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Ignore Vilks' Muhammad show: religious heads

The Local · 26 Feb 2013, 14:28

Published: 26 Feb 2013 14:28 GMT+01:00

On Monday, religious leaders in Malmö convened an emergency "Conflict Council" (Konfliktråd) to discuss how to tackle the summer exhibition to be put on by Vilks in Sweden's third largest city.

"They're going to speak with their members about not taking the bait," Björn Lagerbäck of the municipal anti-discrimination project Dialogforum told the TT news agency.

"One shouldn't take in Vilks's provocation. Let him be alone among his drawings."

According to Vilks, the goal of the exhibition is to play down criticism of Islam.

The Swedish artist has faced numerous death threats since his drawing of the Muslim prophet with the body of a dog was first published by Swedish regional daily Nerikes Allehanda in 2007. It was published to illustrate an editorial on free speech.

The new paintings of Muhammad would show the prophet - still with a dog's body - transplanted into famous works by artists including Claude Monet, Peter Paul Rubens, and Anders Zorn.

It also emerged on Monday that Vilks has accepted an invitation to visit the mosque at the Islamic centre in Malmö, offered by the centre head Bejzat Becirov.

"Then he can explain himself without anyone threatening him. Everyone can make mistakes, even me, even Lars, anyone, but it's never too late to regret it," Becirov told TV4 news.

The artist took to his blog on Monday night to announce that there would not be any apology.

"But I welcome Becirov's proposal anyway, and will accept it without a doubt. This can lead to the matter being played down, at least to some extent," he wrote.

Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu slammed the exhibition last week, claiming the show was only being put on for "political ends" and that he hoped "no one will visit the gallery".

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The exhibition is scheduled to open its doors to the public in July.

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Your comments about this article

15:50 February 26, 2013 by TG22
Muslims have proved beyond the doubt that violence does work...
16:59 February 26, 2013 by bcterry
I thought the cartoon of big mo walking hand in hand into his tent with 9 year old Aisha, pretty much nailed where he was coming from.

Big mo's own words,

Muhammad is the most "beautiful pattern of conduct" and "example" for mankind to follow! (Qur'an 33:21), as well as the "exalted standard of character" (Qur'an 68:4).

Is it really any wonder what we are seeing today, when the adherents buy into this crap.
17:14 February 26, 2013 by ?????
OK, so the guy sells cheap provocative "art" just to make a fuss around his name and he asks people to join him. Fair enough. I'd like to see his reaction if there was a gallery with paintings of his mother or wife being shown as whores. See how open-minded he is then.
17:22 February 26, 2013 by tombby11
Couldn't they find better photo ? look how is he staring at the camera, it looks like they took the photo while he was farting :D
18:03 February 26, 2013 by cnak145
@TG22 and do you know, what you have proved about yourself by saying that?
18:11 February 26, 2013 by The Poetician
@TG22: Tarring all muslims with the same brush is plain ignorance and is just pathetic!!

@ bcterry: Oooh so you did some research in the Quran too!!! well done! We didn't know about those facts so thank you for enlightening us..

Now do you wanna tell the readers what the priest (s) used to do to you when you were 9 years old in his office..?? I know Im bringing back painful memories but please tell us about the kinky part of your group prayers???!!
19:25 February 26, 2013 by bcterry
@ bcterry: Oooh so you did some research in the Quran too!!! well done! We didn't know about those facts so thank you for enlightening us.."

More than happy to oblige.

"Now do you wanna tell the readers what the priest (s) used to do to you when you were 9 years old in his office..?? "

Sure, they did the same SICK perverted sexual acts as big mo and all those who followed his (cough) "exalted standard of character", the pedophiles took advantage of INNOCENT CHILDREN!!!, and had sexual intercourse with CHILDREN!!!

Anything else?
19:32 February 26, 2013 by omash kavash
looooool poetician ur for real give them the reality bc terry is just fake who is here to show his frustrations islam is taking over in a good way islam is not about islam is better than ur religion islam is about whats good for you if you go out there and live like an animal who doesnt know diffrence between man and woman even animals knows the diffrent i dont know wat to say but bc terry thinks hes civilized by drinking and living free bc u got short life in this world n ull be suprised what ur mouth tg22 too watch ur mouth
19:43 February 26, 2013 by biliousbob
This Lars Vik is no artist. He's just a provocateur who is using cheap tactics to get attention. Similarly, Milad Muhammadi is no journalist. What's interesting to me is how the Local present Vik as someone who reputable authorities say should be ignored and its present Muhammadi as an offended journalist with a legitimate point of view worth consideration. Both Vik and Muhammadi are intolerant bigots who use their ugliness to draw attention to themselves. No more no less. Both of them! I'll let readers figure out what to make of the Local for presenting them in such different lights.
19:55 February 26, 2013 by bcterry
Can't stand the truth eh omarsh?, so much so that you cannot even bring yourself to discuss it, and then of course you resort to the only defense you have, ....... threats.

