The dates you need to know for Swedish tax declaration season

The dates you need to know for Swedish tax declaration season
Submitting your declaration online can mean getting any refund back sooner. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer / SCANPIX / TT
It's that time of year again, when you need to start thinking about tax returns. In Sweden much of the process can be done online, but when and how you submit your declaration impacts when you get any refund, so here are a few key deadlines to keep in mind.

Anyone who earned above 19,670 kronor during 2019 needs to submit a declaration, as well as people who fall into a few other categories, including all property-owners.

Those who process their declaration digitally will get any tax rebate in time for Easter, rather than having to wait until Midsummer.

February 27th is the final date to create a so-called digital mailbox (digital brevlåda), which means you will receive your declaration digitally rather than as a paper form.

Between March 4th and 11th, those with digital mailboxes receive their declarations, while the physical versions are sent out between March 13th and April 15th.

Even if you receive the paper declaration, you can still fill it in digitally to get the earlier rebate, and you can submit your declaration from April 17th.

March 31st is the deadline to submit your declaration online in order to receive a tax refund before Easter. If no changes needed to be made, these people will receive any refund between April 7th and 9th.

The overall deadline for declaration submission is May 4th. And between June 9th and 12th, everyone who met this deadline will receive any tax refund they are entitled to. 

“For those who are declaring for the first time, it is important to remember to get a Bank ID to be able to log in to the Swedish Tax Agency's online services, and to register a bank account to be able to have the tax refund paid automatically,” advises Johan Schauman, a declaration expert from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

He also recommended taking time to check all the information on the form, and not leaving the declaration to the last minute so that you have time to confirm any details with your bank or employer if needed.

Tax declarations can be submitted either using the paper form itself, using the Swedish Tax Agency's app (which requires electronic identification in the form of BankID) or using their web service, which can be accessed through either BankID or the eight digit security code printed on the form itself.

But before you click “send”, it's worth checking if you are eligible for any deductions, for example on maintenance work or cleaning for your own home, or materials or travel required for work.


tax — (en) skatt

to submit a tax declaration — att deklarera

tax refund — (en) skatteåterbäring

deduction — (ett) avdrag

bank account — (ett) bankkonto

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