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Princess Madeleine's royal wedding: Live Blog

8 Jun 2013, 14:35

Published: 08 Jun 2013 14:35 GMT+02:00

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David Landes, Stockholm, 8.02pm

Princess Madeleine, Chris O'Neill, and their wedding guests are now inside Drottningholm Palace for a night of celebration following today's royal wedding. As the reception and banquet are considered a "private event" media hasn't been allowed inside the palace.

The food will be prepared by Swedish chef Stefano Catenacci, one of our previous Swedes of the Week.

Now only one of the three children of Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia remains to be married. No word yet, however, on when Prince Carl Philip may get engaged.

Before wrapping up the Live Blog we wanted to leave you with a couple more photographic highlights from the day:

A gallery of images of little Princess Estelle, who did her best to get into the spotlight on her aunt's big day.

And in closing some images of the boat ride taken by Princess Madeleine and her guests through the picturesque straits of Lake Mälaren on the way to Drottningholm, as well as the big class picture on the palace steps.

Scroll down below for more great pictures, tweets, and commentary on the marriage of Princess Madeleine.

Thanks for following our blog today. Hope you all enjoyed the royal wedding as much as we did.

Be sure to stay tuned to The Local for the latest news from Sweden, royal or otherwise. And have a great rest of the weekend.

David Landes, Stockholm, 7.50pm

Hope my colleagues enjoy a much needed breather after a busy day. Of course, the festivities will continue for Madeleine and her wedding guests, all of whom have now arrived at Drottningholm Palace and who just posed for a massive "class picture" sort of wedding photo on the steps of the palace.

Gray skies are looming in the background. And on the SVT telecast a rainbow can actually be seen in the background.

SVT commentators are explaining their concerns that American guests may be "shocked" by Swedish wedding celebration traditions. Among other things, the experts are wondering how Chris's family and friends will react to sitting at long tables, not necessarily near their partners.

Swedish wedding guests also usually start dancing quite a bit later than Americans, according to SVT's experts. I don't know, but something tells me it will be hard not to have a good time at Drottningholm tonight, no matter what country the guests come from.

Oliver Gee, press room, 6.59pm

After a LONG day in the sun, Ann and I are going to call it a day, and head off to the pub. Hope you've enjoyed seeing things from our perspective on the street. See ya next time!

Oliver Gee, press room, 6.52pm

I don't know about you guys at home, but seeing the princes and princesses and king and queen in the parade was a real thrill. The crowd was right into it, people were mingling, the sun was shining - a perfect day in Stockholm. And I am pretty sure Princess Madeleine was waving at me...

David Landes, Stockholm, 6.32pm

Chris and Madeleine are now riding on a boat out to Drottningholm. Dozens of other boats are following along as the boat plies through the waters of Lake Mälaren northwest of Stockholm. Looks like a small naval invasion.

Ann Törnkvist, royal wedding press centre, 6.27pm

Back after watching the cortege pass a few minutes ago. Check out some of our photos of the royal newlyweds as they pass by in their carriage.

Oliver Gee, along the cortege route, 6.17pm

David Landes, Stockholm, 6.09pm

For those of you wondering about Princess Madeleine's wedding dress, it was created by Italian designer Valentino Garavani. The dress is made from pleated silk organza with appliquéd ivory-coloured Chantilly lace.

The upper section of the bodice is lace with a deep-cut back. Narrow vertical pleats open up from the accentuated waist, above the wide skirt, which ends with a four-metre-long train.

The veil is also silk organza, and is edged with tulle scatted with point d'esprit dots and small Chantilly lace orange blossom. The Princess's shoes are ivory white organdy with woven point d'esprit dots.

The Princess's tiara is privately owned, decorated with sprigs of orange blossom.

Dress lovers out there might enjoy these photo galleries:

Five of the best royal wedding dresses

A modern history of Swedish royal weddings

Swedish Princess Madeleine's dress sense

Oliver Gee, along the cortege route, 6.07pm

David Landes, Stockholm, 6.05pm

Chris and Madeleine are now leaving the Royal Palace in their carriage, pulled by four mounted horses, and preceded by a slew of blue-suit wearing royal guards.

Oliver Gee, along the cortege route, 6.01pm

David Landes, Stockholm, 5.55pm

Everyone is getting a bit anxious for the cortege to start. Our own Oliver Gee reports that one of the guards along the route just fainted. From the heat, one can assume.