News flash, any 54 year old man that has sexual intercourse with an innocent 9 year old CHILD!!!, is a perverted pedophile, and a criminal.

Anyone who does not condemn that sickness outright, is not much a man.

So tell us omash, where do you stand on this?
20:22 February 26, 2013 by TG22
"It also emerged on Monday that Vilks has accepted an invitation to visit the mosque at the Islamic centre in Malmö, offered by the centre head Bejzat Becirov."

I'd put the bomb squad in alert 5, just in case...
00:51 February 27, 2013 by johnny1939
Lars Vik,s actions in the name of art are simply disgraceful.
01:49 February 27, 2013 by bcterry
So tell us omash, where do you stand on this? "

I guess omash chose to sit down.
01:53 February 27, 2013 by Eric1
"Religious leaders" would never tell people to ignore an anti-Christian exhibit. Violent Muslims always get their way.
03:53 February 27, 2013 by ericrufinosiah
Sofar,Lars Vilks ' works - whether it is through his Art works or his speeches were

all within the the framework of Sweden' s Freedom of Speech Law,he didn't threaten anyone both local and immigrants . So ,please all Swedish lovers of

freedom should express your total support to Lars Vilks who only wanted to tell the Swedish indigenous natives that Sweden is their homeland .
04:57 February 27, 2013 by EthnicDravidian
Kudos to this guys courage, i DO NOT agree with him, but he takes the freedom of speech to a total new bold level, hats off !! Am pretty sure he'll he killed soon :(
11:10 February 27, 2013 by liban91
Islam is peace and lars can't just abuse our prohphet or make useless painting cuz he has never seen our prophet ACW.
15:35 February 27, 2013 by The Poetician
@ Eric: anti-Christian exhibit. When was the last time you saw one?? Neither Mr. Lars nor anybody else would dare make a cheap "painting" mocking christianity nor judaism..However it does pay off to attack Islam and Muslims and their prophet because bigoted douchebags know Muslims would react..and thats the "Trick"..
16:44 February 27, 2013 by bcterry
Islam is peace and lars can't just abuse our prohphet or make useless painting cuz he has never seen our prophet ACW. "

Islam is submission.

@ The Poetician,

"When was the last time you saw one?? Neither Mr. Lars nor anybody else would dare make a cheap "painting" mocking christianity nor judaism."

LOL, you've got to be kidding.


"Paintings mocking christianity"

"Paintings mocking jesus"

"koran quotes on jews"

And as you're sooo concerned about "bigoted douchebags"


"Intolerance in the quran"

Better put on the coffee first, because there are over 500 direct quotes to go through.
17:37 March 2, 2013 by DamnImmigrant
The Article says that "Religious heads" and "religious leaders" convened emergency "Conflict Council" (Konfliktråd)...how to tackle the summer exhibition...

An emergency meeting to discuss how to handle an ART exhibit!?!? This speaks to the lack of integration that has occurred among a segment of the immigrant population! I blame the government for its blindness and lack of education. You cannot bring in a group of people, raised in a theoretically authoritarian autocratic society, and dump them into a FREE society without teaching them what that freedom entails.

Swedish people should not have to worry about violence resulting from their free practice of their "god given" right to freedom of speech nor to their freedom of expression. A CIVILIZED society allows its people to read and write without threats or fear of violence. A CIVILIZED people should be able to decide for themselves which art exhibits that they desire to go to OR NOT go to without threats or fear of violence!

The fact that mail carriers cannot carry "provocative" mail items because of threats of violence to the people who are delivering the mail, people who are just doing their jobs, also speaks loudly to the fact that VIOLENCE IS THE ANSWER to any wrongs this primitive culture perceives against itself.

@????? - "...I'd like to see his reaction if there was a gallery with paintings of his mother or wife being shown as whores..."

If you are expecting him to go out and do revenge attacks on the artist, you are sadly mistaken. Would it hurt his feelings? Probably not! He would consider the source. Personally, my mom would laugh it off. Why would it bother us? We know who and what we are! Only insecure, paranoid people would feel the need to react to nonsensical art.

@Eric1 - "...Violent Muslims always get their way."

Sad but true.

@liban91 - "Islam is peace..."

No it is the HOUSE OF PEACE! If you are not in the house of peace, you are in the house of WAR!

@The Poetician - "Tarring all muslims with the same brush is plain ignorance...you wanna tell the readers what the priest (s) used to do...We didn't know about those facts so thank you..."

I judge the followers of islam on the actions of just one man - their "PROFIT" (as in where's the cash). Sleeping with a 9 year old is just one SMALL part of the PROFIT's depravity (rape,torture,...). And YES! @bcterry is correct. The PROFIT of islam is the perfect example of the perfect man and should be emulated. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, most people ARE ignorant of The Profit's depravity.

@The Poetician, you have to watch out for those false equivalencies. You cannot equate "gods chosen messenger" with a priest or rabbi.

I think you need to get out more because your world view is extremely limited. Again @bcterry is correct that islam is NOT the only target of freedom of expression.
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