Six of ten Swedes back joining Nato if Finland does: poll

A big majority of people in Sweden would back the country joining the Nato security alliance, if Finland were to join, according to a new poll.

A soldier waves a Nato flag
A soldier waves a Nato flag. Photo: Vadim Ghirda/AP Photo/TT

According to a poll by Kantor-Sifo, 59 percent of respondents would support joining Nato if Finland were also to join, while only 17 percent would be against joining. The remaining 24 percent were undecided.  

When Finland’s membership was stripped out, the support for joining Nato dropped to 41, with 26 percent against and 33 percent undecided. 

The right-wing parties were the most positive to Nato membership, with a full 82 percent of Liberal Party supporters backing membership (and 91 percent if Finland joined) 65 percent of Moderate Party voters (79 percent), 65 percent of Christian Democrats (68%), and 50 percent of Sweden Democrat supporters (67 percent). 

On the left, support was weaker, with only 27 percent of Social Democrat supporters in favour of joining Nato (52 percent), 16 percent of Green Party members (35 percent), and 11 percent of Left Party (23 percent) members backing membership.

In the middle, were supporters of the Centre Party, only 34 percent of whom supported joining, although this leapt to 63 percent if Sweden were to join. 

Member comments

  1. Don’t join.
    As it is – Sweden gets the benefits of being within Nato – without the risk.
    Stay independent and free.

  2. “In the middle, were supporters of the Centre Party, only 34 percent of whom supported joining, although this leapt to 63 percent if Sweden were to join. ”

    I believe the word “Sweden” in the above paragraph should be “Finland”.

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Turkish president vows to block ‘terror haven’ Sweden from Nato

Turkey is 'determined' to block Sweden's and Finland's bids to join Nato, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday, calling Stockholm in particular a "complete terror haven."

Turkish president vows to block 'terror haven' Sweden from Nato

Abandoning their long established non-alignment policy after Russia invaded Ukraine, Finland and Sweden on Wednesday submitted a joint application for Nato membership.

But Erdogan is threatening to block the bid, singling out Sweden as “a complete terror focus, a complete terror haven,” in a video broadcast he tweeted on Thursday.

“We will continue this policy in a determined fashion and we told relevant parties that we will say ‘no’ to Finland and Sweden joining Nato,” the Turkish leader said in one excerpt of the video from his chat with young people.

The United States is “confident” that Turkey’s concerns over accession to Nato by Finland and Sweden can be overcome, a top advisor to President Joe Biden said Wednesday.

“We’re confident that at the end of the day Finland and Sweden” will enter Nato and “that Turkey’s concerns can be addressed,” National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said.

Speaking after Erdogan released his video, Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday that “concerns” raised by Turkey over the Sweden and Finland’s applications to the military alliance were being addressed.

“Of course, we are addressing the concerns that Turkey has expressed,” to find “an agreement on how to move forward,” Stoltenberg told a Copenhagen conference, after Turkey opposed the applications of the two Nordic countries over what it considers leniency toward Kurdish militant groups.