Stockholm county now has more men than women – for the first time in recorded history

For the first time since records began in 1749, more men than women are living in Stockholm county.

Stockholm county now has more men than women – for the first time in recorded history
Women still outnumber men in Stockholm city. Photo: Izabelle Nordfjell/TT

The population of Sweden grew to 10,230,185 people by the end of 2018, according to national number crunchers Statistics Sweden. That's an increase of 109,943 people (50,167 women and 59,776 men) which in turn was a 12.1 percent smaller rise compared to the previous year's increase.

There are two reasons behind the population growth: more people immigrated to Sweden than emigrated (representing 78 percent of the total increase) and more people were born than died (22 percent).

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Both Stockholm and Uppsala county for the first time have more men than women. Out of Sweden's 21 counties, only southern Skåne, which is home to Malmö, and the island of Gotland have more women.

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In terms of municipalities, the city of Stockholm still has the largest surplus of women in Sweden, with 10,054 more women than men. It is followed by the cities of Malmö (3,353) and Uppsala (2,450).

Men however outnumber women in 254 of the country's 290 municipalities, with the biggest difference in Linköping (3,144), and Stockholm suburbs Södertälje (2,091) and Botkyrka (2,010).

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More boys were born in Sweden in 2018: 59,534 compared to 56,298 girls. More women died last year and more men immigrated, although more men than women also emigrated from Sweden.

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