VIDEO: Shipwrecked sailor saved in Sweden after writing ‘help’ in moss

A man who was attempting to sail solo from Sweden to Spain has been rescued after a huge search and rescue mission.

VIDEO: Shipwrecked sailor saved in Sweden after writing 'help' in moss
The message. Photo: Swedish Coast Guard

The man, a 30-year-old Russian citizen, had bought a sailboat in Stockholm and had planned to sail it solo to Spain, but unfortunately he didn't make it that far.

The sailor was reported missing on Wednesday, two days after his journey began, when his friends and family grew worried after losing contact with him.

A massive search and rescue effort was launched by Sweden's Coast Guard, with collaboration from the Maritime Administration, the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, and independent volunteers. Boats and helicopters were used in the effort to locate the missing man.

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Rescuers found parts of the wrecked boat off the southeastern coast on Friday, and when they established that the vessel had most likely crashed on Wednesday night, the chances of finding the sailor seemed slim.

Later on Friday however, rescuers onboard a helicopter spotted a man on a small island in the Östergötland archipelago. He had written the word 'help' using moss, and the message was spotted by the rescuers.

It is unclear exactly what caused the wreck, and the sailor was taken to hospital in Linköping, but was reported to be in good condition.

Footage of the incredible rescue can be viewed below.

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Missing man and girl rescued from mountain

A father and his eleven-year-old daughter who went missing in temperatures of -19C in west Sweden, on the border with Norway, have been rescued.

Missing man and girl rescued from mountain
The pair were believed to be on a snowmobile like these ones. Photo: TT

The pair were picked up by a rescue helicopter soon after 11am after police and family members managed to contact the pair by phone.

They had been missing since Monday after going out on a snowmobile in a mountainous area near the village of Gördalen.

"They must have had a hell of a night. They had a windbreak up there but actually slept under a tree. They did not even have a fire," police spokeswoman Lena Nilsson told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

She added that neither of the pair had been injured.

After speaking to the father earlier in the morning,  police spokesman Bo Eriksson told news agency TT: "He sounded in reasonably good form…they are fine but we haven't yet found where they are."

The father contacted a relative at around 3.30pm on Monday to explain that they had run into trouble, but the pair had not been seen since.

Police spent the morning trying to call the father’s phone, but mobile reception in the region is known to be very patchy.

“It is very cold in the area now, around 16 degrees below zero. But these two should be accustomed to the mountain environment, they are not beginners,” Johan Wennström, duty police officer in Dalarna told the TT news agency just before 8am.

Extra rescue workers and volunteers were called in to help at around 5am on Tuesday morning and a helicopter was sent from Stockholm.

"That this ended well is wonderful. The feeling cannot be described with words. It is the kind that makes you shed a tear of joy," police spokesperson Lena Nilsson told SVT.