First sign of spring in Sweden? ‘Double-digit’ temperatures forecast as April begins

First sign of spring in Sweden? 'Double-digit' temperatures forecast as April begins
Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
The first signs of spring could be about to appear with warmer temperatures forecast for the first week of April.

After March ended with a cold snap and sub-zero temperatures in many parts of the country, the beginning of April is set to be graced by warmer days, SVT reports.

“On Wednesday and Thursday we could be up to two-digit plus-temperatures in several areas of the country,” the broadcaster’s meteorologist Åsa Rasmussen said.

The warmer days are expected to set in after a cooler start to the week.

But a combination of cold and warm fronts will also bring unstable weather, with both snow and rain forecast in central and southern Sweden on Wednesday, SVT writes.

“But when the clouds break up and the sun shines through, there may be two-digit plus temperatures on Wednesday, at least in Skåne, Blekinge and parts of Småland,” Rasmussen said to SVT.

The warmer yet changeable weather is predicted to continue on Thursday, with warmer weather moving further north – temperatures of up to 10°C are forecast to reach the northern part of the Svealand region.

Colder air may then bring temperatures back to earth, though forecasts further into April are currently uncertain, according to SVT’s report.

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