an uphill battle to get employed.

This is why most immigrants are starting their own business. Good for them.

Sweden, unfortunately has a way to go regarding this issue.
13:51 November 27, 2011 by Social Hypocrisy
Sweden has 3 choices:

1. Integrate them.

2. Pay them to sit at home.

3. Refuse them entry.

3. Ok, lets take the populist line, Refuse them entry.

(Go ahead punk... make my day! I for one will wet myself laughing watching the political and economical armagedon sweden will go through if they tried this). Lets not forget that sweden has no chips with which to buy extended protectionalism.

2. Pay them to sit at home.

Bit of a no brainer... Stupid, expensive, and doesn't help anyone. That said Im sure there are many who would not have a problem sitting at home sucking off the state.

1. Well yes there is only really 1 answer and that is that you integrate them, and realise that immigrants are actually quiet normal people, and are not going to put you in a pot of boiling stew.
14:17 November 27, 2011 by Uncle

Your argument is hardly valid for Iraq in this case. But I believe that since even though Cuba is famous for its medical superiority, it is a superiority with certain medication and equipment that requires re-learning.


He did not even manage to answer me, you already want me to admit that my propaganda is wrong. No, you are right... muslims are famous for their advances in science and massively qualitative universities. My propaganda is definitely wrong.

BTW, in all this time the only reasoning for these failing countries that you found was "Nobel prize is biased"... Rest of the arguments were hysterical screams about racism. I said it before and I repeat until proven otherwise - islam drags ANY nation backwards in every aspect.

Therefore all of this whining about "highly educated" muslims that come here and "forced" to open a pizzeria, is absolutely void of any sense.
15:15 November 27, 2011 by cowboykodp

Listen numbskull, how do you explain all the Muslims in the US, UK, Canada and elsewhere who are among the main people behind the latest discoveries.

In medicine, research, NASA,CEOs ... you name it.

Not to mention founders of some of the biggest companies in the world.


So Mr. Goebbles, how long are you going to continue with your Nazi propaganda?
17:07 November 27, 2011 by calebian22
Umm, which latest discoveries are you referring too, Cowboy? A quick google search shows oodles of links to articles showing the decline of advances by muslims, after the 16th century. One would think that if the latest advances in medicine and science could be attributed to muslims, anywhere in the world, there would be an internet trail that would be easy to follow.

How about a link to back up your assertion?
17:13 November 27, 2011 by Migga
@ Social Hypocrisy

That`s what Sweden is trying to do. Sweden is number one in the world making efforts to integrate foreigners. Sweden does the most and is the best.



But there is still a huge problem. So could you imagine that some of the responsibility lies with some immigrants who just aren`t employable?
17:35 November 27, 2011 by cowboykodp

You could Google it, but I know you've been a bit challenged lately.




Its really easy. Just go to Google and type in the field you want and BAM... there it is.
18:41 November 27, 2011 by Uncle

Let's hear it. Let's hear about NASA, CEO's and let's hear about the latest discoveries. Let's hear about all the Nobel Prizes and "biggest companies in the world". Start.

Then throw in all the inventions from the entire muslim world (1,5 Bil). Then get all the famous unies and their rating. Let's go. Get the statistics.

Oh, I should do the research "List of muslim scientists". WOW what a great research! Hej, I went through the list and MOST of them are from 900 to 1200 hundred, when Islam has not infiltrated the scientific world properly and did not start to limit these countries.

What a wondergulö research. You are a true example of a muslim "scientist". Same high quality.
20:34 November 27, 2011 by calebian22

You should actually read your own links.

Since writing and poets are not part of your assertion, discoveries are not made there, I will focus on the hard science areas I randomly, picked 20 from your Muslim scientist link. They are all long dead. Hundreds of years dead. How are they responsible for discoveries in the US, UK and Canada?

The muslim American link had three scientists. Three? Technological advances are not being made by muslims in Modern Times if these three links are your proof.

As for insulting me, why? I called you on your assertion and you have yet to show me proof. I "challenge" you to show me proof of these advances that you claim are, bam, so easy to find. You obviously could not find them.
21:17 November 27, 2011 by cowboykodp
"you can lead a horse to the watering hole, but you cant make him drink."

