Six of ten Swedes back joining Nato if Finland does: poll

A big majority of people in Sweden would back the country joining the Nato security alliance, if Finland were to join, according to a new poll.

A soldier waves a Nato flag
A soldier waves a Nato flag. Photo: Vadim Ghirda/AP Photo/TT

According to a poll by Kantor-Sifo, 59 percent of respondents would support joining Nato if Finland were also to join, while only 17 percent would be against joining. The remaining 24 percent were undecided.  

When Finland’s membership was stripped out, the support for joining Nato dropped to 41, with 26 percent against and 33 percent undecided. 

The right-wing parties were the most positive to Nato membership, with a full 82 percent of Liberal Party supporters backing membership (and 91 percent if Finland joined) 65 percent of Moderate Party voters (79 percent), 65 percent of Christian Democrats (68%), and 50 percent of Sweden Democrat supporters (67 percent). 

On the left, support was weaker, with only 27 percent of Social Democrat supporters in favour of joining Nato (52 percent), 16 percent of Green Party members (35 percent), and 11 percent of Left Party (23 percent) members backing membership.

In the middle, were supporters of the Centre Party, only 34 percent of whom supported joining, although this leapt to 63 percent if Sweden were to join. 

Member comments

  1. Don’t join.
    As it is – Sweden gets the benefits of being within Nato – without the risk.
    Stay independent and free.

  2. “In the middle, were supporters of the Centre Party, only 34 percent of whom supported joining, although this leapt to 63 percent if Sweden were to join. ”

    I believe the word “Sweden” in the above paragraph should be “Finland”.

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Turkey publishes demands for backing Sweden’s Nato membership

Turkey’s government has demanded "concrete assurances" that Sweden will stop backing groups it regards as terrorist, as it lays out its price for backing Swedish Nato membership.

Turkey publishes demands for backing Sweden's Nato membership

“Sweden, which has applied for membership, is expected to take principled steps and provide concrete assurances regarding Turkey’s security concerns,” the Turkish government wrote in a statement, published in English on its website. “Under the collective security principle of Nato, Turkey expects concrete assurances from Sweden, which supports terrorist organisations.” 

The statement refers to the “PKK/PYD”, conflating the PYD, the party which runs the Kurdish region in northern Syria, with the PKK, which is designated a terrorist organisation by Sweden, as well as by the EU and the US.

It also highlights the $367m Sweden has promised in support of the PYD, accuses Sweden of supplying military equipment, particularly anti-tanks and drones, to Kurdish forces in northern Syria, and criticises the arms embargo Sweden imposed on Turkey in 2019. 

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“Turkey expects support from all Nato member states in its legitimate rights based on international law and in its fight against terrorism for decades,” the statement reads. “The embargo practices are against the spirit of the alliance.”

Finally, the statement reiterates a call made in 2017 for Sweden to extradite “terrorists” linked to PKK/PYD and FETO (Fethullahist Terrorist Organisation), the Turkish government’s designation for the Gülen movement.

The Turkish government’s directorate of communications published a version of the demands on social media, laid out as five bullet points, and translated into eleven languages, including Russian. 

The Turkish government posted a five-point statement of its stance on Nato membership in eleven languages on social media. Photo: Turkish government