Sweden records highest number of daily Covid cases since start of pandemic

Sweden records highest number of daily Covid cases since start of pandemic
File photo of a PCR test being carried out. Photo: Jeremias Gonzalez/AP/TT
On December 30th, 11,507 new cases of Covid-19 were reported to the Public Health Agency – the highest confirmed number for a single day since the start of the pandemic. However, large-scale testing did not begin until the autumn of 2020.

The previous highest confirmed daily tally was 11,376 on December 23rd 2020.

Many regions are reporting high levels of new cases of Covid-19 after the Christmas period. In some regions the rate of infection has doubled, and some areas are reporting their highest ever levels for a single week. At the same time, the amount of patients requiring hospital treatment due to the virus has increased.

In the western Västra Götaland region, cases increased last week by over 104 percent compared with the week before.

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Cases in the southern region of Skåne have doubled over the same period – rising from 5,563 cases between December 20th-26th up to 11,158 cases the following week.

“Infection is spread when people meet. It’s important now that we remember to keep a distance from each other and avoid crowded environments, work from home if possible, and use face masks in public transport where there are often crowds,” infectious disease doctor Thomas Wahlberg said in a press statement.

Changes in the amount of positive Covid-19 cases reported can be affected by the amount of tests available as well as local recommendations.

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  1. I think that a lot of people in since Omniproct came along , must have felt terrible in the last two weeks , and just stayed at home , not knowing if it was the flu oe Covid . All I can say is thank God for the Vaccines , otherwise I would have had another rough time with Covid . I think it’s time people accept the fact that this virus is not going away , and readjust to the new day to day reality , just as those living in tropical areas deal with malaria , where catching it is a part of life if you do not get protected .

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