I presume you haters can do your own research, if that is what you truly are after.

But I have a hunch it doesn't fit in with your agendas.

I am certain even you two know how to Google things.

I believe in you guys. (not really).. but try.
23:23 November 27, 2011 by Schwoebel
Immigrant: Hi

Interviewer: do you speak completely fluent swedish?

Immigrant: No I've been here for six months and can't afford my rent while going to that joke if an integration program you call SFI. so arbetsformendlingen took their best guess at what I can do and sent me here. i tried to tell them, but the one I talked to was a Swedish hardliner that won't speak english to me.

Interviewer: next.


Interviewer: Hej!

Applicant: Tjanah läget?

Interviewer: Fika?

Applicant: Absolut.

Interviewer: hur säjer du på engelska? "hired!"
23:57 November 27, 2011 by skumdum

Only a few perrcent of the immigrants are refugees.
02:08 November 28, 2011 by godnatt
The @cowboykodp Random Post Generator

Use it to create your very own predictable, bitter @cowboykodp attack posts by randomly choosing one cliche from each slash separated group!

Hey (racist/Nazi/bigot) stop critiizing (Islamists/indiscriminate immigration/terrorism/female circumcision).

My views are the official views of (The Local readers/Swedes/Americans/Israelis/Jews/Muslims/unemployed college stoners).

This is the truth because I have a "friend" who is (Swedish/Jewish/Muslim/Israeli/Inuit/unemployed stoner)and he thinks we should all just get along too.
06:09 November 28, 2011 by calebian22

How very disappointing. We almost never agree on here, but you always put forth a little bit of effort when arguing with me. Really, you are resorting to the childish, if you don't know I am not going to tell you, argument? You made an assertion that in all honesty, I attempted to track down, which resulted in nothing but internet tumbleweeds. Your own links provided 3 modern day scientists and 4 businessmen, hardly a tsunami of islamic enlightenment in the modern age.
11:02 November 28, 2011 by cowboykodp

Believe it or not, I actually like talking to you and respect you. But honestly It's not my job to find facts for you.

I Google Key words and I get plenty of results.

Maybe try some other search words, such as "Iranian Scientists" or "Indonesian Poets" or a number of other choices. If you really care.

That's not even the point. You and I and 99% of reasonable people know that Ones religion has nothing to do with ones intellect.

These posts of mine have more to do with making people question the Haters of an entire PEOPLE, to look into things themselves as opposed to being influenced by the haters.

I am American and in the US there are millions of successful Muslims. I have had the pleasure of meeting plenty of them.

So, this notion that Muslims are less of a people than others is complete garbage, and nothing but propaganda.

They practice Islam. That's it.
16:43 November 28, 2011 by godnatt
1.5 billions Muslims in the world = 9 Nobel Prizes. (5 for "peace" for basically telling them to stop killing each other).

13 million Jews in the world = 185 Nobel Prizes.

Yes, Islam that beacon of intellectual achievement with all it's "scholars" who are too busy issuing fatwas to look at a periodic table.
19:01 November 28, 2011 by skatty

No, actually not. The majority of what have been considered "immigrants" is "refugees" since late 70s.

Swedish immigration policy switched to refugees almost in mid 70s. Before that it was mostly working class immigrants from Europe, especially neighboring countries. But, the industry jobs reduced and fewer labors immigrated to Sweden, Sweden have accepted refugees for long time but in early 80s, refugees number have been increased and almost replaced immigrants. The largest number in80s were Iranian after 1979 revolution (mostly have never had any experience or knowledge about Sweden at all) until early 90s, then the refugees from former Yugoslavia moved to Sweden (some Yugoslavians have had immigration background in Sweden) until late 90s, then Iraqis during the two gulf wars (which have been one of the largest group) from mid 90s to present time (less at present), there are some fewer people from other countries as well.

A majority of these people, who are called immigrants, have never passed any immigration process, and never filled any application for immigration to Sweden (and probably would never fill any kind of application, if there were not war, revolution or conflicts in their own countries). Mostly filled a blanket to seek asylum, but by regulations under title of humanitarian reason have been considered immigrant.

