Seven evocative Swedish winter words for snow

Seven evocative Swedish winter words for snow
Is this kramsnö or pudersnö? Photo: Pontus Charleville/Folio/
They say that the further north you get, the more words you need to describe snow. We've picked out our favourite seven words to talk about the cold weather in Swedish.


Slightly wet snow with the perfect consistency for snowballs.


Newly fallen powder snow.


A crust on the surface of packed snow formed when the top layer melts and then re-freezes.


Snow melting in the spring sunshine even though temperatures are still below zero.

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Literal translation snow cannon, known in English as lake-effect snow. A rapid deposit of snow caused when a cold air mass moves across warm lake water.


Slush. Partially melted snow.


Technical term in forestry about heavy snow on tree branches.

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