Zlatan reveals his love for Ikea: he’s furnished his LA mansion with it

Zlatan reveals his love for Ikea: he's furnished his LA mansion with it
Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not just a fan of Ikea furniture, he also quite likes Ikea's famed meatballs. Photo: Elisa Ferrari/TT
If you thought Ikea was not for the rich and famous, think again. Sweden's superstar footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he furnished his LA mansion with the DIY assembled furniture.

When LA Galaxy striker Ibrahimovic this weekend met the media to talk about his team's upcoming MSL season premier against Chicago Fire, the Swede made no secret of his love for the budget flat-pack furniture giant.

So much so, that he admitted that he and his wife Helena Seger have in fact furnished their LA mansion with Ikea furniture.

“So the broker goes to me 'the house is empty' and I'm like 'ok, what about the furniture?' because I told my wife to pick a house with furniture. She's like 'there is none and I like this house'. So I said 'ok, but then you go and buy everything from Ikea'. And the broker goes 'yeah, but rich people they don't go to Ikea'. And I'm like 'no, but intelligent people do'. So guess what I did? Ikea, of course.”

He did not divulge if he assembled the furniture himself, though.

Ibrahimovic also admitted to having a soft spot for Ikea's famed meatballs.

“They're really good,” he told reporters.

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This is not the first time that the footballer talks Ikea. When Sweden faced England in last year's World Cup quarter finals, Ibrahimovic challenged his former Paris-Saint Germain teammate David Beckham to a rather unusual bet:

“Yo @davidbeckham if @England wins I buy you dinner where ever you want in the world, but if Sweden wins you buy me what ever I want from @IKEASverige ok?,” he tweeted.

Beckham replied in the most British way he could:

“@iamzlatanibrahimovic if @swemnt win I will personally take you to @ikeasverige and buy you what ever you need for the new mansion in LA @lagalaxy, but when @england win I want you to come watch an @england game at Wembley wearing an England shirt and enjoy fish & chips at half time…”

Sweden lost the game, but it remains unclear whether Ibrahimovic actually lived up to his word and watched that England game with Beckham at Wembley.

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