Immigrants, to do what: to be appreciated from Sweden, where give them the chance to belong to the more than one third of the whole unemployed in the country!
22:21 November 28, 2011 by slash_gordon
@cowboy and a few others

Why do you label scholars, scientists, etc with "muslim"? You don't hear of people talking about for example "Christian scientists" or "Christian scholars". What makes you think muslims are something special? Why can't you all just intergrate like everyone else? Isn't it much better that way? As others have pointed out, there are not that many useful, "muslim scholars" anyway from the past or present.

Where in the article does it mention muslims anyway?The real issue here is about Sweden providing equal opportunities for Swedes and immigrants. It affects immigrants in general, any nationality, any race or religion. Muslims need to stop playing the "poor us" all the time like they are the only ones affected.


Spot on!
22:28 November 28, 2011 by salalah

You are right. Why are people after 20 years in Sweden still called immigrants?

As long as there is an "Us and Them" notion among Swedes, these people will never be integrated. In the US, You are an American as soon as you get your Green Card.

I grew up among Swedes. In my class there were absolutely no foreigners, so I really got to know the Swedish spirit. After coming back with a degree from the US, I was met with shocked and doubting looks that an Immigrant like me could be educated at a good American University.

Swedes like to put all foreigners into one category. One where uneducated and stupid people reside.
05:53 November 29, 2011 by nathan45
@ EVERYONE ON THE COMMENT BOARD. The reason that so many immigrants are unemployed is because people dont want to hire them because they are usually not compatible with our western way of life and because people in Western countries (I live in Canada) people are worried about the future of our culture and race the government of Canada said that in 10 years 1 in 3 Canadians will be a visable minority so in 20 years 2 out of 3 will be a minority or WAIT! they will be the majourity!
08:14 November 29, 2011 by Keith #5083

Yep, in the US u r an American when u get your Green card...you're still not really one, however, if you're American born and your skin colour doesn't fit! So pls, spare us the 'American Dream'.

As for the question of 'integration', as a non-benefit claiming immigrant, non-swede, it has been my experience in over 20 years in Sweden that you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Assimilation into Swedish society is NOT possible if the non-swede does not wish it! It has been my experience that that is the major causative factor for the failure of integration policies.
10:44 November 29, 2011 by salalah
@ Keith,

As an immigrant of European origin with blonde hair and blue eyes, you could still be called "Jävla utlänning" here, despite speaking perfect Swedish and acting according to "Western Ways". With the onslaught of Arabic and African immigrants, one finds oneself higher up in the hierarchy now, thank G.

When you show that you are smart and compete for the same jobs as the Swedes, you get a whiff of the Swedish Jealousy (Even the Swedes themselves know about the "Svenska avundsjukan"...)
11:06 November 29, 2011 by Migga
@ Keith

I completely agree. The opportunity is there, some just don`t seize it. At the same time, I don`t blame someone. If one wants to identify oneself with ones heritage then do so. But if you do, don`t go calling everyone else a racist because they don`t identify themselves with you.
22:10 December 2, 2011 by calebian22

Why would I Google Iranian scientist or Indonesian poets? I might as well google tomten as well, since none of them have any relevance to your position. You posited that scientific breakthroughs in the UK, Canda, and the US, could be laid at the feet of many a Muslim. Your assertion is as much propaganda as what you accuse Uncle of doing since there are no major break throughs being made by a tsunami of Muslims.
08:30 December 8, 2011 by big5
Is this surprising. Every year there's a "steep hike" in the number of immigrants. More arrive, more are unemployed. Duh. Do the math.
15:43 December 12, 2011 by Achilles7
Re: Message 24.

Why on earth should a company employ somebody when they can't speak the required language of communication in that company? If a job requires you to speak Swedish and you can't do this, then you are rightly not suitable for the position. There is nothing 'unfair' about this.

I studied Swedish at SFI for three months and am now a decent conversational standard. I found the teaching excellent and, considering it's free, one has absolutely no right to complain.
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