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Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Friday

Find out what's going on in Sweden today with The Local's short roundup of the news in less than five minutes.

Swedish Prince Carl Philip in a hospital
Prince Carl Philip visited Visby's hospital on Gotland this week. Photo: Karl Melander / TT

Covid-19 outbreak linked to religious services in northern Sweden 

The region of Norrbotten reported 79 new Covid-19 cases on Monday and Tuesday, with the outbreak traced to at least three religious gatherings, the regional infection control doctor Anders Nystedt told SVT Norrbotten. Nystedt said he did not think services need to be cancelled, but urged religious communities to consider ways to limit the spread of infection, including making it clear that anyone with symptoms should not attend.

“Unfortunately, I think we are only at the beginning of the outbreak. We will see many new cases in the Tornedal municipalities in the next few days. There is a clear vaccine hesitancy in some places in the area,” the doctor told SVT.

Swedish vocabulary: religious – religiös

What’s up with Sweden’s record high fuel prices?

A litre of diesel now costs over 19 kronor in Sweden, an increase of 20 öre, while petrol is over 17 kronor per litre, according to the recommended prices at manned petrol stations. Since the start of the year, a litre of diesel has got almost 5 kronor more expensive.

The reason for the price hike is a global rise in market prices for oil, currently at a three-year high. Diesel is particularly affected because it contains more biofuels, due to policies aimed at protecting the environment, and these are more expensive than fossil fuels.

Swedish vocabulary: biofuel – biodrivmedel

How could Sweden be more climate friendly?

One proposal from the government is setting a national ‘cycling goal’. 

Last year, cycling accounted for 3 percent of the distances travelled for passenger transport and 15 percent of  journeys, though the data is uncertain because cycling can be difficult to measure. The government is now commissioning the Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) to develop a national goal to increase cycling among all age and socioeconomic groups, as part of efforts to reach national climate goals. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has set the goal that the proportion of passenger transport by public transport, bicycle and walking in Sweden should be at least 25 percent by 2025.

Meanwhile, the Green Party’s board has called for shorter domestic flights to be banned. The party has not specified which time limits or distances would be covered, but its proposal was inspired by France, which next year will ban domestic flights on routes which take under two and a half hours by train.

Swedish vocabulary: to cycle – cykla

Fully vaccinated Brits exempted from Sweden’s entry ban

People who can present vaccination certificates from the UK will be exempted from both the entry ban and the requirement for a negative test on arrival to Sweden, the government announced on Thursday afternoon.

The change will be effective from October 11th.

Swedish vocabulary: vaccination certificate – vaccinbevis/vaccinintyg

Gävleborg pauses all Moderna vaccines

As we reported yesterday, Sweden’s Public Health Agency has halted the use of the Moderna vaccine in people born 1991 or later due to data suggesting a slightly increased (but still very low) risk of a rare side effect.

The region of Gävleborg announced it would go a step further and pause the use of Moderna completely, both to make things simpler for vaccination staff and due to the “many different guidelines” linked to the vaccine.

Swedish vocabulary: guideline – riktlinje

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  1. I am all pro saving CO2, but the green parties all over europe fail to see the point. It is not domestic flights with Airlines, it is overnight cargo and private jets that are the problem. Also, stop focusing on air traffic and veggie days. Even green thinkers laugh at you for this obvious smoke screen.

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Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Friday

Airport chaos, cyber ads, Nato's Sweden plans, and tough talk from Turkey: find out what's going on in Sweden with The Local's roundup.

Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Friday

Swedish airport operator warns of long queues this weekend

Swedish airport operator Swedavia has warned that queues at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport are likely to increase over the long Ascension Day weekend. 

“There is a rather low personnel level at security controls which will mean that it is tight from time to time,” said David Karlsson, the airport’s press officer on Thursday morning. “Together with the fact that travel levels have risen during the spring and summer, and that it’s a particularly intensive weekend, it’s a bit tight out there this morning.”

Jan Eliasson, a former Swedish foreign minister and former Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, criticised the queues on Twitter. 

“The chaos at Arlanda damages Sweden’s reputation in the world more than we realise,” he wrote. 

The press spokesperson for SAS said on Thursday that customers would not be recompensed for flights missed due to the queues. 

Swedish Vocab: bitvis – bit by bit/from time to time 

No need for Nato forces in Sweden: US general 

Nato is unlikely to place ground forces in Sweden or Finland as a result of them joining the Nato defence alliance, the US General Christopher Cavoli has said in a statement. 

Cavoli, who in July takes over as Nato’s highest commander in Europe, was interviewed in the US Senate on Thursday. 

He said that the Ukraine war had shifted Nato’s balancing point towards Eastern Europe, where member states are most worried about Russian aggression. 

Cavoli said that the US already has strong military links to both Sweden and Finland, and that there would be more joint exercises and other engagements in future.

Swedish Vocab: tyngdpunkt – balancing point

Sweden’s Psychological Defence Agency launches major advertising campaign 

Sweden’s new Psychological Defence Agency has launched a new campaign titled Bli inte lurad, meaning roughly “don’t be a mug”. The campaign has been launched on social media, in printed newspapers, and on billboards across Sweden. 

Swedish Vocab: lurad – conned/deceived

Erdogan: Sweden’s contact with Kurdish groups ‘against spirit of Nato’

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned Sweden’s contact with Kurdish groups as “against the spirit of Nato” in a telephone conversation with France’s President Emmanuel Macron. 

On Wednesday, delegations from Sweden Finland and Turkey held their first meeting in Ankara. 

“We communicated in clear language the message that the process cannot move forward until Turkey’s security concerns are met with concrete steps and within a certain timeframe,” Erdogan’s spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin, said after the meeting. 

Swedish Vocab: en tidsram – a timeframe