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Sweden’s ten oddest sayings in English

Sweden's ten oddest sayings in English
To literally translate a proverb is a silly thing to do. But when some Swedish proverbs translate to such ridiculous things as "getting your beard stuck in the letterbox", we realized we simply had to gather more. Here are the top ten.

A proverb is a funny old thing. Each language has its own versions, many of which can easily translate as a concept into another language.

For example, Swedes often say “Borta bra men hemma bäst” which literally translates to “Away is good but home is best.” In English, we just say “There’s no place like home”. Simple translation, both literally and conceptually.

Sweden’s ten oddest sayings

But sometimes, a literal translation of a Swedish proverb will leave even the most cunning wordsmiths scratching their heads.

What should you heed if you’re cautioned about beards in letterboxes, pigs in sacks, and cows on ice?

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