Guests have been loading onto boats that will take them over to Drottingholm Palace for the reception and banquet.

In the meantime, some more background on those who had a leading role in the ceremony (courtesy of the Royal Court website):

Chris O'Neill's best man was Mr. Cedric Notz, a childhood friend who is of Austrian and Swiss descent and who resides in Switzerland.

The bridal attendants, meanwhile, are Lillie von Horn, twin sisters Annais and Chloe Sommerlath, Louis and Chiara Abensperg und Traun, and Jasper D'Abo.

The young girls wore silk dresses with sashes of silk taffeta and tiaras decorated with pearls, handmade paper flowers, and floral tape.

The boys wore woollen trousers and jackets with green detailing in silk taffeta and silver braid.

David Landes, Stockholm, 5.47pm

If you want to get a bit more detail on the ceremony itself, check out this PDF of the actual wedding programme, courtesy of the Royal Court.

David Landes, Stockholm, 5.41pm

The two pastors who presided over the ceremony, Lars-Göran Lönnermark and Michael Bjerkhagen, were just interviewed on SVT about the wedding. They said it almost felt "more natural" to do so much of the ceremony in English.

There were also asked what difference it made that Chris was Catholic.

"None at all," was the reply.

David Landes, Stockholm, 5.34pm

Just tuning in? Princess Madeleine and Chris have exchanged their vows, and been pronounced husband and wife. Read through the posting below for a review of all the action.

Or check it this great photo gallery:

Top ten most memorable images from Princess Madeleine's royal wedding ceremony

David Landes, Stockholm, 5.12.pm

One SVT commentator felt that too much of the ceremony was in English, but that she could accept it "considering Chis is an American".

Oliver Gee, on the cortege route, 5.09pm

David Landes, Stockholm, 5.04pm

So, Princess Madeleine is now married. Highlights from the ceremony include now husband Chris O'Neill struggling to hold back tears as his bride entered the chapel.

And who could forget seeing little Princess Estelle take her own tiny seat, only to later feel compelled to chase down her mother Crown Princess Victoria during her reading, prompting father Prince Daniel to chase the little princess down. Precious indeed.

Keen observers may also have noticed that Chris mixed up his wife's rather lengthy (by non-royal standards at least) name - Madeleine Thérèse Amelie Josephine - as they read their vows. But neither or them missed a beat.

And finally, the Royal Kiss, outside the palace in front of hundreds of jubilant well-wishers.

David Landes, Stockholm, 5.04pm

SVT's fashion expert, Marina Kereklidou, commented Princess Madeleine's dress as being "very nice."

"It fit her well. And fit her figure well. I'd even go as far as to say is was rather sweet. But it wasn't as extravagant as it could have been," she said.

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.58pm

Guests are now filing out of the chapel, slowly but surely in anticipation of the carriage ride around Stockholm before they all head to Drottningholm Palace for the reception and banquet.

The Royal Kiss, revisited

Ann Törnkvist, Stockholm, 4.53pm

I asked a Dutch royal reporter who his all-time favourite royal was. Maxima, he said. Me too! I squealed. But on the home front, I am perpetually amazed by Queen Silvia's style - today in mint green.

Ann Törnkvist, Stockholm, 4.52pm

Most stylish royal, predictably, is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in red.

Ann Törnkvist, Stockholm, 4.51pm

Queen looks radiant in mint green, Princess Estelle well-behaved throughout entire ceremony, playing with the official programme. Prince Daniel just carried the wee princess down the stairs. Estelle looks happy.

Oliver Gee, Stockholm, 4.49pm

There is the first big kiss! Or two... or three. Crowd going crazy.

Oliver Gee, Stockholm, 4.49pm

Check out what people had to say on the scene:

IN PICTURES: See what people by the palace had to say about the wedding, the princess, and the royal family

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.41pm

The congregation is now singing the Sweden's Summer Hymn (Sommarpalm), a cherished Swedish hymn from 1889 by Carl David af Wirsén that was also chosen by Crown Princess Victoria for her 2010 wedding to Prince Daniel.

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.39pm

"You are also embedded into the sincere good wishes of your families, all your friends, and our nation. The greatest is love. Keep those words in your heart."

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.35pm

The pastor reflects on how the Swedish word "tillgivenhet" (devotion, fondness, affection) captures the essence of giving each other an "I will" and a "Ja".

"What is really great is what is created when all the little words and tender glances form a web of security in your everyday life.

