Ten must-read articles about the Swedish election

Ten must-read articles about the Swedish election
Want to know more about the Swedish election? Read this article. Photo: Magnus Hjalmarson Neideman/SvD/TT
Editor's picks: The Local's top ten articles about the Swedish election.

Sweden's election is being misreported abroad  and this is a problem

Bad foreign reporting on Sweden's election risks giving readers around the world a false impression of the state of the country, argues The Local's co-founder James Savage. Click here to continue reading.

Election Q&A: Where do the parties stand on issues that matter to you?

The Local asked Sweden's eight parties about how they want to make life better for expats and immigrants, including on issues such as housing, bureaucracy and work permits. For Members: click here to continue reading.

Opinion: So I'm not THAT type of immigrant? Well, I've heard that before

What if you have lived in a country for ages, but still aren't seen as an 'integrated' immigrant? American political science PhD candidate Ian Higham writes about his worries. Click here to continue reading.

How to vote in the 2018 Swedish election

You may be entitled to cast a vote on the day even if you're not a Swedish citizen. Here's how, plus what you should know about the Swedish political system before you head to the polls. Click here to continue reading.

What sort of government might Sweden have after the election?

When you play the game of thrones in Sweden you don't win, you form a minority government. Political scientist Nicholas Aylott considers the various scenarios the country might face. Click here to continue reading.

How robust is Sweden's democracy? Clue: not very

Sweden celebrates one century of democracy this year. But experts warn that the country's constitution may not be strong enough to handle anti-democratic tides. Click here to continue reading.

Could the Sweden Democrats leave Sweden ungovernable after the election?

The 2014 election saw a surge in support for anti-immigration Sweden Democrats that almost provoked the collapse of the newly-elected government. So what about the 2018 election? For Members: Click here to continue reading.

Election vocabulary: how to talk about politics like a Swede

Can't tell your valfläsk from your partiledare? Let The Local guide you through the Swedish political vocabulary you should know to hold your own in a valdebatt. For Members: Click here to continue reading.

How to understand the 2018 election through Abba songs

Swedish politics can be a tough sell, but to make it all easier to digest, The Local has called upon the help of Sweden's most universal language – Abba hits. Click here to continue reading.

The Local's guide to the Swedish parties' election promises

The Local has taken a closer look at what the main parties vow to do in exchange for your vote, and where exactly they stand on issues like migration, jobs, education, and the environment. Click here to continue reading.

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