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Swedish food: More than just a good Plopp

Swedish food: More than just a good Plopp
When it comes to international cuisine, it's easy to name a dish from France, India, or Japan. But what about Sweden? What has Sweden offered the culinary world? We talked to Stockholmers to find out the opinion from the home front.

Swedish cuisine has come a long way since the days of The Swedish Chef. Thirteen restaurants nationwide boast at least one Michelin star and consumers are hungrier than ever for a good meal.

But when it comes to the international dining table, just where exactly does Swedish food stand?

Besides the famed Swedish meatball (which may just be an Italian product anyway), how would Swedes themselves rate their own food?

And what exactly is a Plopp and why are people putting it in their mouth?

The Local headed into central Stockholm to see what’s on the menu, and stumbled across what may be the best Swedish Chef impression going around, albeit with a Dutch accent.

Watch the video below to find out more.

For those of you hungry for more, here are some more videos featuring the real Swedish Chef.

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