"Take care of the moments.

"The simple things hold in themselves what is great."

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.34pm

This is "your great day. A whole great day for a whole life" says the pastor.

"This is the day that you share with each other. This is your great day."

He then praises the happy couple for their support of the World Childhood Foundation, the charity started by Queen Silvia.

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.27pm

Peter Jobäck has sung his rendition of "The first time I ever saw your face" by Ewan MacCall. Now the pastor is singing a hymn as guests look on. Chris and Madeleine are kneeling at the altar. And now time for the Lord's Prayer, in Swedish, of course.

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.22pm

Chris and Madeleine are now both holding the ring as the pastor reads out the vows for them to recite, Chris in English, Madeleine in Swedish.

He has now placed the ring on her finger, and gives her an affectionate kiss on the cheek.

"You have made your vows to one another, I therefore proclaim that you are now husband and wife."

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.20pm

"I will" says Chris.

"Ja" says Madeliene.

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.16pm

"Love is not irritable or resentful...it rejoices in the truth," said Chris O'Neill's sister after Madeleine read her reflections on love.

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.10pm

The first song of the ceremony was in English, as is the first blessing from the pastor. Next up a song by Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson, whose singing Ännu doftar kärlek ('A scent of love').

Oliver Gee, outside the royal palace, 4.07pm

Story continues below…

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.04pm

Chris and Madeleine are now standing at the altar, as the organ starts with Love Divine.

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.02pm

The guests rise to music by a choir from Adolf Fredik's school of music. As Madeleine begins her slow walk down the aisle in the arm of her father, King Carl XVI Gustav, Chris O'Neill looks visibly moved. Either he's got something stuck in his teeth, or he is doing all that he can to keep from shedding tears.

David Landes, Stockholm, 4.00pm

And now the guests have all taken their seats, including Princess Estelle, who has her own miniature chair.

David Landes, Stockholm, 3.58pm

Chris O'Neill has now arrived. The SVT commentators spent a lot of time talking about his professional accomplishments.

Check out our profile on Chris O'Neill to learn more about the latest addition to the Swedish royal clan.

Oliver Gee, on the scene, 3.54pm

Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, and little Princess Estelle have arrived. And Queen Silvia accompanied by Prince Carl Philip. The crowd is cheering.

Oliver Gee, outside the royal palace, 3.47pm

David Landes, Stockholm, 3.41pm

Parts of the wedding ceremony will take place in English, considering so many of the groom's family members don't understand Swedish.

Also, Marie Fredriksson, lead singer of Roxette will sing at the ceremony, along with Peter Jöback, who most recently has starred in productions of Phantom of the Opera in London and on Broadway.

David Landes, Stockholm, 3.34pm

SVT is showing archive footage of Madeliene as a little girl. Very cute! We've got a few images of our own in this gallery:

Princess Madeleine through the years

Curious to learn more about the bride to be, check out Oliver Gee's interview with Roger Lundgren, royal expert and editor of Kungliga Magazine:

Madeleine: A private princess in the spotlight

Ann Törnkvist, outer courtyard of the Royal Palace, 3.28pm

There's been a steady stream of arrivals, although more glam than celebrity. The Prime Minister has arrived, as have the leaders of the Centre Party (Annie Lööf) and the Liberal Party (Jan Björklund). Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven is not here, however, opting instead to attend the Bilderberg conference.

The the high guard looks parched and tired, the throng of journalists around me less so.

David Landes, Stockholm, 3.20pm

The Local's Oliver Gee is reporting helicopters, police, people clogging central Stockholm. "This is mayhem."

Speaking with SVT, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said he was looking forward to a great celebration today.

"The entire Swedish people have seen Madeleine grow up and are thrilled to see her getting married on this beautiful day," he said.

"And getting married on such a beautiful June day makes it even better."

Oliver Gee, 3.03pm, on the cortege route

David Landes, Stockholm, 2.45pm

Welcome to The Local's live blog of the royal wedding between Princess Madeleine and British-American financier fiance Chris O'Neill.

It's a gorgeous day in central Stockholm today, with temperatures hovering just above 20C, a light breeze, with just a few puffy clouds dotting the sky above the Swedish capital.

Royal well-wishers have already started gathering along the cortege route, and guests have started arriving to take their seats at the Royal Palace Chapel for the scheduled 4pm start of the wedding ceremony.

Check out our royal wedding guide for a run down of the day's events.

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