WATCH: Elk takes a dip next to startled beachgoers in Sweden

A video of an elk deciding to take a dip in a lake, much to the surprise of everyone else in the water at the same time, has gone viral.

WATCH: Elk takes a dip next to startled beachgoers in Sweden
Karolina Midböe being filmed with her surprise visitor, an elk calf. Photo: Christer Andersson

In the middle of Sweden's extreme heatwave, who can blame a young elk for wanting to join all everyone else for a dip in the lake at Hungvik, Arvika?

Not Karolina Midböe from Karlstad, who had a close encounter with the animal.

“I was stunned when I first realized that the elk was actually heading into the water,” she told The Local.

“When it saw me and showed curiosity it felt amazing.”

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Midböe's father, Christer Andersson, was on hand with his camera, and now his video has gone viral (scroll down to watch it).

The video shows the calf in the water walking towards Midböe and then around her.

“I was smiling from within and decided to catch the moment and just embrace the unique communication that appeared,” she said.

And this isn't the first time a Swede has had an unusual encounter with an elk – one time a golfer was caught on camera being chased by an elk calf. Watch that video here.

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