Drunk or Danish? Swedish police eventually work it out

Drunk or Danish? Swedish police eventually work it out
Danes and Swedes come together for the opening of the Öresund Bridge in 2000. Photo: Klas Andersson/TT
Police in western Sweden initially thought a man whose car was stuck in the snow was Danish, but after a while they realized he was slurring his words because he was drunk.

Police approached the 29-your-old Trollhättan resident’s car after it got stuck in the snow last winter, local newspaper TTELA reports. The driver had appeared to leave the scene of an accident after crashing into two parked cars and officers were keen to speak to him. 

But they couldn’t make out with he was saying and at first were convinced he was Danish. But the powerful whiff of alcohol suggested something was amiss, and a near-empty bottle of vodka on the floor sealed their suspicions. 

He wasn’t Danish after all, just very drunk. 

Trollhättan district court has now sentenced him to a month in jail for driving under the influence, leaving the scene of a crime and carrying a knife. 

He was also ordered to pay fines to the drivers of the two damaged cars, and to local authorities after he crashed into a lamppost.

On this popular YouTube clip, a commenter seems to hit the nail on the head:

“Danish and Swedish sound similar enough. For a Swede it's probably like pronouncing drunk Swedish.”